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First appearance S3E05: Blood Brothers
Last appearance S3E09: The Dead and the Dying
Profession Soldier
Race Roman
Relationships Tiberius (Leader, deceased)
Mettius' Friend (Friend, deceased)
Marcus Licinius Crassus (Imperator)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Josh Randall

Mettius is a Roman who became Tiberius' guard following his return to grace.


A large hulk of a man with a shaved head, Mettius is a strong and capable soldier, wearing heavy legion armor wielding the standard Gladius sword at his side. 


A soldier through and through, Mettius is loyal to those he follows. He holds the ideals of the Republic to heart, and is proud of being a Roman.

War of The Damned[]

Mettius is a soldier for Marcus Licinius Crassus, under the command of Mummius, and later, Tiberius. He takes part in the battle outside Sinuessa, and after the combined forces of the Rebels and Cilician Pirates prove too great, Mettius is one of many who flees the battle.

Mettius with an other Roman soldier.

Mettius is later punished with the others in the resurrected art of Decimation, and survives, being thrown out to live in the Followers camp with the others.

When Tiberius is restored to his former title, Mettius and Mettius' Friend are made his bodyguards and Mettius becomes Tiberius' right-hand man. He shares meal with his superior before leaving to allow Caesar to converse with Tiberius.

Eventually, Caesar and Tiberius come into a physical confrontation. When he is being bested, Tiberius orders Mettius and Mettius' Friend beat Caesar and hold him down, bent over a table. Tiberius then proceeds to rape Caesar as a form of dominance.

Tiberius is sent with a clutch of his men in order to speak with Gnaeus Pompey Magnus, a Proconsul arriving back in the Republic after putting down the Sertorian War in Hispania. It turns out to be a trap, however, as Spartacus and the rebels then capture Tiberius, Mettius and many others. 

Mettius being killed by Spartacus.

The Roman soldiers are brought back to the rebel camp and in chains. They are to be used as a means of celebration, their blood spilled by the rebels to honor their dead. Tiberius instructs his men not to fight and instead stand strong, stating that they are Roman they are better than worthless slaves and will not fight and die for the rebels' entertainment. Mettius nods to this in agreement.

Mettius is the first brought forth to face against Spartacus. Mettius looks over to Tiberius and remembers what he was told. Throwing his sword to the ground, Mettius yells of how he is Roman and will not die for their entertainment. Despite this, Spartacus spins around and slashes Mettius' throat, killing him and drawing a roar from the crowd and anger from Tiberius.


  • The actor Josh Randall is seen in season one as Iovis (one of Glaber's elite soldiers) who was killed by Oenomaus. Randall also played an unnamed gladiator fighting in The Pits who is killed when Spartacus gouges his eyes out.
    • Randall and Siaosi Fonua (as Hamilcar and a pirate) are the only two characters who come back in another role in Spartacus, both in the first and final seasons.
  • As a soldier seconded to Tiberius' personal staff, Mettius may have ranked as one of the 'Principales', which were legionary NCO's, or certainly a Duplicarius (literally 'double-pay soldier').