A large stone quarry and mining system near Capua.

The mines as seen from episode 3 of Vengeance.

Often used as the ultimate punishment for those gladiators that prove themselves useless. Slaves in mines were treated the worse relative to city slaves or servants, and their life expectancy was considerably lower, usually only 3 months at best. Mine slaves were known in Latin as Damnati ad Metellum or 'those who are damned to the mines'.

Dialogue in the series states that is was called the Mines of Lucania and that it was used to mine salt.

Gods of the ArenaEdit

While not seen in the Prequel, many gladiators were threatened and warned about the mines throughout their training.

When in a mood, Batiatus expressed his anger by banishing the recruit Indus, to the mines. This, however, later becomes rectified.

All gladiators who do not prove worthy were to be sent to the mines if they failed in the contest held by Titus Batiatus, a fate feared by many such as Ashur.

Blood and SandEdit

While not seen in Season One it is often mentioned by Batiatus and Oenomaus as a threat and punishment to gladiators who do not prove worthy as gladiators.

Oenomaus believes Spartacus and almost all his recruitment class (excluding Varro) prove that they are not worth being gladiators and should be sent to mines, an observation shared by Batiatus himself.

After the affair of Naevia and Crixus is discovered, Naevia is put to cart and passed from Dominus to Dominus as a "gift" from the House of Batiatus before she is finally sent to the mines.


The mines make an appearance in season two when Spartacus, Crixus, Nasir, Mira, Rhaskos, Liscus, Fortis, Acer, Mannus, Plenus, Tychos, Sophus, Vitus and a handful of Gauls under their command try to sneak in to save Naevia.
Spartacus & Crixus

Spartacus, Crixus & their men at the mines, saving Naevia.


At first they are successful, but come under attack by Marcus and Ashur who bring with them dozens of Roman soldiers. This results in the many Gauls' deaths, Crixus, Acer and Rhaskos captured while Spartacus and the others are forced to flee.

During their time there, Spartacus makes mention that they must free all the slaves, but agrees with Crixus that there are too many. As a result, Spartacus vows to return for them when he is able.

War of the DamnedEdit

Following Spartacus' victory over the Praetorian armies of Glaber and Varinius, Spartacus and his men assaulted the mines, slaying all the Romans and setting all the slaves free. This sprung their small force into the thousands and ultimately brought in slaves from all over the Republic to join them in rebellion.

As a result, this leaves the mines now empty and, presumably, inoperable until the end of the war when it could be safely reopened.