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Nasir's Dominus
First appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Last appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Profession Villa Owner
Race Roman
Relationships Nasir (Body Slave)
Chadara (Slave/Lover, deceased)
Naevia (Former slave/Victim, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Crixus)
Actor/Actress Mark Ferguson

Nasir's Dominus (real name unknown) is a wealthy Roman and the former dominus to Nasir, Chadara, and the other slaves at his villa.


He is a thin, average-looking Roman with short black hair, and is typically adorned in noble Roman clothing.


Nasir's Dominus is generally as much of the same of other high noble Romans, with an air of authority around his slaves and disregard for their own well-being. Like most of high class society, he sees slaves as to be used and discarded, and regularly engages in intercourse with them. He also has political influence and has connections with the magistrate; his ties to political power is the reason Batiatus saw him as a potential gateway to enter the political atmosphere, by means of gaining favors.

The dominus also had a close, assumingly sexual, relationship with his personal body Nasir, who accompanied the dominus to the mines occasionally, perhaps to purchase other slaves or to place his own there instead. This is how Nasir knew his way through the mines, and helped Spartacus and the others escape.


Before the events of Spartacus: Vengeance, Batiatus passed Naevia around from villa to villa, Nasir's Dominus' included, as an effort to gain favor among the political elite, before she was sold off to the mines. The Dominus was responsible for raping Naevia, before sending her off to the next dominus.

The Dominus is first seen anally penetrating his sex slave Chadara, before instructing his body slave Nasir to enter him as well. The sexual exploits are interrupted, however, by Spartacus and the other Rebels, as they attack his villa in an attempt to secure the whereabouts of Naevia. With all the guards slaughtered and all the slaves freed, the Dominus was captured by Rabanus and kept alive for interrogations by the rebels. When Spartacus announces who he is, the freed slaves excitedly whisper to each other, before the Dominus commands them to stay quiet, to which they instinctively obey. Crixus then uses this opportunity to find information on Naevia's whereabouts.

Back inside the house, Crixus violently throws the Dominus across the room into

Nasir's Dominus death by Crixus.

a wall, before angrily asking him as to whether or not the Dominus had any contact with Batiatus. Although the Dominus pleads for his life, stating he only knew Batiatus in passing and that he could do political favors for Crixus, the former champion is unmoved and attacks the Dominus in return. Finally recollecting his memory, the bruised and bloodied Dominus informs Crixus about what happened to Naevia, as he sent her off to cart to be carried off to another Dominus. The Dominus begs to Crixus, saying he did not know of her worth, before an enraged Crixus criticizes his master-slave mindset, and kills the Dominus with a punch to the head.

After his death, Nasir's Dominus' body is left to be piled atop the other corpses of his fallen guards.


  • The Dominus may have been a local politician in Campania, such as a Curial, as Naevia was delivered to him for his pleasure by Batiatus, who was currying favour to get himself elected as a politician.


(To Spartacus): "And who are you to present such fucking offer"


(To Crixus, about Naevia): "How can I known she held meaning?"

(Crixus, to the dominus): "Did she not breathe? Did her heart not beat, like any other woman's? But you did not see a woman, did you? You just saw something to be used, and discarded! YOU JUST SAW A FUCKING SLAVE!"