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Season 2
Number Episode 09
Date Aired March 23, 2012
Writer Brent Fletcher
Director T.J. Scott
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"Monsters" is the ninth episode of Spartacus: Vengeance. It is the twenty-eighth episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline[]

Spartacus must convince his people to unite againt imminent Roman assault. Lucretia struggles to be free from the commands of men who threaten her fate, and Glaber's ruthlessness has consequences. 


Donar is urinating in the woods before he is attacked by roman soldiers who head for the temple. On the Temple walls, Nasir and Lugo are on watch as Nasir argues with Lugo to stay awake but the latter ignores him. The two are soon pulled from the wall by the roman soldiers that enter the temple where a majority of the rebels are asleep. Naevia, who was awake spots the soldiers and alerts everyone and they attack but a majority are tossed aside before Saxa goes to get a torch and charges but one of the soldiers is revealed to be Spartacus who stops them. The other soldiers are revealed to be Crixus and Gannicus as Donar, Nasir and Lugo are revealed to be alright in the camp with the rebels realizing it was a test which Spartacus confirms. Oenomaus states they won't be taken unaware, as Spartacus tells them to get up and prepare for training.

At the House of Batiatus, a distraught Seppia (who has learned the truth of her brother's death) is approached by Glaber and they talk about their respective losses before he comes onto her by pulling down her dress and starts kissing her. She reluctantly returns it and they kiss for a while, just as a dazed and ragged Ilithyia returns home to find them, to their surprise. Glaber quickly runs to his wife, as she collapses from exhaustion in the pool. In another room, Ilithyia briefly awakens to see Glaber talking with the medicus' and he asks about the child before he is told her child still moves within her just as she fully wakes up. A house slave tells Glaber who orders out, as he approaches his confused wife.

She questions if he is truly real which he confirms to her relief, they talk with Ilithyia revealing Spartacus released her. Glaber questions her for details about where she was hidden, irritating her as she provides what she saw. Ilithyia then realizes that she is not in their bedchambers, for her place beside Glaber has now been taken over by Seppia. Ilithyia notes Spartacus was correct as Glaber does not love her, which he coldly acknowledges as he lists what she has done to him and ask if its surprising how he feels about her. She grabs his hand and sincerely asks her husband if there is any love left between them, to which Glaber gleefully smiles as he replies in cruel irony that he had asked her the same and if she recalls her answer. He moves to leave but Ilithyia stops him frantically asking him if she hasn't suffered enough, as she wants him to be by her side again. He replies that it can't be possible as only a monster stands before her, thanks to what Ilithyia has done to him as he goes off to confer about Spartacus, leaving his wife devastated.

At the temple, Spartacus finds anger, resentment and mistrust in his ranks and must see old wounds healed if the Rebels are to stand against the might of Rome. He then has Agron gather a few men to do a task which would bring the army together as whole which earns approval from the latter.

Lucretia telling Ilithyia about Seppius death.

Meanwhile, Ilithyia is distraught her husband is not moved by her survival as she reflects on Spartacus' words. As she stands, she is approached by Lucretia who is quite happy as they talk with Ilithyia revealing Spartacus is the true father of her child but Lucretia soon shrugs it off. Seppia then walks by and sees them together before awkwardly leaving. Ilithyia notes on how the girl will soon see Glaber's true colors, as Lucretia tells Ilithyia that's already happened as she reveals Glaber's murder of Seppius, and Ilithyia and Lucretia set young Seppia on a path of vengeance.

Training is held at the temple, just as Agron returns leading a wagon. Crixus believes Agron went against orders again but Spartacus states he ordered it as its something they need. The rebels then treat themselves to drink as Crixus and Gannicus know Spartacus has a plan in mind. Spartacus then decides to hold rounds of friendly bouts to end current grievances, as old insults and past wrongs are put right in these battles to bring them together as comrades.

