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First appearance S2E01: Fugitivus
S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E10: Victory
Profession Shop Owner
Escaped Slave
Race Numidian
Relationships Spartacus (Leader, deceased)
Crixus (Friend, deceased)
Oenomaus (Friend, deceased)
Litaviccus (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Crucified by Roman Soldiers, on Crassus' orders)
Actor/Actress Kelvin Taylor

Kraynos was a shop owner in Capua and later a Rebel soldier under Spartacus' command.

Character Outline[]

Kraynos was a shop owner in Capua when Spartacus' rebellion began. Falsely accused of supporting Spartacus, he was sent to the mines by Glaber where he was subsequently freed during Spartacus' attack on a cart filled with slaves heading to the mines. Thereafter he became a loyal and dedicated member of Spartacus' army, often seen standing very near to Spartacus during battles. He is tall with a toned build with short curly black hair and with a dark skin tone, suggesting that he is a Numidian from North Africa. On the battlefield he is shown to have become a skilled fighter typically seen fighting with two swords.


Kraynos cheering for Glaber.

He originally supported the Roman position toward Spartacus, as he was seen enthusiastically cheering Glaber when he made a public spectacle in the square of the city about the capture of Aurelia. However, Glaber falsely accused Kraynos of aiding Spartacus and thereafter seized Kraynos' shop, banishing him to the mines.

Kraynos is among those who are freed when Spartacus and Crixus attack a cart heading to the mines in Lucania.

Though he was originally unsure of Spartacus, upon gaining his freedom, Kraynos pledged his full support to Spartacus.

He quickly became a valuable soldier, taking part in the mission to rescue Crixus, Oenomaus, and Rhaskos from the arena in Capua. With the other Rebels, he would set the arena on fire, causing it to collapse and kill many Romans.

When the Rebels' sanctuary is attacked by the forces of Publius Varinius and Glaber, Kraynos takes up arms in its defense, though he and his comrades are eventually beaten back and forced to retreat into the mountains.

While on the mountain, Kraynos would be among those cheering at fighting than being slaves again. He would witness the death of Ashur at the hands of Naevia before aiding in making ropes from the mountain's vines to allow Spartacus, Crixus, Agron and Gannicus to scale down the mountain and flank the Romans.

Led by Oenomaus, Kraynos would join the Rebels in a counter-attack against Glaber. Kraynos fights well and lives to see Spartacus triumph over Glaber. He cheers on his leader after he voices they will see more victories over Rome.

War of the Damned[]

Kraynos remains a steadfast and loyal soldier in the Rebel army in the months following the Rebel defeat of Glaber and Varinius.

He takes part in the seige of Sinuessa en Valle. He slays many Romans, soldiers an innocents alike, before Spartacus announces they have taken the city.

Kraynos amongst other rebels in Sinuessa.

Like many of the Rebels, Kraynos harbours a deep hatred for the Romans. When Crixus spur

Kraynos in War of the Damned.

s the Rebels into a frenzy, Kraynos takes part in the slaughter, and it isn't until Spartacus himself intervenes that the frenzy ends. Kraynos, like many others in the Rebel army, is disgruntled.

Eventually, the forces of Marcus Licinius Crassus invade the city and overwhelm the Rebels. Kraynos fights in the defense with the others, but is then is forced to flee into the cold mountains.

Kraynos survives in the snowy mountains and escapes through Crassus' wall.

Kraynos prepared for battle.

When Spartacus and Crixus eventually decide to take separate paths, Kraynos chooses to go with Crixus. He fights in many battles alongside his comrades, and slays many Romans. Following the defeat of Arrius, Kraynos is caught off guard along with the other Rebels by the arrival or Marcus Licinius Crassus a

Kraynos with Nasir and Agron at Crixus' funeral.

nd his legions. The Rebel army is soundly defeated and Kraynos is among many that are captured.

Kraynos is one of the 500 captured Rebels who are exchanged for Tiberius. He would then attend the funeral of Crixus and stand witness when the rebels begin chanting the names of their fallen. He joins in the chanting when the rebels begin to chant the name of Crixus.

He joins the other Rebel combatants in the final battle against Crassus. When many of the Romans fall into the stake pit and are impaled, Kraynos screams his approval with a mighty battle cry.

Although he survives the final battle, he is captured by the forces of Crassus and is last seen awaiting his turn for crucifixion at the foot of Kore's cross along with Litaviccus.

Kraynos awaiting his turn to be crucified.


  • Kraynos is a rarity among the rebels in that he is usually seen fighting with two swords, perhaps indicating that he received training at some point from a gladiator with expertise in the style of Dimachaerus.
  • Kraynos is portrayed by American actor Kelvin Taylor, who is also a model and a skilled breakdancer.
  • While his story is never told in the show, the actor explained that he was given a background story for his role.
  • Kraynos may have been a Peregrinus, or resident foreigner in Italy before his enslavement by the Roman authorities. If he was a Roman citizen, he could have otherwise appealed to Rome against being sent to the mines. And as a magistrate holding the office of Praetor Peregrini, Glaber would have had the legal authority in overseeing court cases involving resident foreigners.
  • The Numidians' contact with the Carthaginians had influenced urban and commercial development of a formerly nomadic people. Kraynos was perhaps an immigrant merchant from one of the major Numidian cities, such as Cirta (modern Contantine, Algeria) or Thugga (modern Teboursouk, Tunisia).