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Season Summary[]

A few weeks have passed, and Spartacus continues to kill the Roman soldiers sent after him and the rebels. Gaius Claudius Glaber is dispatched from Rome, tasked with putting an end to Spartacus' revolt. The rebels position their encampment at a temple, located at the base of Mount Vesuvius. Spartacus recruits former arena champions Oenomaus and Gannicus to his ranks. He later recruits a tribe of Germanic warriors, all for the inevitable battle at Mount Vesuvius. Eventually managing to locate the rebels' with the help of Ashur, Glaber, now praetor, sets out to launch a full invasion of the temple. A fierce battle ensues, and the rebels are forced to withdraw up Vesuvius. On top of the mountain, many of the rebels are convinced of their defeat, until Spartacus comes up with a plan to slide down the side of the mountain using vines and to attack the Roman forces from behind. Unsuspecting of this, most of Glaber's forces are quickly routed, with the survivors fleeing back to the temple. Oenomaus falls in battle. Spartacus' forces overrun the temple and proceed to finish off the rest of Glaber's forces, except for Glaber himself. Spartacus and Glaber have a duel, with Spartacus killing Glaber and emerging victorious.


Spartacus killing Seppius' mercenaries

Episode 201: Fugitivus[]

Summary: In the weeks after their escape of the House of Batiatus, Spartacus and Crixus command and train their group of freed gladiators and slaves. The only thing Spartacus is worried about is getting his vengeance by killing Glaber and Ilithyia as well as everyone they know. Crixus is determined to finding his lost love Naevia. Glaber, who is now a Praetor in the Roman army, is commanded by Senator Albinius to return to Capua and take care of Spartacus. Ilithyia, who is now pregnant, is unwilling to go, but ultimately obeys her husband. While Spartacus sends Aurelia, who was Varro's wife, to be reunited with her son Janus, Glaber and Ilithyia and their soldiers return to Capua and take up residence in the House of Batiatus, but are then surprised to find that Lucretia is still alive, though she has gone mad and doesn't remember much, to Ilithyia's relief. Oenomaus, depressed because of his lost honor of Doctore, remains estranged from Spartacus and Crixus, but does warn them of the strength of Glaber and his men. In the market, a battle breaks out between Spartacus and Glaber's men, who have captured and mortally wounded Aurelia. Crixus and others come to Spartacus' aid. Afterwards, dying, Aurelia makes Spartacus promise to stay away from her son. Spartacus then agrees with Crixus that they should move south to try to find Naevia, while freeing all slaves upon their path.

The Rebels

Episode 202: A Place In This World[]

Summary: Spartacus and his rebel band of gladiators move south and take over an isolated villa owned by a wealthy Roman, who reveals to them that he owned Naevia for a short time before putting her on a wagon cart destined for another villa further south. The newly freed slaves of the villa are afraid of their freedom, especially a young male named Tiberius, who was the former body slave and held high position and respect among the slaves. Tiberius makes an attempt on Spartacus' life during the night, but fails ultimately. Crixus and Agron would see him killed for his actions, while Spartacus would let him live and train him. Later, another newly freed slave named Chadara is having sex with Rhaskos when Mira interrupts, thinking he was raping her. Chadara reveals she was only laying with Rhaskos so he would protect her in battle. Meanwhile, in Capua, the recovering Lucretia receives messages from the Gods on how to defeat Spartacus. Glaber believes in her new status of Prophetess for the public approval, while Ilithyia believes she is a fraud. In the Capua marketplace, while trying to bless the citizens, Lucretia receives a note from a mysterious stranger. In a flashback, Oenomaus relives his purchase from the Pits of the Underworld by Titus Lentulus Batiatus in his youth, the discovery of honor and purpose of becoming a Champion. Oenomaus, in his search for death, faces many opponents in the Pit and after he is weakened in a fight, he is taken to the villa before Glaber by a mysterious stranger. The stranger is revealed to be Ashur, the former deceitful, right hand man of Quintus Lentulus Batiatus, who is working in secret with Lucretia to some unknown ends.

