Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S3E06: Spoils of War
Last appearance S3E09: The Dead and the Dying
Profession Slave
Race Greek
Relationships Julius Caesar (Dominus/Lover)
Canthara (Friend/Fellow Slave, deceased)
Status Alive
Actor/Actress T-Ann Robson

Opelia is a prostitute granted to Julius Caesar, along with Canthara, as a gift from Marcus Licinius Crassus.


From the land of Greece, Opelia is a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and a light skin tone.


Opelia possesses a unique charm and way with words, holding Julius Caesar in high regard to which Caesar appears to return the favor in sharing an intimate bond with the woman.

After Canthara's death, Opelia becomes scared and defensive until Caesar arrives and comforts her that justice has been served to her tormentor. While relieved, she expresses disappointment at not witnessing it before restarting her loving bond with her Dominus.

War of the Damned[]

After recapturing Sinuessa en Valle, from the rebels, Opelia and Canthara are given to Julius Caesar as a gift, to reward him for his successful mission to infiltrate the rebel ranks and help retake the city from within.

Caesar develops a fondness for both women, engaging in sex with them often. after Caesar is wounded, Opelia is present as Canthara tends to his injury; the women comfort him and they become intimate.

After Canthara is murdered by Tiberius, in an attempt to cover up his rape of Kore, Opelia is terrified and grief-stricken. Caesar finds her cowering in a tent. Before realising who he is, she attempts to attack him a dagger, no doubt fearing Canthara's killer had come for her. Caesar reassures her that he means her no harm and that the man responsible for murdering Canthara has been taken care of and will never harm anyone again. Opelia expresses relief over this and states that would "Give all but to lay eyes upon his suffering". Caesar remarks "Let us take comfort in thoughts of blood and the warmth of flesh yet among the living" before beginning to remove his clothes.

After a moment of thinking of justice, Opelia eagerly undresses as well and kisses him, the two then had sex.


  • The name Ophelia is Greek. Like her friend, Canthara, Ophelia may come from Egypt also; perhaps from the Greek inhabited city of Alexandria.


  • "You know the animal who took her life?"

Opelia to Caesar on who killed Canthara

  • "I would give all to lay eyes upon his suffering."

Opelia to Caesar before making love with him