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First appearance S1E07: Great and Unfortunate Things
Last appearance S1E07: Great and Unfortunate Things
Profession None
Race Roman
Relationships Varro (Father, deceased)
Aurelia (Mother, deceased)
Unnamed Uncle
Status Unknown (presumed active)
Actor/Actress Marlow Robinson

Janus is the son of Varro and Aurelia. After the death of his parents, he is taken into the care of his uncle.

Character Outline[]

Janus is a young toddler, resembling much like his father. He has curly blond hair, and is of average size for his age.


Sometime following the marriage of Varro and Aurelia, Aurelia became pregnant and gave birth to their son whom they named Janus.

Blood and Sand[]

Janus with his mother and father.

Aurelia arrives to the ludus to visit Varro, bringing Janus along with her. Varro is happy to see the two of them, commenting on how Janus has grown. When tensions rise between Varro and Aurelia, Janus sits quietly and his presence keeps Varro from being too enraged. After Varro storms off, Janus and his mother take leave of the Ludus.

After Aurelia is attacked once more by the man who had raped her, she and Janus fleed to the mountains outside Capua to take shelter with Aurelia's brother and his family.

Following Varro's death, Aurelia gives servitude to the House of Batiatus in order to pay off Varro's remaining debt. Janus remains in the care of his uncle from this point on.


While not seen, Janus is missed deeply by his mother. Aurelia believes Janus may not remember her face but Spartacus consoles her that he will. Seeing Aurelia's despair, Spartacus gives her all the coin he had managed to take from the fallen Romans in order to send her to Janus and see both of them live free outside of the Republic. This plan, however, ends up failing as Gaius Claudius Glaber's soldiers intercept her and a group of glaidators escorting her and all are slain. Aurelia is saved, however, though her final words are for Spartacus to never make contact with Janus, so that he may live.

Janus remains in the care of his uncle and is presumably raised by him.


  • Janus is also the name of the Roman god of doorways and new beginnings. As Janus is eventually delivered safely to Aurelia's relatives, it is implied that Janus will grow up as a free man thus concluding Varro's story in a tragic but somewhat victorious fashion.