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First appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions
S2E01: Fugitivus
S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E10: Victory
Profession Gladiator (House of Batiatus)
Escaped Slave
Race Hispanic
Relationships Spartacus (Leader, deceased)
Titus Lentulus Batiatus (Dominus, deceased)
Quintus Lentulus Batiatus (Dominus, deceased)
Ulpius (Former Doctore, deceased)
Oenomaus (Doctore, deceased)
Fulco (Friend, deceased)
Donar (Friend, deceased)
Leviticus (Friend)
Crixus (Friend, deceased)
Pollux (Friend)
Agron (Friend)
Ortius (Friend, deceased)
Litaviccus (Friend, deceased)
Totus (Friend, deceased)
Barca (Friend, deceased))
Auctus (Friend, deceased)
Timocles (Friend)
Gnaeus (Friend, deceased)
Saxa (Rival/Comrade, deceased)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Renato Gomes

Lydon was a gladiator in Batiatus' Ludus and later a rebel under Spartacus' command.

Character Outline[]

Lydon has short, curly black hair, a medium build, and a bronzed skin tone. He fights with a single sword in the ludus and wears little or no armor while training. But following the growth of the rebellion, he has switched to using a spear as his weapon, and wears a set of makeshift armor in War of the Damned. He may originally hail from Hispania, perhaps having been taken prisoner in one of the many Roman wars in the region. Given that he is present in the ludus during Gods of the Arena (closely following the outbreak of the Sertorian War in Hispania), he may have been captured as a prisoner of war while fighting Rome for Quintus Sertorius and the allied Iberian tribes. The fact that he is often selected by Spartacus to undertake important missions in the early days of the rebellion indicates his competence, as well as trustworthiness.

Combat Prowess[]

Lydon escaped the House of Batiatus along with Spartacus following the revolt. He was already a gladiator for the House of Batiatus when Crixus first arrived at the ludus. Though Lydon is never seen in either the old or the new arena, his survival from the time of Crixus' arrival to the time of Spartacus' revolt is indicative of his skill as a gladiator.

Lydon is an expert warrior skilled in the use of a sword and a spear that allows him to easily best Roman soldiers in single combat. Said skills served him well in surviving the the entirety of the rebellion.

Gods of the Arena[]

As a gladiator

Lydon as a gladiator in Batiatus' ludus.

in Batiatus' Ludus, Lydon trains and socializes with his fellow gladiators throughout the season. Although he is never seen fighting, he appears to command some measure of respect, indicating he has fought well in the arena.

Lydon is typically seen being more lightly armed and armored than the other gladiators, wearing a padded wrap around one leg, making it very likely that he fights in the style of the Samnite, one of the more rare classes in the ludus.

Lydon is at the front of the formation when Batiatus orders Gannicus to fight Crixus in a demonstration for Quintilius Varus. While the recruit would fight well, Lydon and his brothers would ultimately observe his defeat by their more skilled brother. Later that night, he would bear witness to when Ulpius goes mad and try to kill Oenomaus in a seeming fit of jealousy, only to fall at his student's hands.

He would be present when Batiatus makes his speech to all avaiable gladiators in the ludus during his father's funeral before Oenomaus, now fully embracing his role as Doctore, gives the signal for the gladaitors to begin their training once again to honor the dead.

He appears to either participate in or derive amusement from Barca and Auctus' bullying of the recruits, and stands to defend Auctus along with his brothers when Dagan attempts to charge at him.

When Gannicus is granted freedom, Lydon and the other gladiators bid their brother farewell and see him outside the ludus before returning to their training.


Lydon is one of the many gladiators to have escaped the ludus with Spartacus, and has taken to helping train other slaves, scout, and hunt alongside Donar and Fulco.

He and the other Rebels later leave the cisterns of Capua and joins in assaulting the villa of Nasir's dominus. After tensions calm, he takes to celebrating with his fellows. When several of his brothers become caught up in a brawl at the villa, Lydon does not get involved, but he does watch closely from the sidelines.

When Agron breaks apart from Spartacus and Crixus and announces his intention to move separately toward Vesuvius, Lydon is among those rebels who choose to follow him there.  

Along with Donar and Fulco, Lydon helps discover the Vesuvius Temple. When Spartacus enters the temple for the first time, he orders Lydon to bring the rest of the Rebels to the temple site. 

