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First appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions
S1E02: Sacramentum Gladiatorum
S2E03: The Greater Good
S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E10: Victory
Profession Former Servant
Body Slave
Escaped Slave
Race Phoenician
Relationships Crixus (Lover, deceased)
Lucretia (Former Domina, deceased)
Melitta (Mentor/friend, deceased)
Diona (Best friend, deceased)
Mira (Friend, deceased)
Nasir (Friend)
Spartacus (Friend, deceased)
Agron (Friend)
Diotimos (Friend, deceased)
Saxa (Friend, deceased)
Attius (Enemy, deceased)
Ashur (Enemy/rapist, deceased)
Tiberius (Archenemy, deceased)
Nasir's Dominus (Rapist, deceased)
Ulpianus (Enemy, deceased)
Brictius (Friend, deceased)
Verenda (Comrade, deceased)
Oenomaus (Friend, deceased)
Gannicus (Friend, deceased)
Lugo (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Caesar)
Actor/Actress Lesley-Ann Brandt (Season 1, Prequel)
Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Season 2, Season 3)

Naevia is a former slave in the House of Batiatus, owned by Lucretia, who later becomes Crixus' love interest. She is banished from the Ludus after their love affair is discovered. She is eventually found by the Rebels, and joins their cause alongside her lover.


Naevia is of average height, slim build and dark complexion. She had long, dark brown hair that she typically wore behind her, in a fit of rage Lucretia crudely chopped her hair off, leaving it uneven. She wears typical attire that signifies her status as a slave, but also reflects the wealth of the household.

After becoming Lucretia's personal body slave, she bears a butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder that signifies her elevated position. As a body slave, she often wore a blue linen dress and veil when going outdoors, as did Melitta, her predecessor. Like most household slaves, she is often barefoot.

During her time in the rebellion, Naevia has taken to wearing a set of makeshift armor and has her hair long again, but this time braided.


As a Slave

Naevia had been Lucretia's slave since childhood, and after Melitta's death, she replaced her as Lucretia's personal body slave. She was loyal to Lucretia and did as told, however, she and Crixus begin to fall in love and as a result grow closer together, whilst hiding it from Lucretia.

She is extremely kind and compassionate, holding her friends close to heart and not being able to stand seeing them in pain. Naevia is an emotional character who is willing to expresses herself openly in moments of happiness, sadness and anger.

As a Rebel

After a nightmare of sexual abuse and hard labor in the mines, Naevia is finally rescued by Crixus. She is currently living as a Fugitivus, among Spartacus and his Rebels, where she trains to become a fighter so that she will never be abused again and stands strong with Crixus.

It would not be stretch to say her experiences have left her unstable, making Naevia the most physically and psychologically tortured character in the series. With memories of brutal treatment by the Romans, she appears to experience a severe level of post traumatic stress relieved by her obsessive thirst to kill Romans with her newly acquired fighting skills. But her trauma appears to blind her from judgment at times, as she is willing to kill innocent Romans who do not pose threat, brutally murdering Attius without concrete evidence. Even after learning he did not betray the rebels and it was really Laeta, Naevia justified Attius' unfair death as he was a roman who simply needed to die. She also showed underhanded moves as she treacherously attacked Gannicus from behind. Naevia also shows a self-interested, manipulative, but short-sighted personality, causing a rift among the Rebels by stirring up Crixus just to pursue her own personal vendetta. 

Following Crixus' death, she slowly saw the error of her ways, even apologizing to Spartacus for causing Crixus to split from the rest of the rebels. Not doing so would have saved Crixus and his followers.

Combat Prowess

Naevia is driven by her trauma to learn to fight so that she can defend herself and have her vengeance. When Naevia is first rescued from the mines, she is completely helpless, as Mira, Spartacus and the rest of the rebels fought in her place. Over time Naevia becomes a strong fighter, training other rebels and leading them in battle alongside Crixus.

Crixus teaching Naevia swordplay.

Upon learning basic self defense techniques, she is able to escape Sedullus attack when he tries to rape her. With sword training teachings from Crixus, she eventually develops skill rather quickly and adeptly, to the point where she does not need aid in a fight and can easily cleave an enemies head off in one swing. Naevia is also skilled in archery, having been taught by Mira. She eventually develops an expertise with the long-ranged weapon to the point where her accuracy and precision is often fatal, and she takes charge as one of the lead archers in stealth situations.

