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Mark of the Brotherhood
Mark of the brotherhood..png
Season 1
Number Episode 08
Date Aired March 12, 2010
Writer Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing
Director Rowan Woods
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This article is about the Spartacus episode of this name. For the term, see "The Brotherhood".

"Mark of the Brotherhood" is the eighth episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It is the eighth episode in the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Batiatus purchases a fresh lot of slaves during an auction to be trained as gladiators and ponders the idea of selling Crixus.


Spartacus continues to build a legend upon himself in the arena, winning battle after battle. Batiatus mocks Solonius for his continued defeat by his gladiator. Ilithyia expresses boredom in watching Spartacus' matches, so Batiatus retaliates by informing her that he plans to purchase a new batch of slaves tomorrow, and that he would be delighted if she would join him. The next day, Batiatus (absent Ilithyia) arrives at the auction. There, he sees Solonius, who is also there to buy new slaves. Of all the slaves gathered at the auction, Oenomaus predicts only the German brothers: Agron and Duro , and Segovax, a Gaul, are of value. Batiatus and Solonius blow away all other competition at first, however, Batiatus mockingly outbids Solonius' offer by quadruple the amount, thus winning the auction. Back at the villa, Lucretia finished having sex with Crixus. She is unsatisfied with his "performance", but remains hopeful of his full recovery. After they finish, Naevia escorts him back to his cell. Along the way, she tells him of her feelings of jealously towards his relationship with Lucretia. Crixus reassures her that she alone occupy his thoughts.

The new recruits.

The new recruits enter the training grounds. Among them are Duro, Agron and Segovax. They are welcomed in the very same manner as Spartacus and his fellow recruits were. Up on the balcony, Ilithyia watches in delight, expressing an interest in the gladiatorial world. Lucretia and Batiatus persuade her to buy a gladiator; with Batiatus allowing her to select one of his recruits for her own. She chooses Segovax and in celebration of this, Ilithyia and Lucretia have a massage together in the villa. Ilithyia tells her that once she tells her friends of the news of her owning a gladiator, her friends will be jealous, and among them will be Licinia. She notes of Licinia's interest towards the games. Lucretia suggests that she should arrange a private meeting between Licinia and her new recruit, Segovax. Ilithyia gladly takes the advice.

Down in the ludus, the gladiators are having a meal. Crixus bullies the newly recruits, rejecting their need for food. They are saved when Spartacus defends them as Crixus mocks his kindness however, Spartacus tells him not to mistake his intentions. He declares that he doesn't care for the men but since Crixus is no longer the Champion of the House he has no right to give orders to anyone instead follow them. This leads to an intense stare down which is watched by the other gladiators who watch in anticipation. Crixus soon backs down but warns Spartacus to watch his back making it clear the rivalry between the two has greatly increased. Later that night, Ashur rewards the gladiators for their wins in the arena. He passes by Crixus' cell, which alarms him as the latter calls out to him. Ashur tells him that since he has not fought in the arena, he will not be rewarded any coin, and that this will continue to happen so long as his wounds do not heal. Ashur continues on to Varro, who he gives the choice between either taking coins or a prostitute. Surprisingly, Varro chooses a prostitute, much to Spartacus' shame.

The next morning, Segovax kills one of his fellow recruits. In the infirmary, the Medicus predicts to Batiatus that Crixus' wounds will not fully heal for another fortnight or two. Crixus pleads for his return to the sands, but Batiatus insists otherwise. During a conversation with Ashur, Batiatus is convinced to "discover Crixus' current value." in case he does not return to his old form. This surprises Lucretia, who tries to remind Batiatus of the gladiator's worth. Back on the training grounds, the gladiators and recruits all practice together, with Crixus watching in dissatisfaction. Naevia approaches him, warning him of Batiatus' possible plan in selling him to Vibius. However, she proposes that he show Batiatus that his "time has not passed" as a gladiator. This knowledge leads Crixus to challenge Spartacus to a duel, with Batiatus watching. Due to his wounds, Crixus is easily defeated by Spartacus in front of everyone, who sends him back to the infirmary in shame.

