Spartacus Wiki
First appearance Spartacus: Morituri Chapter 1
Last appearance N/A
Profession Slave
Race Unknown (presumed Numidian)
Relationships Hieronymus (Dominus)
Status Deceased (Killed by Oenomaus)

Mantilus is a slave owned by the Greek Hieronymus. Mantilus is only seen in the book Spartacus: Morituri. His name is unknown until the fifth chapter.


Mantilus has dark skin, even darker than his Dominus. He often wears a loose fitting robe made of a muti-colored material. When first seen, his robe is open in the front to reveal his chest. His chest and torso are scared with runic symbols of unknown orgins. His face is described as his most unsettling feature. His head is clean shaven and bald, showing symbols like the one on his chest also marking his crown, forehead, cheeks and throat. The center of his lip has a gold piercing that matches the ones on his master's ears. His eyes are milk white, suggesting blindness, (though those who encounter him claim that he sees them even when they are hidden[1]). He has thin, almost purple lips, that are always moving as if he is mumbling.


Little is known about who he is. Ashur states that nobody knows anything about him and that his name itself was hard to obtain. However, the rumors Ashur have obtained speak of dark sorcery that Mantilus practices to help the Gladiators in Hieronymus' Ludus.