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First appearance S1E02: Sacramentum Gladiatorum
Last appearance S1E05: Shadow Games
Profession Merchant
Race Roman
Relationships Laelia (Wife, deceased)
Ovidius' son (Son, deceased)
Titus Calavius (Cousin, deceased)
Marcus Decius Solonius (Friend, deceased)
Quintus Lentulus Batiatus (Rival, deceased)
Numerius (Cousin, deceased)
Pit Assassin 01 (Assassin Hired, deceased)
Pit Assassin 02 (Assassin Hired, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Barca, on Batiatus' orders)
Actor/Actress Matthew Chamberlain

Ovidius is a Roman merchant acquainted with Batiatus and the cousin of Magistrate, Titus Calavius.


Ovidius bears the look of a typical Roman. He has short-curly black hair, a thin build and wears robes that are suited to someone of his position.


Ovidius is a merchant and keen businessman and as a result his mind is towards coin and the procuring of it. Despite this, however, he is a man who loves his family deeply and will go to great lengths to ensure they are safe. 

Blood and Sand[]

He appears first whilst visiting Batiatus' Ludus to remind him of a debt owed, that of three months grain. He allows Batiatus to pay this debt off later (after the Games of the Vulcanalia in the arena) but with 30% interest returned.

Ovidius eventually discovers that Batiatus is fighting his gladiators (Spartacus and Kerza in The Pit. He and his brawny slave, who serves as his bodyguard, attempts to force Batiatus into paying his amount. Batiatus, however, assures Ovidius that he will get his coin though Ovidius backs down at that time as Batiatus is accompanied by Ashur and Barca. Ovidius then tells Batiatus to pay him at his convenience though he is clearly frustrated about it. 

Ovidius becomes unwittingly involved in the feud between the two lanista, Solonius and Batiatus, when his slaves are sent - at Solonius' wish - to kill Batiatus. The slaves attack Batiatus in The Pit, but Spartacus, seeing the danger, kills both of them. Ovidius' involvement is revealed by the marks on the slaves, which mean they are his.

Ovidius' death.

Batiatus pays his house a visit with his gladiator Barca and slaughters his whole household of slaves and family (including his wife), Laelia, except for his son, who Batiatus threatens in an attempt to make Ovidius speak. Ovidius reveals that Solonius paid for him to hire the slaves and paid off Batiatus' debt in exchange. Once Batiatus gets a name, he orders Barca to kill Ovidius and the boy, and burn the house to the ground.


  • Matthew Chamberlain, the actor who plays Ovidius is 181cm tall.
  • Ovidius is a wealthy Roman Noble who is related to the local Magistrate, Titus Calavius.
  • As a cousin of the Capuan chief magistrate, Titus Calavius, Ovidius may be a member of the Gens Calavii, a prominent political dynasty in Capua of Oscan ancestry.
  • He is very knowledgeable about the gambling scene, from high class events to underground fighting.
  • The Latin word for merchant is Mercator. As per Ovidius' profession.


Why are the fucking torches not lit?

To Batiatus- Yes, I hired the men but to another's purpose