He would take part in the mission to rescue Crixus, Oenomaus, and Rhaskos from the are

Lydon on patrol.

na in Capua. With the other Rebels, he would set the arena on fire, causing it to collapse from within and kill many Romans.

Lydon is often seen patroling the wall of the Vesuvius Temple.

When Spartacus sets Oenomaus to the task of training recruits after the fake invasion of the temple, he asks for Saxa and Lydon to fall by his side and assist him. Since it seemed the idea for the day was to pair up rivals to force them to work as a team, this may imply that Lydon and Saxa had some kind of quarrel, as Fulco had with Saxa's friend Harudes.

Lydon fighting alongside Crixus.

When the Romans attacked the rebels sanctuary, Lydon would fight valiantly in its defence and help the Rebels escape into the mountain of Vesuvius.

While on the mountain, he helps make ropes out of vines with the other Rebels to allow Spartacus, Crixus, Agron and Gannicus to scale down the mountain and flank the Romans.

After Ashur's death on the summit of Vesuvius, Lydon is ordered along with Donar by Spartacus to deliver the Syrian's decapitated head to the Romans, as a message of their own.

Following the counter-attack on Glaber's forces, led by Oenomaus, Lydon fights alongside Naevia and is one of the first Rebels over the wall during their recapture of the temple. He survives the fight and witnesses Spartacus triumph over Glaber and then cheers with his fellow Rebels upon their victory.

War of the Damned[]

Lydon remains a capable soldier in the rebel army in the months following their defeat of Glaber

Lydon amongst other rebels in Sinuessa.

and Varinius he has switched from the use of a sword to a spear and now wears makeshift armor.

When the Rebels besiege a Roman city besiege a Roman city, Lydon takes place as one of its many invaders and slays many Romans before Spartacus declares the city is now theirs.

After Crixus initiates a frenzy amongst the rebels, Lydon is one the many that follow his words and takes part in the slaughtering of all surviving Romans. When Spartacus puts an end to it, Lydon is among many who appear put off with Spartacus's order.

Despite his involvement in the slaughter, Lydon is one of the guards at the villa used by Spartacus to protect the surviving Roman prisoners. When

Lydon fails to stop Crixus.

Crixus barged into the villa to speak with Agron over Spartacus' plans, Lydon put up a brief attempt to stop him, but was overpowered by Crixus. Later, Agron is seen ordering Lydon to continue watching over the prisoners, lest any further harm should come to them.

Lydon being exchanged with the other captured rebels.

The Romans soon invade the city leading Lydon and the other rebels to go on the defensive. He along with the others are forced to abandon the city and retreat to the cold mountains. Lydon survived in the snowy mountains and escaped through Crassus' wall

Lydon with Lugo and Naevia before the final battle.

When Spartacus and Crixus eventually decide to take separate paths, Lydon chooses instead to go with Crixus in order to bring the army to Rome. He fights in many battles alongside his comrades, and slays many Romans. Witnessing the defeat of Arrius, Lydon is caught off guard with the many other rebels by the arrival or Marcus Licinius Crassus and his legions. The rebel army is soundly defeated and Lydon is among many that is captured. However, he is among the 500 captured rebels who are exchanged for Tiberius (later Kore following his death).

Lydon participates in the final battle where he kills many Romans. However, the Rebels ultimately lose the battle and their army is destroyed. 

Lydon manages to escape the battlefield and join other survivors in escaping over the Alps, finally embracing true freedom far from the grips of Rome.


  • Lydon is played by native Brazilian Renato Gomes.
  • Lydon only has one line throughout the series, "Alright", which is spoken to Agron as he guards the Roman prisoners in Sinuessa.
  • Lydon is one of the few gladiators in the series who appears to be trained in the style of the Samnite.
  • Lydon, Tyronius, Leviticus, the Veteran, Pollux and Agron are the only gladiators from the House of Batiatus known to survive the Third Servile War in its entirety.
    • ​Actor Renato Gomez confirmed that Lydon survived the events of the final battle and escaped over the Alps.
  • Lydon may have originally come from Turdetania (ancient name for Andalusia), a region that has seen extensive settlement by both Phoenicians and Celts. The Carthaginians brought North African and Punic settlers to their colonies in Iberia before the Punic Wars. Lydon may be descended from Puno-African colonists in Malaka (Malaga) or Gadir (Cadiz).


Lydon to Agron