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First appearance S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Profession Gladiator
Race Greek
Relationships Marcus Licinius Crassus (Dominus)
Status Deceased (Killed by Crassus)
Actor/Actress Richard Norton

Hilarus is a slave purchased by Marcus Licinius Crassus. Hilarus was purchased by Marcus to help train him for the fight with Spartacus. Despite Hilarus being a slave, both he and Crassus have a great respect for each other.


Hilarus appears to be middle aged. He has long dark hair and a clean shaven face and a muscular build. He carries several scars from his years in the Arena.


Hilarus gets caught in the moment when he fights, taking advantage of openings without thinking. Knowing this, he tries to hold back when sparing with his master, fearing to offend or seriously wound him. He is loyal to Crassus, but still fears punishment whenever he attacks, injures him, or others. Nonetheless, Hilarus has a strong sense of honor.

For his champion-level fighting prowess, dauntless skill with a sword, and grueling years dedicated to the arena, Hilarus is both respected and valued by his master Crassus, a relationship that isn't prevalent within the master-slave society at the time.

Combat Prowess[]

Hilarus was a Gladiator and champion in the arena for many years, and is skilled with a sword and shield. Hilarus was brought to serve as a trainer for Crassus, who believes that a man’s rank doesn’t show true skill, and that the best way to defeat Spartacus is to fight like him.

War of the Damned[]

Crassus spends a lot of his free time sparring with Hilarus, who enjoys training him. He always stops the fight and

Hilarus training with Crassus.

apologizes when he draws blood. While Crassus respects the former gladiator, and treats him as an equal, his son, Tiberius, sees him as nothing more than a simple Slave. The first time Tiberius suggest this, his father becomes angry with him, and tells his son that if it’s true that Romans are truly better at everything in every way then he should be able to face Hilarus with no trouble. Hilarus proves to have little trouble facing him, and stops the fight as soon as he draws blood. Before leaving to reinforce Cossinius and Furius, Crassus fights with Hilarus, hoping to hone his skills more before having to use them. He becomes angry with Hilarus for holding back, and tells him to fight him as he would an

Crassus and Hilarus fighting.

opponent in the arena. Hilarus becomes afraid when hearing this, stating that to follow this command would mean certain death, either he would be killed during the fight, or would be killed as punishment for killing his Dominus. Crassus informs him that, if he should beat and kill him, that he will be freed and given ten thousanddenarii. With that, Hilarus agrees and attacks with his full effort. Hilarus shows his true skills as a gladiator and is able to land several blows on Crassus, and almost kills him several times. In the end, he disarms Crassus and prepares to land a killing blow when Crassus grabs the blade with his bare hands and takes it from him, then rams it in his stomach.

Hilarus dying in Crassus's arms.

As he is dying, he tells Crassus he is proud of how skilled he has become. Crassus tells him that his teachings will be of great use and he is thankful for them. He then tells Hilarus that he will use the ten thousand denarii he would have been given to build a memorial in his name, so everybody will know his skills as a gladiator, an honor Hilarus says he is happy to have.


  • "You ask me to kill you?

-to Crassus[1]



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