During a talk with Ashur, Glaber uses Ilithyia's information on the Rebels' location but they can't really locate the base. The Egyptian arrives with the head of Lucius Caelius andAshur goes to confer with him and is given helpful information about the slain roman. Ashur tells his subordinate to treat himself as he takes Lucius' head, before Glaber questions Ashur about the mercenary's findings. Ashur then tells him of how Lucius is well known for trading and dwelling in Vesuvius and uses Ilithyia's discoveries, as he pinpoints the site of their temple base. Now knowing where to find Spartacus, Glaber decides to launch an attack but Ashur cautions him by stating the temple has a wall protecting it which will give the enemy an advantage. Undeterred, Glaber states it will fall once they bring the "fiery fury of Rome" and see it destroyed as he tells Ashur to gather his group as he will join him in the attack. Ashur then uses this as opportunity to get a reward as Glaber knows Ashur has a desire since he is not a fool and tells him to speak it, while seeing it considered.

Ashur reveals to Lucretia that as well as freedom, Glaber will give Ashur the ludus and his blessing of marriage with Lucretia if Spartacus falls in the upcoming battle. Lucretia is quite dismayed at the loss of her husband's legacy. Ashur states they will make a new one together as a couple, before he advances to presumably rape the unwilling Lucretia who backs away.

Varinius now given charge of killing Spartacus.

Glaber makes preparations for his invasion just as his attention is caught by that of Varinius who has returned to Capua (at the secret bidding of Seppia) along with directions from the Senate that Glaber is to leave Capua and return to Rome. He is rebuffed by Glaber, who warns him of further ruin if Glaber does not obey but the latter states he will end Spartacus as he accidentally states Spartacus' location, which Varinus quickly picks up on. Varinius then reveals that he has been stationed by the senate with the defeat of Spartacus. Varinius is angered at Seppia's lack of strong evidence of Ilithyia's kidnapping and Glaber's wrongdoings and murderous deeds.

Seppia tries to kill Glaber.

Seppia talks with Lucretia about the grief she feels to have been rejected by Varinus and being forced to give her body to her brother's killer. She breaks down and is comforted by Lucretia who gives a final pep talk to convince Seppia to make attempt on Glaber's life as it would be unjust to let him live a luxurious life while her brother has been denied that privilege.

Lucretia leaves as Seppia ponders on her words and moves to meet Glaber. Ilithyia meets up with Lucretia who says if Glaber won't forgive her, she'll have blood and death as well her life back, they kiss and part.

Seppia's death by Ilithyia.

Seppia speaks to Glaber for a while about his departure for Rome and they discuss the loss of her brother as he tries to comfort her, Seppia hits him with a glass wine jug. She condemns him as a murderer after revealing she is aware of his role in her brother's death and moves to kill him with a dagger. At the final moment before Seppia's dagger is thrust into Glaber, Ilithyia, from behind, grabs Seppia's dagger, stabs Seppia in her heart and proceeds to violently slit her throat. Glaber is shocked she would save him in spite of his treatment as he and Ilithyia come to a mutual understanding about their marriage, as Ilithyia fuels passion with ambitious talk of power that they both must seek to acquire while getting rid of those stand in the way. This rejuvenates Glaber and they share a kiss, as he says he will march to Vesuvius and see it done but Ilithyia pushes him against a wall and continues to kiss him, telling him to pause for a moment as it has been too long since he was inside her. Fueled by passion and glory, the two proceed to make love in front of the dead Seppia, whose body continues to float in the pool of blood.

After the rebel celebration, Crixus and Naevia are able to rekindle their romance, by making love. The other rebels continue to party as Gannicus approaches Spartacus, he tells them he still believes death will befall them before noting how it will be glorious one. He and Spartacus notice the signal of an impending Roman attack. Gathering the Rebels, Spartacus tells them they will show their enemies the proper way to launch an attack as they roar in agreement and go forward.

In the forest, the roman soldiers are marching just as the commanding officer stops them, sensing something is amiss. An arrow is fired and he goes down as many more are fired by the rebel archers led by Mira before Crixus, Agron, Donar, and Fulco emerge and attack, killing many soldiers. Crixus has the archers retreat as he and the others continue fighting before Fulco is killed as Agron realize the romans' numbers are too great and Crixus has them fall back with their enemies following them.

