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Old Wounds
Season 1
Number Episode 11
Date Aired April 2, 2010
Writer Dan Filie & Patricia Wells (story)
Daniel Knauf (teleplay)
Director Glenn Standring
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 "Old Wounds" is the eleventh episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It is the eleventh episode in the Spartacus series overall. 

Plot Outline

Spartacus hovers on the brink. Meanwhile, Batiatus plots revenge against his enemies.


With Varro dead, Spartacus is plagued by guilt and grief regarding his death and the manner, claiming there was no honor in the death, even though he died a gladiator. Varro's wife Aurelia comes to claim his body, and Spartacus admits that it was by his hand that Varro died.

Meanwhile, Batiatus vents his anger regarding Calavius' behavior in regard to his son, and how he could let it happen. He reveals to Lucretia that he has a plot set against Calavius to bring him down and raise his chances of getting into politics. He discusses the matter with Aulus, who admits to attacking and capturing Calavius during his travels.

Down in the training grounds, Spartacus trains yet he is unmotivated and not concentrating. Batiatus calls for him and informs him he is to fight Perikles, and Spartacus decides that all the money shall go to Varro's widow. On his way out he sees Aulus being pleasured by two female slaves, one of them Mira. He notices that the man has no scar on his stomach, which he should have obtained from the supposed attack on his caravan as he brought Sura to the ludus.

In the baths, the gladiators learn of who they are to fight in the next arena battles. Spartacus begins to hallucinate and see Varro, he soon collapses and is sent to Medicus as it is believed that the wound he received from his fight with Varro ails him (along with his grief). Batiatus criticizes Oenomaus for not noticing before telling the medicus to send for Mira to help in tending to Spartacus.

Ashur visits Calavius in the sewers.

Batiatus is seen down in the sewers, where he has Calavius bound to a chair. He beats the man and questions him regarding his possible position in politics, but Calavius resists him. Batiatus makes a deal with Ashur, who talks to Solonius, convincing him that there is a plot against him and that he is in grave danger. Ashur then hints at Batiatus being busy with greater things, and that Solonius can find out about them with the right amount of coin. Solonius grudgingly obliges, falling into the plot.

Back in the ludus, Spartacus' condition worsens as he is lost to fever and nightmares. Batiatus is forced to choose Crixus instead as his primus to fight Perikles. Both Lucretia and Naevia are worried by this news, as they both fear for Crixus' life in the arena because he is not fully healed. Crixus convinces Naevia he will survive and promises that they will share his victory when he looks up to her in the stands after the fight.

The battles in the arena begin. Duro and Agron successfully win their first fight. Calavius' absence is noted in the stands but there is no worry about him. Crixus is brought out against Perikles, entering the arena to a crowd of hissing, much to his dismay. After only barely surviving the first part of the fight, Crixus manages to fight off Perikles' advances and rid him of both sword and shield. In a desperate last charge, Perikles bears his stomach and is slashed open by Crixus' sword, who then finishes to the crowd's cheering. His victory, however, is short-lived, as he does not see Naevia there to share it with him and feels she has betrayed him. Up in the stand, news arrives of Calavius' violent disappearance and guards are sent out to the city to find him.

Back in the sewers, Ashur checks up on Aulus, who is watching Calavius. Aulus believes Calavius to be dead and leans in to hear for breathing, at which point Calavius bites deeply into his neck, ca

Solonius is discovered.

using him to bleed. Aulus retaliates in a rage and knocks Calavius unconscious. He returns to Medicus to be tended to and rests beside Spartacus. Ashur is up in the streets with Solonius and tells him of Batiatus' kidnapping of Calavius, proving it by showing him Calavius' rings. Solonius follows Ashur down to the sewers, where he finds Calavius already dead, just in time for Batiatus and the guards to arrive, so that Solonius can be framed for the kidnap and murder, haven fallen entirely for Batiatus' devious plan.

Sura visits Spartacus in a dream and tells him to tend to old wounds.

Spartacus remains unconscious and dreams of Sura, who questions why he killed Varro and tells him to tend to old wounds. When Spartacus awakes, he asks Mira to remove the restraints around him to he can question Aulus about the lack of scars on his torso. Aulus wakes up and - whilst being strangled by Spartacus - admits that he was not attacked and that it had been arranged beforehand. Spartacus kills him in anger and gets Mira to strap him back in so that it appears Aulus died from his wounds. No one questions this.

Aulus death by Spartacus.

A new day dawns in the ludus and Spartacus is out training (once again motivated and at full strength), fully aware now that Batiatus caused the death of his wife. When Batiatus asks if he fares well, Spartacus replies, "Yes, Dominus. I am myself again.". This is a turning point in the series, as Spartacus has accepted that he cannot live as a slave and take orders that cost him the lives of his friends. He is once again the proud Thracian who longs for freedom and vengeance for the death of his wife.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Varro (corpse)
  2. Spartacus
  3. Oenomaus  
  4. Crixus
  5. Agron
  6. Duro
  7. Hamilcar
  8. Aurelia
  9. Batiatus
  10. Lucretia
  11. Naevia
  12. Aulus
  13. Hector
  14. Mira
  15. Rhaskos
  16. Varro (imagined)
  17. Calavius
  18. Ashur
  19. Medicus
  20. Solonius
  21. Sura (imagined)
  22. Numerius
  23. Domitia
  24. Pompeii Magistrate
  25. Pericles


  • Spartacus discovers the truth about Sura's death and kills the first of three men risponsible of her death.



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