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First appearance S3E01: Enemies of Rome (Mentioned)
S3E03: Men of Honor
Last appearance S3E03: Men of Honor
Profession Soldier (Centurion)
Race Roman
Relationships Marcus Licinius Crassus (Imperator/Friend)
Julius Caesar (Friend)
Cossinius (Praetor, deceased)
Furius (Tribune, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Cilician Pirates)
Actor/Actress Adam Gardiner

Mummius is a Roman Centurion under Cossinius and Furius and later Marcus Licinius Crassus.


Mummius is a typical Roman. He keeps his hair short and well-kept and appears to be middle-aged, having likely been involved as a soldier all his life. He wears officer-styled armor and reveals an excited grin when moving towards victory.


A soldier, Mummius is a skilled tactician and knows the art of war. He respects other seasoned veterans, but does not hold newcomers with the same regard. He is loyal in his duty and will follow commands regardless of whether or not they may be the correct form of action.

War of the Damned[]


Mummius with Caesar.

Mummius is first mentioned by Cossinius and Furius. Mummius is ordered to lead their forces towards the nearby rebel army while Cossinius and Furius prepare for battle themselves. This turns out to be a distraction leading to Cossinius and Furius' deaths by Spartacus, Gannicus and Crixus, and Mummius losing the battle against Agron and the Rebels.

Following Marcus Licinius Crassus being given the rank of Imperator and taking up the fight against Spartacus, Mummius takes the remaining of Cossinius' forces to join in the fight.


Mummius killed by fire.

Being a close friend and ally of Crassus, Mummius always stood by his side, until he was given orders by Crassus to aid his son, Tiberius in a battalion encampment on their route to face Spartacus. He holds contempt for following a boy but also enjoys the company of his friend, Julius Caesar.

When Tiberius orders an immediate attack on Spartacus and the rebels while they were outside the gate dealing with Cilician Pirates, Mummius is reluctant, but falls to command.

Tiberius and his forces engage the rebels and pirates and are being met with defeat. As Mummius arrives with a large host of soldiers which would likely tip the battle into their favor, the pirates use fire bombs from their ships, decimating the reinforcements, resulting in the Romans being defeated and Mummius being burned to death.

Historical Context[]

Marcus Mummius was a Legatus and had taken up arms against Spartacus under command of Marcus Licinius Crassus. Given command of two of Crassus' lesser legions, Mummius was sent forward to scout out the Rebel's but was specifically told not to engage. Seeing an oppurtunity, however, Mummius pressed an attack which led to a total defeat of his forces by Spartacus, near a territory called Ariminum. During this battle, many Roman soldiers fled due to fear of the Rebels, with many leaving their own armour and weapons behind. Unlike the show, Mummius survived the battle, returning to Crassus' encampment. Enranged to Mummius' disobedience and defeat, Crassus revived the punishment of Decimation. Mummius himself was stripped of his rank and command, and sent back to Rome where the senate punished him with exile, and within 500 miles of Rome, Mummius was denied shelter, fire, food or drink. Like Glaber, Mummius is not referenced again in historical sources, with him most likely retiring from public life.


  • Mummius may have held the rank of a Primus Pilus, the chief centurion of the legion, who also commands the elite First Century of the First Cohort which protects the legion's eagle. Alternatively, he may hold the rank of Praefectus Castorum (prefect of the camp), third highest rank in a Roman legion.
  • Mummius may belong to the Gens Mummia, a Plebeian Roman clan, of which at least one member, Lucius Mummius Achaicus, the conqueror of Greece and destroyer of Corinth, had held the Roman Consulship in 146 BCE.
  • He was historically called Marcus Mummius.