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Numerius Calavius
First appearance S1E05: Shadow Games
Last appearance S1E13: Kill Them All
Profession Roman Noble
Race Roman
Relationships Titus Calavius (Father, deceased)
Domitia (Mother, deceased)
Spartacus (Idol, deceased)
Flavius (Friend)
Ovidius (Cousin, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Aurelia)
Actor/Actress Lliam Powell

Numerius Calavius, or simply Numerius, is the son of Roman Magistrate Titus Calavius and his wife, Domitia.


Numerius is a young boy with short black hair, blue eyes and a thin build. He stands quite tall for his age and wears a set of robes that befit his status. He has been taught very basic fighting skills by Spartacus but lacks true skill and performance.


Numerius is a curious and enthusiastic 14-going-on 15-year-old with a fascination for gladiators and the fights of the arena, as he sees these as both honorable and valiant. He even decides to host his 15th birthday (his entry into manhood) in Batiatus' ludus and is keen to see all there is in the lives of the gladiators, including training with Spartacus, the gladiator he idolizes and looks up to above all others.

However, he is found to be easily swayed as Ilithyia seduces him to commit an atrocious act. He also shows himself to be rather arrogant and while he considers some gladiators to be great, he also looks down upon many others.

Blood and Sand[]

Numerius first comes in contact with Spartacus whilst Batiatus is out buying armor for the gladiator, and is fascinated by him and his triumph over Theokoles.[1] Spartacus invites Numerius to the villa with the intent of practicing with him, but his wish is to steal the Thracian knife that Numerius had bought earlier that day. Later, the two duel in the villa watched on by Batiatus and Titus Calavius. As Numerius leaves, Spartacus pockets the knife from his belt and Numerius appears not to notice.

Numerius' 15th birthday

Spartacus training Numerius.

party is held in Batiatus' Ludus, by his own wish. Whilst there he spars with Spartacus and enjoys time with his friends. He takes a break in the baths and is approached by Ilithyia, who seduces him. When the exhibition of the gladiators comes, Numerius asks for Spartacus to fight Varro instead of Crixus (having been convinced by Ilithyia); Batiatus obliges his wishes, since it is his birthday. However, when the battle comes to an end and Numerius is jokingly asked to decide their fate, he decides that Varro should die. A horrified and appaled Batiatus states that this was only a demonstration but feels forced to make Spartacus comply so as not to upset Numerius' father, Titus Calavius.

Numerius later watches the Primus games and enjoys watching Crixus win, especially after Batiatus assists him in starting off the games in his father's abesence. After Titus Calavius is revealed to have been abducted (captured by Batiatus), Numerius joins in the seach for him while looking distressed over his father's current whereabouts and is devastated to find him dead in the sisterns before crying over his corpse. He, along with his mother, personally watches the punishment of falsely-accused Solonius.

Numerius is next seen at Batiatus' event where he reveals Glaber's patronage. During th

Numerius is killed by Aurelia.

e slave revolt, after witnessing his Mother's Death, Domitia, Numerius is escorted from the villa to safety by Aurelia. Along the way, she pauses and asks him whether or not he ordered Varro's death. Numerius, not knowing she is Varro's widow, replies that Varro was nothing and deserved to die. Aurelia then approaches Numerius and seduces him into lowering his guard. She then tells him that she was Varro's wife before violently hacking at Numerius's neck with a kitchen knife and killing him.


  • As the son of Titus Calavius, Numerius may be a member of the historical Gens Calavia, a Romanized political dynasty in the province of Campania of Samnite-Oscan origins. Numerius and his father may also be descended from Pacuvius Calavius, the incumbent Meddix (Samnite chief magistrate) of the city of Capua when it was occupied by the army of Hannibal Barca during the Second Punic War.
  • Filius is the Latin word for 'son'.


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