Naevia becomes confident enough in her fighting skills that she challenges Ashur to a fight to the death, instead of Crixus fighting in her name. During their fight, Ashur comments that the once delicate flower has grown thorns. Naevia informs him that Crixus, the Undefeated Gaul, had trained her in combat. Ashur, although a lower tier gladiator himself, is confident that this will not help. Naevia loses the fight. When Ashur stops to taunt her and Crixus, who is watching painfully, she seizes the opportunity to take him by surprise and cuts his groin area with her sword. Ashur reminds her that his death will not change the past, to which Naevia replies "No, it will not. But it is a fucking start." She beheads Ashur, which took several swings before his head finally is completely removed. In a call back to their first meeting, Naevia remarks to Crixus, "You were right. It is no easy task. To cleave a man's head from his shoulders in a single blow." Crixus tells Naevia he will teach her how.

Gods of the Arena

Naevia says that she was born in the ludus and is one of Lucretia's personal slaves, with Diona, whom she shares a close friendship. She serves the house diligently and is treated, on the whole, fairly well.

On one unfortunate evening, while Lucretia and Gaia are relaxing in the villa, Varus and his friend Cossutius arrive unannounced. Cossutius, having heard of the pleasures of The House of Batiatus, wishes to see them for himself. Lucretia tries to explain that Gannicus's performance for Varus was a special occasion, but Varus threatens to remove her husband from the primus if she doesn't do as he wishes. Lucretia agrees and offers two slaves, Naevia and Diona, both virgins, to be paired with a gladiator of Cossutius's choosing. He picks Rhaskos and Diona. He also requests that Rhaskos be left dirty from the fights in the ludus to represent all that is grotesque in life, in contrast to Diona, who is clean and untouched, who represents beauty. Simply watching is not enough for Cossutius, who decides to have Diona as well, at the same time as Rhaskos, and violates her anally. Once he is finished, both Varus and Cossutius immediately leave the ludus. Diona emerges from the room, visibly bruised and distraught.

Naevia comforts Diona.

Naevia receiving the mark of her domina.

Throughout the rest of the series, we see tension between Naevia and Diona. Diona ignores her former friend, ashamed and embarrassed of what was done to her. Naevia confronts her, to which Diona responds that she is not worthy of Naevia’s friendship and to leave her alone. A few days later, Naevia finds Diona crying - Diona tells her that she prays that the next man she is forced to lie with takes her life. Later, while the rest of the ludus is busy watching the fights, Naevia gives Diona money and tells her to go free. She accepts and tells her thank you. Unfortunately, she's not free for very long and Naevia is forced to watch her execution in the arena. They smile at each other one last time before Diona is killed. This may be one of the reasons Naevia is not fond of the arena. At the end of the prequel, Naevia is made Lucretia's personal body slave, after the death of Melitta, and receives her mark tattooed on her right shoulder.

Blood and Sand

As Lucretia's handmaid, Naevia answers mainly to her, often fetching wine and doing other chores for her. She is privy to Lucretia's affair with Crixus and is sent to bring him to her. It is from this regular contact that a relationship develops between them with Crixus being first attracted to her beauty. Through Ashur, he manages to get a necklace for her, which she is forced to refuse because slaves are not allowed personal belongings. Crixus' gesture, however, affects her and his feelings are reciprocated.

Naevia being consoled by Crixus.

Naevia is present at Barca's murder and is ordered to keep it a secret and say that Barca left the ludus peacefully. She is interrogated by Doctore on the matter, but tells him his questions endanger her, and does not give in.

Crixus still frequently lays with Lucretia, much to Naevia's dismay, but he keeps doing so as not to arouse suspicions. To be able to spend time together, Naevia flirts with the guard Hector and manages to steal his key. With it, Naevia can access the ludus from the villa at night and she and Crixus make love by the stairwell. Naevia's theft remains unpunished because Hector is too ashamed to admit he lost the key.

Crixus and Naevia.

On one night of love-making, Ashur spots Naevia and Crixus from the stairs above. When Batiatus promotes Ashur to being his right-hand man, he offers Ashur the services of any female slave in the house. Ashur's hatred for Crixus and cunning mind combine and he chooses Naevia, who is forced to oblige. This angers Lucretia, who had protected Naevia's virginity and had hoped to preserve it for later worth.

