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Nestorius Gargan
Nestorius Gargan.jpg
First appearance Comic #2: Shadows of the Jackal
Last appearance Comic #2: Shadows of the Jackal
Profession Warrior
Relationships Abelia Gargan (Wife, deceased)
Gargan Twins (Stepsons, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gargan Twins)
Actor/Actress N/A

Nestorius Gargan was the stepfather of the Gargan Twins who was widowed because of them.

Character Outline[]



Nestorius went out to battle and returned home to find his wife dead because of the Gargan Twins, who she died giving birth to. As a result, he hated the children and made their life a living nightmare by being abusive and neglected them. However, no matter how much Nestorius yearned for their deaths he couldn't kill them as their eyes resembled that of his late wife and he hated them even more.

Unfortunately for him, his terrible treatment towards the twins caused them to develop a massive hatred directed at him and plot vengeance against him. One day, after a day of usual abuse to them, the twins attacked him and killed Nestorius for all the years of his mistreatment.

In death, Nestorius' actions caused the Gargan Twins to become vicious killers who would go onto terrorize the area before they were captured.


  • Nestorius is a Latinized form of the Greek name Nestor, meaning "one who has returned".
  • The name "Gargan" may be related to Gargano, a minor region in Apulia, in south-eastern Italy, which was a mainly inhabited by Greeks during the period. Another possible source for the name could be that of the Assyrian clan of Gargan, who are found in what is now the modern Turkish region of Hakkari Province, but in contemporary times was the Aramaic-speaking Syrian Kingdom of Adiabene, a vassal-state of the Parthian Empire.