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Ovidius' Son
Ovidius son.jpg
First appearance S1E05: Shadow Games
Last appearance S1E05: Shadow Games
Profession None
Race Roman
Relationships Ovidius (Father, deceased)
Laelia (Mother, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Barca, on Batiatus' orders)
Actor/Actress Dylan Hopkins

Ovidius' son (name unknown) is, the son of Ovidius and his wife, Laelia.

Character Outline[]

Ovidius' son is a victim of circumstance due to the strained relationship between Batiatus and his father, Ovidius.

Blood and Sand[]

Batiatus told Barca to kill the boy after successfully assassinating his father, Ovidius. Ashur, who owes Barca huge quantity of denarii from gambling at the gladiatoral games, ordered secretly for a Slave trader to pretend that the boy was found alive away from the scene in order for to pave a way to kill Barca, after hearing whispers from Barca to his friend and lover Pietros that he did not kill the boy and wished freedom together. He then confronted Batiatus and said that the boy still remained and Barca wished to seek freedom from the ludus, further supported as the Magistrate heard about the boy findings.

Batiatus, disheartened and disgusted by Barca's disloyalty, sent for Pietros to see if the news is true. Batiatus talked with Pietros and Pietros, fooled by Batiatus that Barca was in trouble about killing the boy to completely reveal the truth, said that Barca did not kill the boy and would never do such a thing. Batiatus, fully convinced that Barca betrayed him, finally ordered to have his last words with Barca as he did not want the boy revealing that Batiatus and his gladiator, Barca was the cause of the massacre of Ovidius. Barca, when he arrives, is shocked that Batiatus thinks that he failed to do what was commanded and that was to kill the boy and persists that he did what was said to do. But Batiatus brings up that Pietros, his friend, even told him that you did not kill the boy. Barca knows he's in a plot and said that he only say that to Pietros, so that he was not to look like a cold-hearted killer.

Batiatus, who feels a bit confused as he doesn't know what to believe, remains silent, but Ashur is furious and thinks he will let Barca go, so Ashur stabs him to make Barca fight. After a brave battle with Ashur and the guards, Batiatus decides to kill him and states angrily "Now you're free!" before slashing his throat.

Shortly after the bloodied scene, the Magistrate Calavius, confronts Batiatus displeased and states in frustration that the boy was not found alive at all and was indeed, found dead. Batiatus in shock, realizes that, in fact, Barca did kill the boy and wasn't disloyal at all to him.