Naevia with her hair cut by Lucretia

In a public viewing of the gladiators for Claudius Glaber's amusement, Crixus spots Ashur's intent towards Naevia and her frightened face causes Crixus to attack him, losing control. Ashur exposes Crixus and Naevia's affair, as Lucretia now aware of the relationship between the two, feels hurt and betrayed by both for she thought that Crixus was hers alone. While Crixus is whipped for his outburst, Lucretia violently beats Naevia inside the villa, eventually grabbing a knife and hacking off most of Naevia's hair, leaving several bloody bald patches, and cutting her face in the process. Naevia is escorted from the villa and sent to places unknown. Before she leaves, she and Crixus are allowed to share a few last moments at Doctore's request. Crixus promises that no matter where she is, he will not rest until he finds her.

Before she is escorted from the ludus, she tells Doctore of the truth about Barca's sudden "departure" and pleads with him to discourage Crixus from seeking freedom lest he meet the same fate. Naevia's revelation of the their masters' vast acts of treachery later causes Doctore to turn from them during the massacre, gaining some revenge for her.


New Naevia flashback reshot

In the weeks following Spartacus' rebellion, Crixus makes many desperate attempts to get information about Naevia, who had been sent away by Lucretia before the revolt. Crixus' attempts cause friction within the group, particularly with Agron, who does not want to waste time searching for someone who (he feels) is almost certainly dead. As it just so happens, Agron and Nasir find a man with information about Naevia after they attack a slave cart. The man tells them that she is alive and in the mines, after which Agron kills him. Agron tells Crixus that she is dead, to prevent them from going on such a risky and suicidal mission. Filled with guilt as he sees Crixus fall into a deep depression, Nasir reveals the truth and the Rebels split up, some going with Spartacus and Crixus to the mines and others with Agron to Vesuvius .

Naevia is found in the mines

Crixus and the others find Naevia deep within the mines, her horrid conditions and mistreatment obviously having a deep effect on her, but the reunion is short lived when Claudius Glaber's men attack and capture Crixus, Rhaskos and Acer, Although Naevia makes a desperate attempt to be reunited with Crixus, she is held back by Spartacus before managing to escape. As the captured Rebels are marched back to Glaber, the remaining members of the group, along with Naevia, seek out Agron and the others in the forest. Unfortunately their numbers dwindle with every fight and Liscus and Fortis suggest that Naevia should be left behind (being the slowest and weakest member). The group eventually finds Agron and the others and are able to make camp in an abandoned temple. Naevia mourns the loss of Crixus as she tends to Nasir, who was stabbed in the forest by one of Glaber's guards. However, she learns from Lucius Caelius that Crixus survived but was taken to the arena for execution, Spartacus, Mira, and a few other men are able to rescue them, bringing back Gannicus and Oenomaus as well. The reunion between Crixus and Naevia, though sweet, is stained by the memories Naevia has of being sent from villa to villa as a "gift".

Crixus and Naevia find a non-sexual way to bond

Naevia remains but a shadow of the women she was before, something glaringly evident to both Crixus and Naevia herself. She flinches at his touch, haunted by thoughts of abuse and rape at the hands of the Romans. In one of her darkest moments, she almost seems to contemplate suicide, but suddenly tells Crixus that she wants to learn how to fight, to prevent anyone else from taking advantage of her.

Naevia as a rebel

In the ensuing weeks, Naevia proves herself to be a capable swordswomen, and the romance between herself and Crixus begins to blossom once more and they rekindle their physical romance by making love.

Naevia, Nasir, Lugo, Mira and Nemetes defending the Temple.

When Publius Varinius and his army attack the temple, Naevia shows off her skill with the bow by killing several soldiers with ease which serves as the first major victory over the romans. This is short-lived as Glaber and his army storm the Rebel camp (thanks to Ashur), which sees many rebels killed and Spartacus and his remaining followers are forced to retreat up to the barren, rocky top of Mt. Vesuvius. Realizing their desperate situation, SaxaLugoNemetes and a few other Germans decide to make a brash attempt to overpower the Roman soldiers at the base of the mountain - which is a miserable failure, resulting in only a few making it back alive, thanks to Spartacus' intervention. Unfortunately, Mira is hit by an axe and barely survives the journey back to the mountain's peak. Naevia hurries to her friend's side, but it is too late; she dies in Spartacus' arms.  

