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Ilithyia's Body Slaves
First appearance S2E01: Fugitivus
Last appearance S2E07: Sacramentum (Thessela)
S2E10: Wrath of the Gods (Amana and Unnamed Slaved)
Profession Body Slave's
Race Unknown
Relationships Ilithyia (Domina)
Status Amana (Killed by Lucretia)
Thessela (Crucified by Roman Soldiers, on the orders of Glaber)
Unnamed Slave (Killed by Lucretia)
Actor/Actress Thessela - Sarah Holder
Unnamed Body Slave - Unknown
Amana - Nicola Simpson

Two slaves that tend to and follow Ilithyia almost wherever she goes.

Character Outline[]

The only two of Ilithyia's slaves that are named: Thessela and Amana.

Thessela (she is on the right, in the picture at right) is a constant in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as Ilithyia's only body slave. She returns in Vengeance, as one of 2 Ilithyia's body slaves and continues to serve her faithfully until she is crucified by Claudius Glaber in Sacramentum, for no reason other than to inflict more pain on his wife. Before being nailed to the wooden cross, Thessela looks to her Domina for help (as they both know she is innocent of the crimes Glaber brings against her), but out of fear of her husband, she offers none.

Thessela nailed to a wooden cross.

Thessela is later replaced with another slave called Amana.

Amana (at left of the picture) is added to Thessela in Vengeance. She is a constant in season 2 (appearing in all 10 episodes) until she is stabbed several times in the neck in Wrath of the Gods, trying to prevent Lucretia from killing Ilithyia, who had gone into labor. Another unnamed slave is also killed by Lucretia (we hear her scream and Lucretia appears holding a knife, covered in blood) in the same episode.

The actresses playing Ilithyia's body slaves are professional models; this may have been a casting decision by the producers to show the difference in quality of slaves between an upper class Roman woman like Ilithyia and a middle class Roman like Lucretia.