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First appearance S1E09: Whore
Last appearance S1E12: Revelations
Profession Ludus Guard (Mercenary)
Race Roman
Relationships Quintus Lentulus Batiatus (Employer, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Roman Soldiers, on Batiatus' Orders)
Actor/Actress Tim Foley

Hector is a Roman mercenary employed as a guard at Batiatus' Ludus.


Hector is a Roman of average build with short brown hair. He sports the regular armor that is worn by the rest of guards in the ludus, though he does not wear a helmet. A confrontation with Spartacus leaves his face scarred with crossed lines from it being pressed against a torch holder.


Hector works under Batiatus' orders. He is known for his lecherous nature amongst the female slaves. When he loses his key to the villa to Naevia's hand, he is afraid to admit his loss, instead pestering both Naevia and Mira.

Blood and Sand[]

Hector is one of the guards with a key to the gates separating the ludus from the villa. Naevia manages to steal it off him by flirting with him and distracting him. He cannot report the theft to Batiatus out of fear of being discharged.

When he threatens Mira in one of the hallways and is discovered by Spartacus, he attacks Spartacus, a battle which Spartacus wins, leading to his facial scarring. Hector tells an enraged Batiatus that it was only a minor item that was stolen from him and is reprimanded for his actions. Hector then holds a personal grudge for the champion.

When Spartacus is hesitant and refusing to kill Varro, as ordered, Hector is one of the many guards prepared to execute the both of them. He shows great delight in this and later mocks Varro's death to Spartacus, telling the champion that he should've tried to resist because it would've given Hector a chance to kill him.

Batiatus displays Hector's head.

He continues to be suspicious of both Naevia and Mira but finds nothing. The theft is eventually discovered when Naevia tells Lucretia of her and Crixus' relationship before she is removed from the villa, and how they meet at night. Batiatus, furious with the guard, decapitates him and presents his head to the gladiators as a sign of warning.


  • Tim Foley, the actor who plays Hector is 186cm tall.
  • Hector is one of few guards who socialize with the slaves and gladiators, as seen with his relationship with Naevia, Mira and Spartacus.
  • The Latin term for guardsmen is Custos (singular) or Custodes (plural).
  • The Latin term for mercenary was Mercennarius.
  • Hector is a Greek name, so its possible he came from one of many Greek cities in Italy such as Neapolis (Naples, Campania), Tarentum (Taranto, Apulia), Crotone (Crotone, Calabria), or Rhegium (Reggio di Calabria).
  • It is possible that Hector may not have been a Roman citizen, as Batiatus had him summarily executed for failing in his duties. In Roman society, the death penalty was only mandated for Roman citizens if the crime was treason, and even then, they would have a right to trial. But Batiatus flaunted the fact before many of others, including Ilithyia and Glaber's troops, when he presented Hector's severed head.


"Spartacus! You are summoned!"[1]


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