Spartacus and the others sneak into the mines as slaves

Episode 203: The Greater Good[]

Summary: Spartacus and crew free another band of slaves destined for the dreaded Mines. A slaver with his dying breath tells Agron and Nasir that Naevia lives but is suffering in harsh servitude in the Mines. Agron, who believes an attempt to free Naevia would result in the death of all the rebels, lies and tells Crixus Naevia is dead. In Capua, Ashur is set to the purpose of breaking Oenomaus' silence through torture which fails. Lucretia reveals to Ashur the betrayal of Oenomaus' wife Melitta, with his closest friend and brother Gannicus (see Spartacus: Gods of the Arena). Oenomaus in his disbelief reveals the Rebels' purpose of going south in search of Naevia. Glaber, focused on holding his status, neglects his wife Ilithyia. Nasir can no longer bring himself to maintain Agron's lie and tells Crixus the truth. Agron takes his own group to make camp at Mt. Vesuvius. Spartacus, Crixus, and the others that remain go to the mines. Disguising themselves as slaves and guards, they infiltrate the mines in search of Naevia. Glaber had dispatched his soldiers to the mines, along with Ashur, and they arrive shortly afterward. After Ashur recognizes two of Spartacus' men posing as guards, the soldiers enter the mines in pursuit. Crixus is briefly reunited with Naevia, but they are overcome by soldiers. Crixus sacrifices himself for their escape, and Ashur delivers the blow that causes Crixus to fall unconscious.

During separation from Spartacus, Crixus and his two men are taken back to the ludus

Episode 204: Empty Hands[]

Summary: Very few escape the rescue mission from the Mines alive. Spartacus refuses to leave anyone behind even if it means the death of them all. The Romans lead by Glaber's Tribune Marcus are in hot pursuit, assisted by Ashur. Crixus and two others are reunited with Oenomaus at the villa, where treachery abounds. Glaber must ease the insult he gave to Varinius a fellow Praetor, Ilithyia suggest a party in his honor. Young Seppia seeks advice from Lucretia on seeking her future husband and sets her sights on Varinius, much to Ilithyia's envy. Ilithyia, angered by the neglect of Glaber, forms a plan to have her marriage dissolved and Varinius as her new husband. Crixus and Oenomaus are spared from death and another suffers torture at the hands of the party goers. Spartacus' numbers dwindle in the forest as they are killed one by one by the pursuing Romans. By the final fight only Spartacus, Mira, Naevia and wounded Nasir are left alive. Spartacus wounds Marcus, and Ashur takes Marcus further into the forest and finishes him off before Marcus can alert the remaining soldiers of their position. Ilithyia outshines young Seppia and brokers a deal with Varinius for marriage if Albinius (Ilithyia's father) dissolves her marriage. Ilithya seeks out her father among the party only to find him in bed with Lucretia. Ilithyia attacks Lucretia, but Lucretia reveals she did it only to heal past wrongs she had done to Ilithyia and help her seek her future as Varinius' wife. Spartacus and Mira now stand as one as they see a horde of strangers approach in the sun's early light, only to find it is Agron and the rest of the rebels come to aid them.

Crixus, Oenomaus and Rhaskos face execution.

Episode 205: Libertus[]

