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Great and Unfortunate Things
Season 1
Number Episode 07
Date Aired March 5, 2010
Writer Steven S. DeKnight & Brent Fletcher
Director Jesse Warn
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"Great and Unfortunate Things" is the seventh episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It is the seventh episode in the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Overcome by the pressure of Batiatus' control, Spartacus must make a choice: Leave his past behind and assume the mantle of a champion gladiator, or die.


The episode opens up to a flashback of Spartacus and Sura making love to one another for the first time. After they finish, Sura explains that she now must leave, however Spartacus insists that she stay with him. Sura reveals to Spartacus that she is a prophetess and that the gods led her to his bedside. They also showed her the man that he could one day become, set upon the right path. Before she leaves, she tells Spartacus that he will never love another woman.

In the present,

Sura's funeral pyre.

Spartacus carries his wife's body and lays it to rest on a funeral pyre, in attendance of Batiatus and many of the other gladiators. Her body is cremated. After the funeral, Spartacus is distraught over the death of his wife. Batiatus comforts him, telling him to look ahead towards his future as a gladiator, and not to worry over the past.

Later that night, Batiatus pays Aulus for murdering Sura. After he leaves, Lucretia asks Batiatus why he paid so much money to have Sura travel to their doorstep only to be killed, instead of simply lying to Spartacus, telling him his wife had died. Batiatus replies that Spartacus would only believe the news if he sees her die with his own eyes. He goes on to tell her that now, with Sura removed from Spartacus' thoughts, he will shape him into becoming a legendary gladiator.

In the infirmary, Oenomaus checks on the condition of the badly injured Crixus. After he leaves, Pietros approaches him. He asks Oenomaus what he should do with the birds left in Barca's cell, saying that Barca intended to release them once he had gained both of their freedom. Pietros adds that Ashur helped negotiate the sum of Barca's release, which makes Oenomaus skeptical. Back at Barca's cell, Pietros tends to the birds, but is interrupted by Gnaeus, who begins to rape him. Meanwhile, Spartacus struggles with the death of his wife, expressing thoughts of suicide. Varro comforts him by telling him that he did nothing wrong, and that killing himself would be "unwise".

The next day, Naevia and the Medicus update Batiatus and Lucretia on Crixus' condition. Crixus, now able to speak, desires to fight again. However, Batiatus tells him to worry about nothing but his recovery. On the training grounds, Spartacus continues to wrestle with the sorrow of losing his wife. As Pietros approaches him and hands him his training swords, he notices that Pietros has acquired a black eye, much to his concern. Oenomaus then asks Pietros to get him a sword and shield as he then tells Spartacus they will train together. During their ensuing combat, Oenomaus still holds significant skill over Spartacus and tells him that the only reason Batiatus doesn't know about Spartacus' plans to escape is because he defeated Theokoles. Spartacus, however, no longer with purpose in life, tells Oenomaus to tell Batiatus to see his life ended. Oenomaus then tells Spartacus that should he seek escape once more, that he'd have to kill him.

Crixus wounds after Theokoles game.

A couple of days pass, and the doors to Batiatus' villa open to reveal a guest: Mercato. He comes to question Batiatus on the six men he had acquired for the upcoming gladiatorial games, in honor of his grandfather, Marcus Minucius Rufus. Mercato hoped to have Crixus play the part of Rufus, however Batiatus says that Crixus cannot due to his injuries, but he will allow Spartacus to play the part. Back at the ludus, Spartacus and Varro witness the aggressive n

Aurelia visiting Varro at the ludus.

