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Season Summary[]

Spartacus, falsely accused of betraying the Roman commander he pledged his allegiance to, is imprisoned and sent to the Amphitheater of Capua to be executed. His wife, Sura, has been sold off to a Syrian in distant lands. However, Spartacus wins the fight in the arena and is bought by Batiatus to train in his Ludus. As time goes on and Spartacus trains and fights battles in the arena, he rises gradually in the ranks of Gladiator until he earns the title Champion of Capua. Despite this, all he wishes is to see his wife again. Once he finds out that Batiatus had his wife killed so that he could keep Spartacus in his Ludus, Spartacus leads a revolt against Batiatus and sets both gladiator and slave alike free from the Ludus. They leave for Rome, to build a slave army and to destroy the Roman Republic.


Episode 101: The Red Serpent[]

Summary: The legend of the gladiator Spartacus begins as he is betrayed by the Roman general Claudius Glaber and sentenced to execution in the Gladiatorial Arena. The Ludus owner, Batiatus, spares his life at the end of the games and recruits him into his Ludus for training as a gladiator.

Episode 102: Sacramentum Gladiatorum[]

Summary: Spartacus must endure the rigorous training inside the Ludus of Batiatus if he is to be reunited with his wife, Sura. In order to be initiated into the Brotherhood of gladiators, however, he must first best the undefeated Champion of Capua: Crixus.

Episode 103: Legends[]

Summary: After completing the new recruit training, Spartacus prepares for his first true fight in the arena. However, sparks between him and Crixus continue to flare up, culminating in the two men facing each other on the sands of the arena before a roaring crowd.

Episode 104: The Thing in the Pit[]

Summary: As a consequence for embarrassing Batiatus in the arena, Spartacus is sentenced to fight in The Pit, an underground fighting arena where opponents fight to the death for wagered coin, but at the cost of a great mental toll on the fighters. Spartacus manages to fight his way through The Pit. After he prevents an attempt on Batiatus' life, he again returns to the Ludus as a gladiator.

Episode 105:Shadow Games[]

Summary: A tournament takes place in Capua, and in the primus will be Crixus and Spartacus against the legendary Theokoles. Only one man, Doctore, has survived against him, and unless the two adversaries can find a common ground and fight together, they may fall against Theokoles like everyone else has.

Episode 106: Delicate Things[]

Summary: Spartacus, the new Champion of Capua, reaps the rewards of his defeat of Theokoles while Crixus struggles to stay alive. Barca receives his "freedom" from Batiatus. When news arrives that Sura will arrive at the Ludus, Spartacus plans their escape.

Episode 107: Great and Unfortunate Things[]

Summary: Spartacus grieves the loss of Sura, and turns his attention towards the games. Meanwhile, Barca's newfound "freedom" has left Pietros to fend for himself and the other gladiators take full advantage of his absence. Varro also receives some shocking news from a visit by his wife.

Episode 108: Mark of the Brotherhood[]

Summary: Spartacus continues his victory in the arena, while Batiatus purchases new slaves at market to be trained as gladiators. One slave, Segovax, stands out and is purchased by Ilithyia. Tensions rise high as Crixus slowly recovers, and Ilithyia presents new deception by manipulating Segovax to do her bidding.

Episode 109: Whore[]

Summary: Licinia meets with Lucretia to arrange an intimate visit with Spartacus. Ilithyia stumbles upon the meeting and seeks her own gladiator to bed with: Crixus, a thought that drives Lucretia mad. Meanwhile, Varro seeks Ashur's help to receive word from his family. Crixus resumes his training, while Ashur, newly relieved of his leg brace, is forbidden by Batiatus to resume his own gladiator training. Ilithyia unknowingly beds Spartacus and loses control when discovered and humiliated by Lucretia and Licinia.

Episode 110: Party Favors[]

Summary: To celebrate his passing into manhood, Numerius requests an exhibition match between Spartacus and Crixus. Batiatus approves the ceremony to happen at his villa, along with a full showing of his gladiators. Ilithyia recovers from her distraught mood and menacingly takes note of Spartacus' friendship with Varro; her deception continues to spiral the Ludus into chaos. During the exhibition, Crixus is preferred for Varro and upon Spartacus' victory in the purely exhibition match, Varro is ordered to be executed by Spartacus.

Episode 111: Old Wounds[]

Summary: Spartacus is haunted by yet another misfortune, and Crixus takes his place in the primus against Pericles. Humiliated by Calavius in his own house, Batiatus seeks his revenge against Calavius and Solonius by protagonizing a kidnapping of the magistrate and framing his rival for the crime. With Calavius dead and Solonius looking toward execution, Batiatus faces no rival impediments to his political ambitions.

Episode 112: Revelations[]

Summary: The shocking truths behind Batiatus are finally revealed. A visit by Glaber elicits his patronage for Batiatus, who is still seeking political office. Spartacus pries the truth about Sura from Aulus, and returns to his former Thracian state of being. Fear of Roman retribution upon his fellow slaves becomes the sole motive preventing Spartacus from seeking revenge on his master.

Episode 113: Kill Them All[]

Summary: Spartacus solicits the other gladiators and slaves to revolt against Batiatus. Roman and slave blood will be shed in the Ludus, but will Crixus and Doctore stand in his way?