Meanwhile, Ilithyia and Lucretia travel to meet with Glaber. During the trip, Lucretia reveals that she has been promised to Ashur, and the two plot to get rid of him by telling Glaber that Ashur betrayed him by telling Seppia about who murdered her brother. After his supposed betrayal is revealed to Glaber, Ashur is sent to bargain with Spartacus, claiming that Glaber will release the other Rebels in exchange for Spartacus' life. They don't agree to his terms, but Crixus intends to fight him for all the wrongs that he is done. The others have no qualms about the fight, but Naevia steps in and says she wants to make him pay for what he has done to her. Although she has become skilled with a sword, she is no match for Ashur and he easily gets the best of her. His cocky attitude proves to be his downfall, however, and Naevia is able to slice his neck, eventually severing his head off (albeit with three blows). Naevia and Crixus embrace as Spartacus makes plans to attack the Roman army by surprise.

Ashur's death by Naevia.

Using vines found on the mountain, the Rebels craft four ropes long enough for four men to scale the mountain. Spartacus, Crixus, Agron and Gannicus make it down the mountain side and are able to use the catapults against the Romans, causing massive damage to there camp. The fire balls signal the others to climb down the mountain lead by Oenomaus, and soon Glaber and his remaining men are being over run. Glaber retreats back to the abandoned temple, but the Rebels soon follow, and attack Glaber's remaining forces.

The Rebel Army cheer on Spartacus after their victory.

Naevia kills many soldiers and watches as Glaber duels Spartacus before he is eventually killed by the latter. Spartacus informs the Rebels, including Naevia and Crixus, that now they will have an army and take on the full force of Rome. Naevia is one of the many rebels to proudly cheer on Spartacus after his declaration and their victory.

War of the Damned

Naevia meeting Roman soldiers.

In the months following the defeat of Glaber at Vesuvius, Naevia has become a more capable and skilled warrior serving as Crixus' new second in command in the rebellion. She partakes in the victorious battle against Cossinius' and Furius' forces, and joins Crixus in celebration in the aftermath.

After the battle, the Rebels receive word that a Roman unit lingers close to their encampment; Naevia becomes the centerpiece for an ambush, luring and swiftly killing the units as they approach her. The slain Romans are revealed to be a messenger unit, carrying word that Marcus Crassus is assembling an army of 10,000 to face them. They also learn that Cossinius and Furius have fled to a nearby villa. Spartacus quickly hatches a plan that sees Gannicus, Crixus and himself, sneaking into the villa at night. The plan makes Naevia worry for the safety of Crixus, but her worries are set aside when the group successfully invade the villa and kill Cossinius and Furius.

When Spartacus realizes that his band of Rebels, which now number in the thousands, will need better provisions for the winter, he creates a plan to take a nearby city. The Rebels storm the city of Sinuessa, effectively exterminating nearly every Roman in the city, leaving but a few alive. Naevia, among other Rebels, believes they should all be killed, an opinion of which Spartacus does not agree. Her life of servitude, coupled with the horrible mistreatment she suffered after being thrown out of The House of Batiatus have made her bitter and angry - she is unable to look upon any Roman with empathy.  

Naevia and Crixus

Naevia has learned that she can not trust anyone, regardless of how they appear. She is quick to strike at Ulpianus, a Roman baker who so desperately wanted bread for his pregnant wife, and who may or may not have been reaching for a sword instead. Her hatred of Romans also led her to attack and brutally kill Attius, who may or may not have helped hide the Roman prisoners. She reveals to Crixus that after being sent away, she was taken in by a dominus who bathed, clothed and fed her - she thought herself in a dream for he was so kind to her. Naevia recounts that the man then showed a darker side, taking her to place outside the villa where he could sexually torture her.

Naevia enjoying the games of the Roman captives

Later it's discovered that it was Laeta who was hiding the Romans, this leads to Gannicus becoming furious with Naevia for the killing of his innocent friend Attius. Gannicus appears at the plaza and confronts her, by telling her what really happened. Though surprised, Naevia justifies her killing of Attius which causes Gannicus to angrily curse her which sends Crixus into a rage, leading him to charge at Gannicus and start a fight. Gannicus overwhelms Crixus despite aid from other Rebels, resulting in Naevia grabbing a stone and smashing it on the back of Gannicus' head, knocking him out. After this she, Nemetes and Lysiscus convince Crixus to massacre the Romans in the street. They are almost nearly successful and Crixus nearly kills Laeta for her deceit until Spartacus arrives and intervenes. Naevia tells him of Laeta's actions as Gannicus who awoke confirms it while discreetly admonishing Naevia as he mentioned he didn't deserve his death. Crixus tells Spartacus to kill Laeta as he nearly considers but doesn't instead reprimanding and stripping Crixus of his leadership. Spartacus then orders the surviving romans to be put in his villa or deal with consequences from him. After which Naevia expresses to Crixus, that while she is indebted to Spartacus for all his help, she now doubts the path they take with Crixus remarking that it may be time for them to find their own path.