ature of Gnaeus, over Pietros, escalate. That same day, Ashur approaches Varro and Spartacus and tells them of his task. Varro tells Spartacus that he sent word for his wife, Aurelia, while asking if he had a letter. Ashur says that she didn't give him one but she has comes to the ludus to visit him. Ashur shows Aurelia did come while bringing along with her their son, Janus. Overjoyed, he approaches them and the three have an emotional reunion, although it is quickly shattered after she informs him that she has been raped and impregnated by his friend, Titus, but Varro sees it as a betrayal. Back in the infirmary, Naevia tends to Crixus' wounds and the two share a brief moment of romance, before being interrupted by Oenomaus. Oenomaus tells Crixus that Barca has purchased his freedom, which is why he has not come to visit him in the infirmary. However, Oenomaus adds that Barca left Pietros in captivity. They both agree that this is not something Barca would do. Naevia enters the conversation to tell Oenomaus that she was there when Barca "left", which raises his suspicion further, having been told earlier by Pietros that only Ashur and Batiatus were present to see Barca leave. In the ludus, Spartacus notices that Pietros now has two black eyes. Spartacus insists that he will tell Batiatus of this, however, Pietros exclaims that doing so would change nothing, as Barca would still be gone. Up in the villa, Lucretia and Ilithyia discuss Lucretia's visit to the priestess. The conversation shifts to Ilithyia guessing the identity of Lucretia's second lover, whom she guesses is a gladiator. Elsewhere, the gladiators are having their meals. Spartacus and Varro notice that Pietros' birds have escaped their cages, much to Spartacus' concern. Upon investigating Pietros' cell, they find that he has hung himself. In a fit of rage, Spartacus goes to the

Gnaeus falls to his death by Spartacus.

training grounds and attacks Gnaeus, only to be halted by Oenomaus. Nonetheless, Spartacus throws Gnaeus over the cliff, killing him. This act puts Spartacus in chains and exposes to Batiatus' rage. Later that night, Oenomaus interrogates Naevia for more information on Barca's "departure". Naevia deflects his questions, saying that answering them will put her in harm's way. Oenomaus moves on to question Ashur. He asks him why Barca did not take Pietros with him. Ashur answers, saying that Barca did not have enough coin to free the both of them, and admitting that he became a bit emotional watching Barca leave. Oenomaus asks him who else was in attendance the night Barca left, to which Ashur says that only he and Batiatus were there. Oenomaus now presses Ashur with the fact that Naevia made no mention of Ashur's presence during Barca's departure, and that if he learns the truth of what really happened, they will "have words".

Spartacus fighting at Mercato's games.

On the day of the games, Spartacus still suffers from grief and sorrow. However, he tells Batiatus that he is handing himself over to Sura's beliefs, placing himself in the hands of the gods, and accepting his fate as a gladiator. Spartacus adds that he has a condition for Batiatus in the upcoming match: to fight in his match alone. At first deciding against it, Batiatus agrees to Spartacus' conditions, with a condition of his own: to cast away his past self and to embrace his fate as "Spartacus, the Champion of Capua".


With the games now in attendance, Spartacus enters the sands to face the 6-man team of opponents. Before the match begins, Spartacus closes his eyes and meditates. Seizing this advantage, one of the "Thracian" warriors throws a spear at Spartacus, scraping his cheekbone. Spartacus, now convinced that his time has not yet come, engages the warriors. He briefly fights on equal terms with the six warriors, before quickly struggling with the number disadvantage of the match, taking blows to the face and stomach. On the verge of defeat, Spartacus hears the voice of Sura in his head.

She instills in him a reason to live, saying that the gods will set him on the proper path. Spartacus, now with a renewed sense of hope, overwhelms all six of his opponents, slaying five, one after another in a rage, and fatally injuring the sixth one. As Spartacus looks into the eyes of the last fallen warrior, he sees his past self in the man. This takes him by surprise, nonetheless, Spartacus proceeds to deal the final blow, symbolically finishing off his "past self" as well. As the crowd cheers his name, Spartacus revels in his glory, and finally accepts his fate as a gladiator.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Spartacus (flashback)
  2. Sura (flashback)
  3. Spartacus (real)
  4. Sura (real)
  5. Varro
  6. Hamilcar
  7. Oenomaus
  8. Ashur
  9. Batiatus
  10. Lucretia
  11. Naevia
  12. Gnaeus
  13. Pietros
  14. Aulus
  15. Crixus
  16. Medicus
  17. Santos
  18. Rhaskos
  19. Mercato
  20. Aurelia
  21. Janus
  22. Ilithyia


  • The final shot of the series finale credit sequence showcases Andy Whitfield's performace of Spartacus in this episode, particularly the "I am Spartacus!" scene closing out the show.
  • Almost one year is passed since The Red Serpent.
  • In this episode, we discover that Sura was killed by Aulus on Batiatus's orders. Spartacus will discover it in Old Wounds.



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