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First appearance Comic S1E01: The Red Serpent
Last appearance S1E01: The Red Serpent
Profession Gladiator (House of Solonius)
Race German
Relationships Marcus Decius Solonius (Dominus, deceased)
Arkadios (Comrade gladiator, deceased)
Sebillus (Comrade gladiator, deceased)
Kornatius (Comrade gladiator, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Unknow

Horolus was one of the gladiators owned by Solonius who were fighting Spartacus, with the style of Secutor.

Horolus is shown by Solonius at the House of Batiatus

Horolus is presented by his lanista as the eater of fire, when Solonius offers six of his men for the Albinus' games.

Horolus appears with Sebillus and Kornatius, joining Arkadios in the arena for killing Spartacus. Horolus wears and axe, fighting as a secutor. Horolus hurts Spartacus several times, almost knocking him off when he hits his head with the axe. But later, Spartacus rages on and defeats all the gladiators. Horolus tries to attack him, trying to avenge his comrades and later is killed by Spartacus, who cuts his belly and stabs him through the head with a sword.

Horolus is killed by Spartacus