When Crixus discovers that Spartacus has left the city without his knowledge. Naevia goes to the villa with him to confront Agron, who remains loyal. After this she and Crixus see Roman scouts coming and starts to rally the population to attack until Spartacus appears and demoralize them. As Spartacus opens the gate to free the Roman prisoners, she is seeing bullying them with the other Rebels, spitting on them. During the city's evacuation she talks to Gannicus to offer her apologies saying "Your friend the blacksmith, though he forced my hand, I know now, he did not deserve such a fate." Gannicus responds by telling her that she is a true warrior now, and therefore if she ever lays hands on him again for any reason, he will treat her as one.

Crixus and Naevia in a tent tending to her wounds

She later appears with Crixus, Lugo, Brictius and Nasir to assist Spartacus and Gannicus fighting the Romans and the pirates at the docks. When the Romans begin the assault on the city she and Crixus believe they should stay and fight, but Spartacus instead leads them away and into the frosted mountains. In the mountains she talks about retaking the city, to which Spartacus replies; "the city is lost".

Naevia accompanies Spartacus, Crixus and their small group of Rebels towards a Roman camp near their camp and is soon stabbed in the leg, and Spartacus carries her back on his shoulders. Back in the Rebel encampment, Naevia heals her wounds in a tent while the other Rebels prepare for the upcoming snow storm. Crixus and Spartacus try to comfort her, but ultimately the two come into disagreement over the incident, with Crixus blaming Spartacus for the injuries. Later, after Spartacus' plans of using the dead to reach and pass through the wall is set in motion, she joins the battle, killing many Romans with her skill with the bow, trained by Mira herself. The Rebels then breach the wall and escape the ridge. 

Naevia fighting Romans.

As Spartacus flees from Melia Ridge Crassus pushes his legions in pursuit. Naevia assists Spartacus and the other gladiators in killing the Romans who had caught up to them. After the battle she and Crixus share a moment in their tent, discussing the future. Naevia reveals to Crixus that the only thing she wishes is to send more Romans to the afterlife. When Crixus confesses that he does not deserve a woman such as her, she replies that he is the only man that truly does. When Crixus decides to part from Spartacus she accompanies him as he sets towards Rome. Alongside Crixus, Agron, and thousands of others they leave a path of blood towards Rome. As they approach Rome she is seen in the front of the line, ready to charge against Arrius. She is one of the most skilled fighters in the battle against Arrius. Once Crixus kills Arius she tells Crixus he is a god. However, once Crixus kills Arrius, Crassus’ army descends upon them.

Naevia watches in horror as Crixus is stabbed from behind

Before they charge, she reminds Crixus that he is The Undefeated Gaul, and that he should show them why. Naevia furiously battles Crassus’ legions. When Caesar challenges Crixus, Caesar gains advantage. Naevia charges at

Crixus beheaded, seen in Naevia's eye reflection.

 him to give Crixus time to regain his position. She is knocked over by Caesar. She looks up in time to see Crixus impaled by Tiberius’ spear. She is forced to watch as Tiberius beheads Crixus. Naevia and Crixus share their last moment looking into each other eyes. When Spartacus speaks with the other Rebel leaders Nasir tells him that a rider approaches, At first they think it is a Roman, but as they look more closely they realize it is Naevia, who is holding Crixus' severed head. 

Naevia during her fight with Tiberius

After Spartacus captures Tiberius and his men he decides to kill them in a night of games, as a tribute to the fallen Rebels. He informs Naevia of Tiberius being Crassus' son and capture, he tells her she will be given a chance to kill him and she agrees to his offer.

When it is Tiberius' turn, Naevia has the honor of fighting him. However, during the fight Caesar arrives to offer a trade 500 Rebels for Tiberius' life; Spartacus is first hesitant but finally agrees to it. Just before she tries to behead Tiberius, Spartacus stops Naevia and tells her of the trade, telling her that it is her choice. She lets Tiberius live, but tells him she will have his life someday, only for Kore to kill him before he is released. After the tribute games Naevia burns Crixus' severed head to honor him and the dead. Each Rebel calls out the name of they loved ones who have fallen, she shouts and finally all chant Crixus' name.

