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Lugo in War of the Damned.jpg
First appearance S2E07: Sacramentum
S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E10: Victory
Profession Escaped Slave
Race German Lugii Tribe
Relationships Sedullus (Comrade, deceased)
Saxa (Comrade/Friend, deceased)
Nemetes (Comrade/Friend, deceased)
Harudes (Comrade, deceased)
Totus (Comrade, deceased)
Nasir (Rival/Friend)
Gannicus (Friend, deceased)
Donar (Friend, deceased)
Agron (Comrade/Friend)
Spartacus (Leader, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Roman Soldiers)
Actor/Actress Barry Duffield

Lugo is a Germanic warrior captured by Romans and transported to Neapolis as a slave. He later becomes a strong Rebel warrior under Spartacus' command.


Lugo has a short but muscular build with short black hair and dark stubble of a beard. His large build would put him as one of the stronger of the escaped slaves. In War of the Damned, he has gained a thicker beard and now wears armor. His weapon of choice is a mallet.


Lugo is one of the few Germanics who is able to speak Latin, albeit loosely. Like the rest of his kin, he enjoys fighting and drinking as well as lovely women, but holds a strong loyalty to those he believes are strong and worthy of following. He usually refers to himself in the third person.

Combat Prowess[]

A titan of a man, Lugo is a fearsome, above-average warrior. He first wields a sword or an axe in battle during the second season, but in War of the Damned, he comes into possession of a mighty warhammer. He is able to hold his own against several Roman soldiers. Due to his skill and recognition amongst the Rebels, he (along with Nasir) is trusted to oversee the training of new recruits and also is one of Spartacus most trusted men. He has also shown skill with the bow, presumbaly taught by Mira.


Lugo is rescued from a slaver ship docked at Neapolis alongside Sedullus, Saxa and the rest of the Germanic prisoners by Spartacus, Agron, Donar and Lucius. Lugo shows himself able to speak in a comm

Lugo chooses to follow Spartacus.

on tongue and is overjoyed at hearing they would be fighting against the Romans.

Lugo and the rest of his kin.

He would partake in the festivities in the rebel sanctuary and hunt and take part in sport-fighting with his kin, notably Sedullus. When tensions rise between the rebels and newly joined Germanics he would fight Crixus, proving a challenge for him in unarmed combat. When Spartacus kills Sedullus to end the rift, Lugo is the first of the Germanics to step forward and claim Spartacus' prowess as a warrior and pledges his allegiance to him by tapping his sword and shield, prompting the rest of his kin to follow suit in his declaration for the rebel leader.

Lugo and Nasir.

He takes part in the training alongside the rest of his kin in learning the ways of the gladiator. Spartacus attempts to mend the rifts between the rebels using drink and contest. Lugo and Nasir, who harbour a grudge with one another, are put against Donar and Nemetes. Although they lose the fight, Lugo praises Nasir for his fighting spirt and the two then embrace one another as brothers from that point on.

When the forces of Varinius assault the Vesuvius temple, Lugo and the rest are put on the defensive. Lugo utilizes his skill with a bow, as he takes down many Romans before he is given a sword and takes on a direct assault. When Varinius is forced to surrender, Lugo congratulates Nasir and joins in celebrating the victory.

However, he and the other rebels are forced to flee into the mountains when Glaber and his army assaults immediatly after.

Lugo then takes part in a separate raid against the Romans, led by Nemetes. He takes on Ashur but is defeated by the former gladiator. Ashur attempts to interrogate Lugo, but Lugo curses him in the Germanic tongue which the Syrian is unable to understand. Ashur then prepares to kill Lugo but is rescued from death by Mira. While back on the mountain, he grows more restless with the rest of his kin, but would then witness the death of Ashur at the hands of Naevia before taking part in making ropes from the mountains' vines to allow Spartacus, Crixus, Agron and Gannicus to scale down the mountain and flank the Romans.

Led by Oenomaus, Lugo would then fight alongside the other rebels and retake the temple and effectively defeat the forces of Glaber.

War of the Damned[]

In the ensuing months after Glaber's defeat, Lugo continues to fight under the rebellion and

Lugo during the attack on Sinuessa.

now fights with a warhammer. He has also learned to speak the common tongue much more clearly and can communicate well with everyone else.

He is present in the battle against Cossinius' forces. After the battle, Lugo goes to help oversee the training of the new recruits. He is amazed at the advanced skill that Nasir displays and jokingly states he will soon be scared to call him "little man" still, a statement that Nasir laughingly agrees with.

When the rebels besiege the Roman city, Lugo takes part as one of

Lugo, with Spartacus and Agron in the backround.

the many invaders. With his warhammer, he takes the lives of many Romans before Spartacus announces that they have effectively taken the city. Lugo enjoys tormenting the Roman citizens, a thing noticed by both Spartacus and Agron, however he is also content to listen to Spartacus' orders and allow them proper food.

