Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S1E01: The Red Serpent
Last appearance S1E13: Kill Them All
Profession Soldier
Race Roman
Relationships Gaius Claudius Glaber (Legatus, deceased)
Linus (Comrade, deceased)
Vesper (Comrade)
Status Deceased (Killed by Oenomaus)
Actor/Actress Josh Randall

Iovis is a Roman soldier serving under Claudius Glaber.

Character Outline[]

Iovis is the tallest of all the soldiers accompanying Glaber. Iovis is a soldier in both body and personality, existing only to execute the orders of his commander. He appears to be Glaber's best man, as he held his own against many gladiators but he was an inferior fighter against Spartacus.

Blood and Sand[]

Iovis is killed (left).

Iovis was part of the group of Glaber's soldiers who chased Spartacus after he deserted and is first seen separating him from Sura.

Iovis is the first soldier snet by Glaber to fight Spartacus but is easily defeated by the Gladiator.

When Glaber grants Batiatus patronage Iovis is left in the villa to guard against "further embarrassment". Along the rest of the soldiers who are present at the ludus, he mistreats and beats the gladiators and slaves.

After Spartacus kills Sextus and the revolt begins, Iovis is seen standing in the square. He, along with the rest of the soldiers, engage the gladiators in battle. Easily slashing through a few of the gladiators, Iovis finally meets his end as he prepares to strike down Crixus from the back, forcing Oenomaus to throw his sword at him, killing him instantly.


  • Josh Randall, the actor who played Iovis is 193cm(6'4") tall.
    • Josh Randall, returns for several more episodes as background characters. He is also credited under the 'stunts' section of the credits and is an active member of the stunt team. Siaosi Fonua (Hamilcar) is the only other actor to have done this.
    • The actor who plays Iovis is a professional 'cage fighter', according to the official DVD commentaries.
  • Iovis personally kills at least two gladiators during the revolt.
  • The Latin term for soldier is Miles.
  • Although wearing Roman soldier armor, he, as well as the other soldiers in the villa, are referred to as "mercenaries" by Oenomaus.
    • Possibly as many post-Marian Reform Roman soldiers, having spent over a decade in the legions, often didn't have livelihood to return to, would become the social clients of their former commander, and work for him in the capacity of private security. Other soldiers who had completed their term of service, though, would re-enlist and become 'Evocati'.
  • Iovis was another name for the Roman diety, Iuppiter (Jupiter).
  • Iovis is killed by Oenomaus when he throws a sword at him. Ironically, he taught Spartacus that throwing his sword in the arena is equal to death.