First appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Last appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Profession Pit Fighter
Race Roman
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Oenomaus)
Actor/Actress Andrew B. Stehlin
Liberius is a fighter in The Pit

Character OutlineEdit

A fighter in The Pit, LIberius exhibits traits of being both sadistic and battle-hungry, as are most fighters that are condemned to fight in The Pits.


In The Pit, Liberius fought against Oenomaus (who was at the time going by the name 'Addonexus'). When selecting random weapons for the fight, as per The Pit's rules, Liberius drew "Plumbatae" (three weighted darts) while Oenomaus drew "Vinculum" (a length of heavy chain).

The pair proceed to fight, and Liberus soon wounds Oenomaus in the shoulder with one of his darts. However, the former Doctore eventually wrests another dart from his opponent's hands and uses it to stab Liberius to death.

Liberius' plumbatae

Liberius, being handed his plumbatae.

Liberius' death

Oenomaus in The Pit.


  • Liberius is played by Andrew B. Stehlin who also played Rabanus.