Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Last appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Profession Pit Fighter
Race Greek
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Campbell Cooley (voice)
Raicho Vasilev (stunt man)

Ixion is a ferocious fighter in The Pit.


Ixion is one of several 'shamed' gladiators who belong to the "pits of the underworld". He is a big, savage gladiator, known for cutting off his opponent's face and using it as a mask.


He loves the violence that occurs in The Pit, and is a favorite among the sanguinary crowd. He is extremely sadistic, showing no respect or remorse to his victims as he mutilates their bodies and cuts off their faces.

Blood and Sand[]

After Spartacus' loss to Crixus, Batiatus sent him, along with Kerza, to the The Pit in order to make some money with them, as they have lost the crowd's favor and are no longer worthy of fighting in the arena.

The first to fight Ixion is Kerza. Ixion kills him by hitting him with a sledgehammer several times in the head, before cutting off his face.

Later, Ixion who is now wearing Kerza's face as a mask, is scheduled to fight Spartacus, who already gained some wins in The Pit. Spartacus faces Ixion but starts letting himself lose, after making a deal with Batiatus. If he loses, Batiatus, who had Ashur place all of his bets against Spartacus, will find and rescue Sura. In the middle of the fight, Spartacus spots an attempt on Batiatus life, knowing this will mean he dies for nothing, as Sura will not be saved, Spartacus kills Ixion in desperation by cutting his throat with an axe. He then throws the axe directly into the assassin's back, killing the man.


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