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Licinia Vestalin
First appearance S1E08: Mark of the Brotherhood
Last appearance S1E09: Whore
S2E01: Fugitivus (Flashback)
Profession Roman Noble, Vesta Prist
Race Roman
Relationships Marcus Licinius Crassus (Cousin)
Tertulla (Cousin-In-Law)
Tiberius (Nephew, deceased)
Publius (Nephew)
Ilithyia (Friend, deceased)
Aemilia (Friend, deceased)
Caecilia (Friend, deceased)
Lucretia (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Ilithyia)
Actor/Actress Brooke Harman

Licinia is an upper-class Roman, married, with children, cousin to the wealthy Marcus Crassus, and a close friend of Ilithyia.


She has long, wavy blonde hair, is of average height and a petite physique. Wearing clothing and her hair in a manner of status, she uses her riches and status to procure only the finest of comforts and delicacies.


She Is very self-absorbed, loves to gossip and tends to speak without regard to the feelings of others, constantly referring to the ludus as an "awful place" and reminding Lucretia and Ilithyia of their lower status, though she begins to warm up to Lucretia. It is possible she views those in her social circle merely as acquaintances without having any true affection for them.

Despite the fact that she regularly socializes with Ilithyia she appears to hold her, as well as her husband Glaber, in low regard, even willing to go so far as to defend Spartacus's negative comments about Glaber and his conduct in Thrace in front of their friends. However whether she did so to humiliate Ilithyia or because of her growing sexual attraction towards Spartacus remains unclear.

She seeks the pleasure of another man's touch, but fears the repercussions of having it.

Blood and Sand[]

Licinia with the mask of Diana Goddess of the Moon.

Licinia visits Batiatus' Ludus, along with Ilithyia, Aemilia, and Caecilia, at the request of Lucretia. She views Spartacus and, awed by his physique, later defends him when he badmouths Ilithyia. Afterwards, she and the others leave but she does tell Lucretia that she'd like to visit again.

She visits again and decides she wants to lay with Spartacus. She chooses a mask of Diana, the Goddess of the Moon, to wear during the visit and is making the obscure arrangements with Lucretia when Ilithyia makes a surprise visit, the latter of which suspects Licinia's purpose for being there.

When the time of the intimate visit with Spartacus arrives, Lucretia purposely switches Crixus (who was supposed to lay with Ilithyia) with Spartacus, leaving Ilithyia to bed Spartacus. Licinia arrives with Lucretia and discovers the two, remarking what juicy gossip the scandal would be, and begins laughing hysterically.

Ilithyia killing Licinia.

Enraged at Licinia's laughter, Ilithyia leaps from the bed and grabs Licinia by the throat and throws her to the floor, dashing her head against a marble step. Ilithyia bashes Licinia's head numerous times before stepping back, leaving Licinia on the floor of the villa, dead and disfigured beyond recognition. Her body is disposed of to hide Ilithyia's crime and her disappearance left to speculation and gossip.

Glaber & Ilithyia seeing Licinia's hand.

At Numerius' birthday celebration, held not long after the murder occurred, Ilithyia hallucinates, seeing Licinia's corpse lying in the pool of blood. She becomes visually distraught but nobody notices.

Licinia's severed hand is seen later in the series. Batiatus procures it in a box as a "gift" to Claudius Glaber. It is meant as a threat towards Glaber and Ilithyia so that Batiatus can gain a position in politics.

Historical context[]

Historically, Licinia was one of the Vestal Virgins, priestesses who worshipped the goddess Vesta. Like her historical counterpart, she was a cousin of Marcus Crassus, and therefore would have been the daughter of Crassus' paternal uncle, also named Marcus Licinius Crassus, who served as a Praetor in 107 BC. Licinia herself became a Vestal Virgin around 85 BC.The Gens Licinia, who were of Etruscan origins, rose into the Senatorial order of Roman society as Tribunes of the Plebs during the 400's BCE.What is most well known about Licinia is that she was accused of having an incestuous affair with Crassus after an occasion in which she had been closeted alone with him. As a Vestal Virgin, this would have been a huge offence and sacrilege, punishable by being buried alive and left to starve to death.

Licinia refuted the charge however, stating that the man in question was her cousin and that they had been alone only to discuss the purchase or sale of some of her property. Her defence was successful and she was freed from charges. She remained a Vestal Virgin until 61 BC, but it is unknown if she died that very year or merely retired from the service. Vestal Virgins were generally allowed to retire and marry after thirty years of service, so Licinia had probably left the religious order at least 5 years earlier. Possibly, being the cousin of the Triumvir, Licinia would have been well protected from any religious persecution.

This Licinia was the second of three different Licinia's who served as Vestal Virgins, with the previous being executed in 114 BC, and the third being a Chief Vestal Virgin in the 1st Century AD.


  • Licinia is the first close friend of Ilithyia whom the latter caused the death of, the others being Aemilia and Caecilia. She also intended to do the same to Lucretia, but Lucretia was only wounded, albeit seriously.
  • Licinia is mentioned in the Second Series Vengeance and her laugh can be heard when Ilithyia dies, mortally wounded by Lucretia.
  • Licinia is probably named after Licinia in Plutarch's Life of Crassus, whom he had "criminal intercourse" with.
  • Ilithyia bashes Licinia's head on the floor a total of nine times before stepping back.
  • Licinia's cousin Marcus Licinius Crassus plays a major role in the final season.
  • Unlike most Romans, Licinia appeared to see certain slaves (i.e. Spartacus, and thus Gladiators) as being above common men. This would have been a shared sentiment among Roman women towards the Gladiatorial games.
  • Despite Licinia's family playing a main role in War of the Damned, she is never mentioned by Crassus or any other roman. Her disappearance in the first season is also not brought up in the Third Series.
  • Licinia would more realistically be the name of her clan, the Gens Licinia, as she is a confirmed cousin of Marcus Crassus.
  • The Gens Licinia, who were of Etruscan origins, rose into the Senatorial order of Roman society as Tribunes of the Plebs during the 400's BCE.


"She is quite the bitch, if you have not noticed."[1]

"I would lay eyes upon a real gladiator. Bring Spartacus up."

"For what? We've all heard the rumours about you husband."

"Oh, would this not set every tongue in Rome wagging. The wife of Legatus Claudius Glaber, fucking Spartacus--the man that nearly ruined him!" 

she is a Pristes of Vesta and she executed with Marcia and Aemilia wihle she`s make Sex and Prostution


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