As he helps take the food procured by the Cilician Pirates to the city, he drops one of the food containers and ends up in a fight with Pollux, The Veteran, and others. Spartacus calms them down but this act shows how hungry the rebels are becoming and their restlessness in sharing it with their Roman prisoners.

When Crixus spurs the Rebels into slaughtering the Roman prisoners, Lugo does not take part in the slaughter. After Spartacus arrives and puts the matter to an end, he has Lugo and Donar escort the surviving Romans to his villa. 

Lugo is selected among many rebels to join Spartacus in gathering supplies from overseas using Heracleo's ship. He and Gannicus sit and drink together as Lugo has a slight fear of the ocean. Following the journey, the group raids many of Crassus' grain caravans in Cilicia, sending many Roman soldiers to the afterlife.

During the Roman attack, following Heracleo's betrayal, Lugo appears fighting alongside Spartacus and Crixus at the harbour and kills many Romans with his warhammer.

Lugo and Nasir would afterwards head into the city after the Romans managed to enter it and fight alongside Castus. The Romans, however, prove too many and the rebels are forced to abandon the city, leading Lugo and the other rebels to retreat into the cold mountains.

Lugo is later present at a campfire as Gannicus escaped the city and finds them in the mountains. He leads Gannicus who also had Sibyl and Laeta with him. Spartacus tells him to carry Laeta to their medicus to which he complies.

Eventually, the Rebels are able to escape from the mountains following the assault on Crassus' wall. With aid of Brictius he is able to make an opening in the wall for the other Rebels to move through. Lugo leaves with the other Rebels and moved to escape Crassus and his army.

Lugo in a joyous moment.

Spartacus and Crixus are soon once again at the impasse the two agree then to take separate paths. They take a Roman village and do one night of celebration before departing. Lugo takes to joining many women during the celebration.

The next morning, Lugo chooses instead to follow Spartacus as he attempts to lead the Rebels that stayed with him over the Alps and become free from the Republic.

After that, he, alongside Spartacus, Gannicus and Saxa find a few Roman soldiers, easily killing them in the night,  but they were not Crassus' men, but Pompey's. As Spartacus contemplates what is to be done about a new Roman commander that could become a threat to them, Lugo asserts that they will defeat both regardless of the odds. 

Lugo dies by fire and two Romans.

Later, he participates in Spartacus' Funeral Games to honor Crixus, and those who followed him into the afterlife. The same night, Crixus' head is set on a pyre and the rebels shout names of those who had fallen. Lugo shouts Donar, in the memory of his friend.

Lugo is tasked with leading one of the six Rebel raids on villas across the country. As the leader of his particular raid he shouts "I am Spartacus" in an effort to set Pompey to confusion.

He is entrusted by Spartacus to dig the trap the Rebels set the night before the final battle. 

When the final battle between the Romans and Rebels begins, the Romans end up falling into the trap Lugo and others have set, telling Spartacus that the Romans have fallen into it. Lugo kills many Romans but is soon set on fire from catapult fire. He continues to fight however and kills two Romans while still ablaze. He soon succumbs to the flames and utters his final words Fuck your mothers in his native tongue, much to the anguish of an observing Naevia, and he is stabbed by two Roman soldiers. 


  • Barry Duffield, the actor who plays Lugo is 175cm (5' 9") tall.
  • Lugo is the only Rebel to wield a hammer. The Latin term for a hammer was Malleus
  • He revealed he is afraid of water and the "monsters" in it.
  • During the defence of the temple at Vesuvius in Vengeance, Lugo showed skill in archery. The Latin word for archer is Sagittarius.
    • The reconstructed Proto-Germanic term for archer is Skutjanz.
  • Lugo's name may bear a relation to the Germanic tribe whom the Romans identify as the Lugii (often identified as part of the Przeworsk Culture by archaeologists), whose territory stood between Poland, eastern Germany and the Sudete Mountains in the Czech Republic. The Lugii are thought to have controlled a major area of the cancient trade route known as the Amber Road in Germania.
  • Lugo was the eighteenth main character to be killed.


"You not from our lands!"
Lugo to Spartacus

"Sing with me, my dark brother; and share my women!"
Lugo to Oenomaus

'"The man who kill great warrior! And Lugo follow!"
Lugo to Spartacus

"Give Lugo warrior to share watch! Not little man with little balls!"
Lugo to Spartacus about Nasir

"We lose...but little man fight like giant!"
Lugo to Nasir

"Fick dich, du verdammtes Arschgesicht!" Script translation: [Fuck you, you damned ass-face!]
Lugo to Ashur

"I am Spartacus"

Lugo to Romans

"Fuck your mothers!"

—Lugo's last words