First appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Last appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Profession Pit Fighter
Race Greek
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Non-credited
: This article refers to the character. For the spiked-knuckle weapon of the same name, see Myrmex (weapon).

Myrmex is a fighter in the pit and one of Spartacus' opponents there.


He wears a uniquely styled outfit to hide both his face and some of his body. He appears to be muscular and about average height, with some scars from previous battles.


Like a caged animal release, he strikes with vicious tendency and is truly a force to be reckoned with. He appears to enjoy causing pain as the match begins he spits blood and/or teeth at Spartacus as a distraction before quickly delivering his attack.

Blood and SandEdit

When Spartacus loses his chance of being a Gladiator, he must fight his way through the pit if he hopes to survive for much longer and reclaim the title (to pursue his wife, Sura). He agrees to fight the monsters of the pit, watching first Kerza lose his life (and his face) to a fighter named Ixion before he himself is forced to challenge Myrmex in battle.

Anubis calls them both forward, giving introductions and displaying which weapons they will use. Both fighters are issued lethal styles of "boxing gloves": Myrmex is gifted with spike-knuckled sphairai, while Spartacus is given crude brass-knuckle style caestus.

The two begin their battle, Myrmex starts the fight off well by distracting Spartacus and then viciously striking him. Myrmex has the advantage and is winning the fight by brutalising Spartacus who manages to turn the tables, using Myrmex's own spiked gauntlets against him. At the last moment, Spartacus uses a nearby hook to impale Myrmex through the base of his skull.

Spartacus is declared victor, while Myrmex is left to bleed out as he hangs from the hook.

Video GamesEdit

  • In the Spartacus: Blood and Sand iPhone game, one of the playable characters is a gladiator called Myrmex. However, his name is the only thing this character has in common with Myrmex; the video game character is physically modeled after Anubis, shares a similar background with him, and wields a giant hammer.


  • The name Myrmex means "limb-piercer".
  • Myrmex is also the name given to a type of ancient spiked Caestus not dissimilar to the one given to Myrmex to battle Spartacus.