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Laquearius vs Hoplomachus

Laquearius is a gladiator style whose primary tactic was to "lasso" their opponent, then close in for the kill. It is possible that they were meant to mirror the Sagartians.

The Laquearius appears late in Roman gladiator history, and it is not entirely clear if they were a fully-fledged fighting class (such as the Retiarius or Hoplomachus, or a paeginaerius style, non-lethal "clown act" between matches.

In the series, however, a modified version of the Laquearius - armed with a ball-and-chain "flail" instead of a lasso - feature in a scant few depicted gladiatorial matches (at the start of the episode Past Transgressions and during the battle royale in the episode The Greater Good).


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Traditionally, a Laquearius was armed as follows:

  • Laqueus: lasso/noose.
  • Poignard (dagger) or Gladius (Roman short sword).
  • It could also have a trident or spear
  • Galerus: Armguard worn over the left shoulder.

In the series, however, the Laquearius' lasso and sword are replaced with:

  • Pila et Vinculum: a long chain with a heavy spiked ball on the end.
  • Pugnum: Small "buckler" shield affixed to the wrist.
  • Poignard or Pugio: Dagger held in the buckler hand.


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Traditional OpponentsEdit

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A fallen Laquearius.

Known LaqueariusEdit

None named.


  • Of all the gladiator styles seen in the series, the laquearius is the only one that Batiatus' Ludus did not own at some point.
    • This also makes the laquearius the least seen and known-about style to viewers.

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