A soldier reports to his Praetor about the rebels' retreat, just as Spartacus and Gannicus ambush them with Spartacus causing the Praetor to fall off his horse. Elsewhere, the other roman soldiers have found the temple and quickly invade with the rebels fighting them off with blade and arrows, which sees the deaths of many romans.

Back in the forest, Spartacus and Gannicus kill the roman soldiers just as their Praetor gets back on his horse but is thrown back on the ground by Spartacus who discovers it is Varinus who he knocks out for not being the man he seeks. The rebels continue killing the roman forces at the temple before Spartacus and Gannicus arrives with the captured Varinius who orders his men to surrender their arms. Spartacus commends his army over their victory over a roman army and tells them they have now steel and has them gather the soldiers fallen weapons as proof which earns a brief celebration.

Crixus then advances on the Praetor, hoping to kill Varinius to avenge his fallen comrades, but Spartacus firsts interrogates him as to where Glaber is. Varinius just smiles, and at that moment, a large flaming boulder from Glaber's army comes crashing down.

In the temple forecourt, whoever mostly remained of Varinius' frontal assault lay dead, but then huge fire projectiles are soon hurled into the temple. Varinius tries to attack Crixus for his sword but the Gaul sees an incoming projectile and seizing the opportunity for revenge, he pushes Varinius in its path and the praetor is killed.

Naevia, Nasir, Lugo, Mira and Nemetes defending the Temple.

Glaber, his men and Ashur's group then prepare for battle as Glaber has them continue to launch projectiles one of which destroys the temple walls and knocks Spartacus down as he lays disoriented, before watching as the army storm the temple. Regaining his wits, Spartacus gets up and kills the romans just as the other rebels continue to fight off the invading threat before they see they are outnumbered as Spartacus orders the rebels use their escape tunnels to leave, but not before Oenomaus loses his left eye while fighting the fierce Egyptian mercenary but is saved by Gannicus. Despite that, there are still losses of at least half of the Rebels

Spartacus& Rebels escape through the tunnel.

Spartacus, Crixus and Agron throw pots containing oil onto the fire to prevent their enemy from following them. Cut off, Glaber watches as Spartacus leads the Rebels in escaping. The rebels exit the tunnels only to have their retreat cut off by the rest of Glaber's forces. With no other path that does not lead to certain death, the Rebels take to the steep mountain paths of Mt. Vesuvius. Glaber halts further pursuit and decides to besiege the mountain, hoping to force the rebels to come out in the open, driven by hunger and madness. Glaber states that Spartacus and his followers will die.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Donar
  2. Lugo
  3. Nasir
  4. Naevia
  5. Oenomaus
  6. Agron
  7. Spartacus
  8. Mira
  9. Crixus
  10. Gannicus
  11. Ilithyia
  12. Glaber
  13. Seppia
  14. Saxa
  15. Fulco
  16. Lydon
  17. Nemetes
  18. Publius Varinius
  19. Roman Messenger
  20. Harudes
  21. Ashur
  22. The Egyptian
  23. Danus
  24. Nileus
  25. Fimbria


  • Spartacus and Mira officially end their relationship but they remain friends.
  • Spartacus' practice training session that was designed to bring the rebels together was a success. Rebels like Gannicus and Oenomaus, Agron and Crixus, Mira and Saxa, Nasir and Lugo, Donar and Nemetes have all managed to put their differences aside and become true comrades.
  • Naevia and Crixus have brought back the physical romance in their relationship.
  • The director of this episode, Michael Hurst, appears as a Roman soldier killed by Gannicus.
  • When Ilithyia asks her husband if there was nothing left between them, to which Gaius Claudius Glaber retorts he had asked her the same question and asked if she recalled her reply. This is a reference to the episode Libertus in which Ilithyia tried to divorce Glaber in favor of his fellow Praetor Publius Varinius but the roles in that situation were the other way around.
  • Ilithyia and Glaber finally reconcile after realizing they have both hurt each other.
  • The rebels earn their first major victory over the roman army by beating Varinius.



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