In Capua's marketplace, Ashur is conducting business on Batiatus' behalf. Here, he is met by Solonius. Solonius expresses interest in buying the former Champion of Capua from Batiatus. He also attempts to bribe Ashur into warning him if Batiatus intends to seek reprisal against him. Ashur rejects him.

Ilithyia & Friends meeting Spartacus.

Later that night, Ilithyia and Lucretia welcome their guests: Caecilia, Aemilia and Licinia to the ludus. Late in the conversation, Licinia requests that Spartacus be brought before them. When Ilithyia insults him, Spartacus displays disobedience, which upsets Ilithyia. Licinia further presses Ilithyia by adding that Glaber's reputation is surrounded by twisted rumors. After the guests leave, Ilithyia asks permission to go see her slave, Segovax, before she leaves as well. After introducing herself to him, Ilithyia gives Segovax a mission in secrecy, with the reward of his freedom upon completion.

Batiatus tells Lucretia that he plans to meet with Vibius tomorrow, in hopes of finalizing the deal of selling Crixus. Lucretia remains worried. As they talk, Crixus and Naevia are having a conversation of their own, down in the ludus. Crixus is now certain that he will be sold to Vibius tomorrow. Naevia, fearful of him leaving, reluctantly asks for Crixus to lay with Lucretia like never before, in order to remind her of his worth, to which he accepts. The next morning, Varro angrily informs Spartacus that his wife, Aurelia, betrayed him and was impregnated with another man's child.

Ilithyia talking to Segovax about Spartacus.

Spartacus comforts him, telling him that since she is still alive (unlike his own wife), Varro could still make things right between the two of them. Upstairs, Crixus fulfils Naevia's request and lies with Lucretia, who has become very pleased. In the bathing rooms, Spartacus sits in thought until being caught off guard and attacked by Segovax. Segovax nearly suffocates Spartacus, until Crixus rescues him. This act allows the latter to regain favor with Batiatus. Later that night, Ilithyia watches as Segovax, now castrated, becomes crucified for his action.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Spartacus
  2. Batiatus
  3. Lucretia
  4. Ilithyia
  5. Solonius
  6. Naevia
  7. Oenomaus
  8. Ashur
  9. Agron
  10. Duro
  11. Segovax
  12. Trebius
  13. Vibius
  14. Crixus
  15. Varro
  16. Rhaskos
  17. Hamilcar
  18. Medicus
  19. Recruit 4
  20. Santos
  21. Licinia
  22. Caecilia
  23. Aemilia


Oenomaus: (to the recruits) "What is beneath your feet?"
Duro: "... Sand?"
(The other gladiators laugh.)
Agron: "Fucking idiot."

Agron: (about Spartacus) "That tiny man is the fucking champion of Capua?"
Duro: "Fucking Romans fill the legends to their advantage. You could easily best the man, Agron."
Segovax: "Spartacus defeated Theokoles, and the skies wept to honor his victory. The two of you would present challenge equal to piss and shit." (after a moment, Agron and Duro burst into laughter) "You find my words amusing?"
Duro: "Your words? No."
Agron: "The stupid fuck that speaks them—very fucking amusing."

Spartacus: "Do not forget why you are here, Varro. You dishonor your family! You dishonor your own wife"
Varro: "My wife is a WHORE! She carries another man's child."
Spartacus: "She lives, Varro, she lives. You may yet hold her in your arms; a thought any decent man would cherish."

Crixus: "And your gods, do they answer your prayers?"
Lucretia: "They are silent."
Crixus: "Then let us crack open the heavens, and gain their attention. Remove any doubt that my day is passed!"

Spartacus: "You'd kill a fellow Gaul, to save a man you hate?"
Crixus: "I did not save Spartacus. I saved a brother, who shares the mark. You have earned a glorious death, and will die at the hands of a Gladiator."

Segovax: "Gratitude... for your aid in my training today. I would be eager to hear any advice — to further my cause?"
Spartacus: "Your cause?"
Segovax: "Victories in the arena and freedom."



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