Summary: A plan is hatched and brothers are reunited upon the sands in this episode. Lucius, a Roman disillusioned with Rome because of the civil war Sulla waged years ago, gives shelter and information to the rebels at a ruined Vesuvius. He tells of the rumors that abound of how Spartacus and the rebels are finished and all but slaughtered. Spartacus, unwilling to forsake Crixus and desiring to send a message to the Romans, hatches a daring plan of rescue, in which they will take the arena in Capua. Gannicus returns to Capua to give Oenomaus an honorable death in the arena, but is unaware that Oenomaus knows the truth of Gannicus' affair with Melitta. Lucretia dissuades Ilithyia from aborting her child, though Ilithyia must be rid of the pregnancy if she is to marry Varinius. Lucretia, through Ashur, reveals the abortion attempt to Glaber. Ilithyia admits upon confrontation that their love and marriage is over. When the primus fight starts, Oenomaus viciously attacks Gannicus, and Mira is set to purpose of bringing down the arena by fire. When the arena collapses, Spartacus and Agron attack the remaining enemy gladiators and guards, escaping with Gannicus, Crixus and Oenomaus. Before exiting, Spartacus throws a spear directly at Glaber and nicks his cheek. Glaber, the last to leave the pulvenus, comes upon Albinius (Ilithyia's father) trapped beneath a fallen beam, but he does not save his father-in-law, and instead repeatedly crushes his skull. Glaber finds Ilithyia and tells her her father was killed by Spartacus and that they will remain married.

Episode 206: Chosen Path[]

Summary: With the injured Oenomaus and Crixus rescued, Rhaskos fell in the arena battle, the group returns to their temple hideout. Glaber tests Ashur, and through the passing this test Ashur's status and pride is elevated, filled with his own sense of self-importance. Lucretia attempts to bring him to heel, but her efforts backfire and Ashur rapes Lucretia. Glaber still angry and feeling the sting of betrayal treats Ilithyia cruelly, in where she seeks comfort with Lucretia, and schemes to win back Glaber´s love. Glaber's attempts at joining forces with Seppius is rebuffed yet again, resulting in the young Seppia being invited to the villa instead. Gannicus meanwhile

Gannicus and Spartacus fight.

scoffs at Spartacus and the rebels, not believing in what they fight for. Naevia, being haunted by her ordeal, is unable to show her love physically to Crixus, while he is unable to forgive Agron for lying about Naevia's death. Spartacus attempts to enlist Gannicus to the cause, but Gannicus remains unconvinced. Lucius, the disillusioned Roman, seeks to aid in training the rebels who were once house slaves. Chadara would rather seek her place in the bed of another gladiator, but is rebuffed. Ashur is sent to recruit the most violent of former gladiators for Glaber's new plan. Oenomaus awakens and tells Gannicus that they were once brothers and the betrayal with Melitta is not easily forgotten or forgiven. Seppia after some coaxing from Ilithyia, Lucretia and Glaber agrees to speak with her brother. But to no avail, Glaber has already moved against Seppius with Ashur's new recruits, and slaughters Seppius' and every other living being in villa, Glaber takes his time delivering the final death blow to Seppius himself, and then places the blame of Spartacus. The map on which Spartacus and Agron make their plans vanishes, along with the last bit of money the rebels have. Gannicus is accused, a fight ensues between the two former champions of Batiatus, but comes to a tie, as Mira, drawing an arrow from her bow, shoots down Chadara who was attempting to flee with map and missing coins in hand. Gannicus also takes his leave.

Gannicus at the Brothel.

Episode 207: Sacramentum[]