Naevia chooses to fight Crassus and his army leting those less able to slip from Roman grasp. She tells Spartacus that they were ready for journy to the mountines. She is alongide Spartacus, Gannicus, Agron, Nasir and Castus when Spartacus and Crassus have their reunion.

Naevia is killed by Caesar.

In the final battle, Naevia kills many Romans, using Tiberius' sword. She sees Caesar and tries to kill him, but misses, only cutting his arm. Caesar turns and after a brief fight he slashes her leg, causing her to fall to her knees. She makes one last attempt to strike him, but he grabs her arm, stopping her. He remarks that her sword doesn't belong to her, as he rips it from her grasp, and plunges it into the back of her neck, killing her. Her death is witnessed by Gannicus, who had just seen the death of Saxa also, which angers him even more. This leads to Gannicus engaging Caesar in battle once more. 

List of Appearances

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus: Vengeance

Spartacus: War of the Damned

Killed Victims


Naevia appears as one of the characters in Spartacus: Swords and Ashes and Spartacus: Morituri.


  • The love between Crixus and Naevia has sometimes been compared, by the characters, to the love between Spartacus and Sura.
  • Naevia has no interaction whatsoever with Crixus in Gods of the Arena.
  • Many characters have taken note of her beauty, including: Crixus, Lucretia, Ashur, Sedullus, Gannicus and even Spartacus.
  • Naevia and Crixus are the only main characters in the series to appear in the three seasons and the prequel of the series.
  • She was the twenty first main character to be killed.
    • Naevia survived longer than any other female character on the show; she first appeared the second episode of the first season and died the last episode of the third season.
    • Naevia is killed with the same sword strike, a downward thrust through her neck, as her childhood friend Diona.
    • Oddly, when she exchanges blows with Caesar, his sword slices the right side of her neck. But when he finishes her off, the wound has somehow moved over to the left side.
  • Naevia may have native African (whether Berber or Sub-Saharan) heritage in addition to her possible Phoenician origins. Especially if the Phoenician line of ancestry hailed from North African colonies such as Carthage, Thapsus, Utica or Hippo Rhegius.
  • Naevia claims to have been born in the Ludus, so she may have been a slave her entire life.
    • Being born in The House of Batiatus, Naevia would have been referred to as a Verna (plural Vernae), a homegrown slave, born in that condition in the master's household or on his estates. With the abundance of slaves in Roman society, perhaps up to a third of them may have been Vernae. Vernae were often viewed as part of the family, in comparison to recently-purchased slaves. Its possible some Vernae may have in fact been the bastard children of the dominus.
  • As Lucretia's personal body-slave, Naevia would have been known as an Amanuensis, meaning "within hand's reach".
    • As a female body-slave, Naevia would have been called an Ancilla, or "maidservant" in the Latin language.
    • A literal rendering of a female body slave is Serva Corporis.
  • Slaves who were condemned to the mines were known as Damnati ad Metellum or "those who are damned to the mines".
  • There are two possible origins for Naevia's name. One being that of the Roman Gens Naevia. Or that her name is a Latin rendering of the Semitic name Neviyah. If the former, Naevia's mother may have belonged to a member of the Naevii, as Naevia herself claimed to have been born in the Ludus. If the latter, then it would lend support to her Phoenician origins. Neviyah in Hebrew (a language closely related to Phoenician) means 'prophetess'.


"I was born in this ludus."

"There is nothing in my possession that is not given to me by Domina."

"They have taken everything from me. Even your touch..."
Naevia to Crixus

"I would have you teach. How to breathe again. How to live. How to fight! So that no man will ever lay hands on me against my will. And the girl whose name was robbed may reclaim it."
Naevia to Crixus

"You were right. It is no easy thing, to cleave a man's head from his shoulders in one blow."
Naevia to Crixus, after decapitating Ashur

"You there! What is your purpose so near rebel encampment? Who else is with you? [Draws sword] Find fucking tongue. Who is with you?"
Naevia luring a band of Romans into a trap

"Men such as him hold the greatest [threat]. True intent shrouded behind mask of kind and gentle face."
Naevia to Crixus

"I do not deserve a woman such as you."
"You are the only man who truly does."
Naevia and Crixus