Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S1E11: Old Wounds
Last appearance S1E11: Old Wounds
Profession Gladiator (unknown house)
Race Greek (Athenian)
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Crixus)
Actor/Actress Thomas Kiwi

Pericles is a Gladiator and the Champion of Pompeii.

Character Outline[]

Pericles is an average height gladiator with dark skin and long dreadlocks. He is covered in what appears to be tattooed markings around his face and body. He has a lean muscular body type suited for his fighting style, that of the thraex.

As befits his gladiator class, he uses a sica and shield, though does not cover his face with a helmet.


Pericles is known as the Titan of Pompeii. How long he has held this moniker is unknown, but his skill in the arena is possibly the reason why Capua, never wins any competition against Pompeii.

Blood and Sand[]

Pericles is set to battle Spartacus at the games, but due to Spartacus's wound, the Champion

Pericles without his helmet.

of Capua is unable to face him. Instead Crixus, the former Champion, is set to face Pericles against the wishes of the crowd. At the beginning of the bout between Crixus and Pericles, the two test each other's strengths and weaknesses with Pericles getting the edge very quickly over Crixus using his superior speed and strength against him. Soon after, Crixus begins to show form and combats Pericles lack of defense. Very soon, Crixus disarms Pericles and manages to disembowl him.

The death of Pericles by Crixus.

As his guts begin to pour out of his sliced stomach, Crixus kicks Pericles face down to the sands and crushes Pericles' skull with his foot, gruesomely killing the 'Titan of Pompeii' and reclaiming glory he lost when he was defeated by Theokoles.


  • Thomas Kiwi, the actor who plays Pericles, is 180cm tall.
    • Thomas Kiwi is a break dancer.
  • Pericles is well known to the gladiators of Capua, suggesting that he has been Champion of Pompeii for a long time.
  • The name Pericles means "Far-Famed" in Greek, making this name well-suited to such a renowned gladiator.
  • Pericles fighting style uses a mixture of spins, kicks, jumps and powerful strikes similar to Capoiera.
    • Thomas Kiwi's dancing background suits Pericles's thraex fighting style, due to the thraex dependence on speed and agility rather than brute strength.


Pericles: "Crixus!!!!"