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First appearance S1E02: Sacramentum Gladiatorum
Last appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Profession Gladiator (House of Batiatus)
Race Roman
Relationships Hamilcar (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Ixion)
Actor/Actress Karlos Drinkwater

Kerza is a gladiator in Batiatus' Ludus, having arrived at the same time as Spartacus. He proved useless in the arena, which led to him being sent to The Pit.


Kerza is a bald and slightly plump man, not of the same stature and muscular build as the other gladiators but he shows strength despite this. He bears the word Fugitivus stamped onto his forehead, which labels him as a runaway slave. This is probably how he ended up being taken to the gladiators.


Kerza is hot-headed and overconfident, often boasting about his own skills which was shown when he was going to the pits but this overconfidence led to his death. He holds disdain for Spartacus due to his disregard for the arena and his traditions. Kerza, himself is intellegent showing to have knowledge on many arena events and gladiators, including knowledge surrounding The Pit.

Blood and Sand[]

Kerza arrives in the same group of trainees as Spartacus and Varro. Like the other gladiators, he dislikes Spartacus' lack of respect and knowledge for gladiators and the arena in general. He is the first to speak about Theokoles and his prowess and scolds Spartacus for his mockey of the legends story.

When Spartacus is taken aside to be dealt with by Glaber, Kerza is taught fighting moves that Doctore has Kerza perform on Spartacus, who after, in a blind rage after being taunted and mocked by Glaber, attacks and beats Kerza to the point where his face is bloodied and bruised.

Kerza watches as Spartacus is to take the "final test" and is happy to see Spartacus is facing Crixus

Kerza's death.

 as he, and everyone else, believes Crixus will kill Spartacus. Just as well, he is surprised when Spartacus manages to pass the test. Kerza then goes on to take his own test.

He is proficient in fighting, earning the mark of the brotherhood, but not skilled enough to fight in the arena. Therefore, Batiatus sends him to The Pit. Kerza does not survive the first fight, a match against Ixion, and his face is carved off and later worn as a battle trophy by the man who claimed his life.


  • Karlos Drinkwater, the actor who played Kerza is 165cm tall.
  • Kerza is a Thracian name that means "black".
  • Kerza draws caestus in the fight against Ixion, putting him in a severe disadvantage against Ixion's hammer.
  • Since Kerza is never seen fighting professionally in the arena, we will never learn what gladiator style he favored (though his focus in training on the gladius suggest possibly Murmillo, Samnite or Thraex).
  • The word on his forehead should be 'Profugus', spelled 'Profvgvs'.
  • Convicts and slaves condemned to the ludus were referred to in Latin as Damnati ad Ludos.


Doctore: "What lies beneath your feet?"
Kerza: "Sand."[1]

"I'm not dying in the pits. Show these fucking cunts my cock was forged in Vulcans flames, I will fuck them all!"


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