Summary: This episode opens in the port city of Neapolis, where Spartacus, Agron and Lucius posing as rich Roman interested in buying a new shipment of slaves, all of whom hail from the Germanic tribes of the north. The quest complicates itself when Agron speaks to the slaves in their mother tongue, and is overheard by a guard who also shares their tongue, but the operation succeeds nonetheless and the rebel army swells with Agron's distant kin. This alarms Crixus and Lucius given the possibility that these new recruits may not follow Spartacus' orders in favor of Agron. Meanwhile in Capua, Glaber enlists the former mercenary band that belonged to young Seppius, and the pledge of Sacramentum to Glaber and to Rome. After raping her again, Ashur believes Lucretia is beginning to have feelings for him, and he presents her with a red wig like the one she used to wear, as a symbol of her belonging to him. Gannicus, prompted by Ashur, goes to the villa for an audience with Glaber, where he offers Gannicus the chance to be a beacon of hope, the front man to his army. Glaber also returns Gannicus' rudis (a object made of wood, that is proof of freedom being granted to a slave). Ilithyia, growing ever more desperate that Glaber will never forgive her, wishes she were dead. Lucretia however comes up with a plan for Ilithyia to break free of Glaber's hatred and vengeful attitude and go home to Rome. After a failed attempt to bond with the new recruits on a hunting trip, which turns into highway robbery as the new recruits accost a wagon on the road, Spartacus, Crixus and Lucius wonder whether Agron's loyalty lies with his kinsmen, or with Spartacus. A great feast turns into a bloody battle after Sedullus, the biggest of all the new recruits, tries to rape Naevia, after which Naevia stabs him and calls for help. Agron decides this has gone too far and helps Crixus and Spartacus control the Germans. Spartacus, asserting his authority as leader, fights Sedullus and kills him. After witnessing the strength of Spartacus, Agron's tribesmen swear allegiance to Spartacus and the cause. Lucretia and Gannicus meet in the market, where Gannicus mourns for his friend from the brothel who is now crucified for merely whispering about Spartacus' fight for freedom for all. Lucretia tempts Gannicus with a plan to kill Glaber and end this conflict. Ilithyia is packed off to Rome, but not before Lucretia reveals the plan to her. Ilithyia kisses Glaber goodbye. No more than a few hours in her absence Glaber has sex with Seppia, when unfortunate news reaches him: Ilithyia's wagon is viciously attacked on the road to Rome. All that is in the wagon is one of Ashur's henchmen with Gannicus' rudis sticking out of his neck. Glaber has his answer from Gannicus.

Spartacus and the others encounter Glaber.

Episode 208: Balance[]

Summary: Gannicus leads Ilithyia to the rebel camp. Ilithyia, pleading for her life and the life of her unborn child, reveals to Spartacus that the child she carries is not Glaber's, but his own child, conceived the night that Lucretia tricked her into laying with Spartacus. Ilithyia tries to convince Lucius to send word to Capua of her whereabouts, however, Spartacus enlists him in delivering message to Glaber. Mira also attempts to save Spartacus the burden of killing Ilithyia, but is stopped short by Spartacus, who is most displeased. Glaber and Ashur scour the town for clues about where Gannicus has taken Ilithyia, laying waste to every brothel, Ashur collecting goods from every corpse. Lucretia tries to bring to bare with Seppia, but gets nowhere, and turning to Ashur for help she also gets nowhere. But Lucretia notices that among Ashur's horde of jewels and gold is dead Seppius' gold twin snake armlet. About to confront Seppia with the news of Glaber being responsible for her brother's death, they are interrupted by Lucius and his message from Spartacus. The message is that in exchange for a wagon filled with arms and armor, the Rebels will release Ilithyia. After a heated exchange by hero and villain, treachery is revealed and the wagon is filled with Ashur and his mercenary band. Lucius is killed by the Egyptian in the clash. Glaber returns absent Ilithyia. Lucretia finally reveals the depth of Glaber's vengeance and murderous deeds to Seppia. Spartacus releases Ilithyia in the woods.

Episode 209: Monsters[]

Summary: In the second to last episode of this season, Spartacus finds anger, resentment and mistrust in his ranks and must see old wounds healed if the rebels are to stand against the might of Rome. Ilithyia returns home to find Seppia (although unwilling) in the arms of Glaber. From Ilithyia's information on the rebels' location, Ashur pinpoints the site of their temple base, and as reward he is promised freedom after the defeat of Spartacus. Ilithyia and Glaber also have a heart to heart, and Ilithyia finds Glaber not moved from her miraculous survival. However, Lucretia is quite happy and tells Ilithyia of the latest happenings and of Glaber's murder of Seppius,

Spartacus awards his men with wine and the "taste of freedom".

and Ilithyia and Lucretia set young Seppia on a path of vengeance. Rounds of friendly bouts to end current grievances are set up by Spartacus, as old insults and past wrongs are put right in these friendly battles. Ashur reveals to Lucretia that as well as freedom Glaber has given the ludus and his blessing of marriage with Lucretia if Spartacus falls in the upcoming battle. Lucretia is quite dismayed at the loss of her husband's legacy. Varinius returns to Capua (at the secret bidding of Seppia) with directions from the Senate that Glaber is to leave Capua and return to Rome. Varinius is rebuffed by Glaber, and warns of further ruin if Glaber does not obey. Varinius is angered at Seppia's lack of strong evidence of Glaber's wrongdoings and murderous deeds. Lucretia with a final pep talk gets Seppia to make attempt on Glaber's life. At the final moment before Seppia's dagger is thrust home into Glaber, Ilithyia, from behind, grabs Seppia's dagger and stabs Seppia in her heart, and for good measure slits her throat. Glaber and Ilithyia come to a mutual understanding about their marriage, as Ilithyia fuels passion with ambitious talk of power that they both must seek to acquire. The attack on the temple goes forward, Varinius' and Glaber's forces in attendance. Spartacus and Gannicus capture Varinius in the first assault, catching him unaware in the forest. In the temple forecourt, whoever mostly remained of Varinius' frontal assault lay dead, but then death comes from the sky as huge fire projectiles are hurled into the temple. Varinius is killed. Glaber, his men and Ashur storm the temple. Overrun, Spartacus and the rebels use their escape tunnels to leave, but not before Oenomaus is grievously injured in his left eye while fighting the Egyptian mercenary and losses of at least half of the Rebels. Cutting Glaber off from pursuit, the Rebels exit the tunnels only to have their retreat cut off by the rest of Glaber's forces. With no other path that does not lead to certain death, the Rebels take to the steep mountain paths of Mt. Vesuvius. Glaber halts further pursuit and decides to besiege the mountain, forcing the rebels to come out in the open, driven by hunger and thirst.

Episode 210: Wrath of the Gods[]

Summary: Spartacus and most of his followers stand on the mountain paths of Mt. Vesuvius pondering their next move. Some of his followers attempt to ambush several Roman soldiers guarding the mountain, including Ashur and the Egyptian mercenary. The ambush fails but some of the rebels, led by Spartacus, arrive to save their companions and a battle breaks out. Mira is killed by an ax meant for Spartacus. Meanwhile, Lucretia and a pregnant Ilithyia travel to Mt. Vesuvius. Ilithyia has a conversation with Glaber that convinces Glaber Ashur was working with Seppia to kill him, and Glaber asks Ilithyia to murder Lucretia. Glaber bribes Ashur's soldiers to betray Ashur and then forces him to go on a suicide mission to prove himself, confronting Spartacus and his followers alone and bargaining for their surrender. Ashur's offer is declined when he reveals that Spartacus will be killed upon surrender and his followers would once again become slaves. Ashur begins to depart when Crixus suggests that they execute him. Spartacus agrees with this and Naevia convinces Crixus to allow her to fight him. After a protracted duel, Naevia decapitates Ashur. Spartacus comes up with a plan to ambush the Roman encampment. They weave rappelling vines and Spartacus, Agron, Crixus, and Gannicus descend down the mountain behind the Roman guards. At the bottom of their descent they take control of the siege weapons to set fire to the camp and leave the legion in disarray. The rest of the rebels join in the battle, attacking from the side. Meanwhile, Ilithyia is about to push Lucretia from the ludus' balcony when her water breaks. Lucretia, seizing her chance, murders Ilithyia's slaves and cuts the baby from Ilithyia's body. Lucretia commits suicide by jumping off the ludus' cliff with the baby in her hands. Ilithyia, witnessing all this, collapses from her mortal injuries. The battle between Glaber's forces and the rebels rages on and Oenomaus and Gannicus battle the Egyptian gladiator. Oenomaus is fatally wounded and dies in Gannicus arms and Gannicus kills the Egyptian mercenary. Spartacus has a sword fight with Glaber and eventually kills him, but not before Glaber boasts that his death will bring legions of Roman soldiers. The surviving rebels celebrate their victory.