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Agron and his fellow Germans.

The Germans are an ethnic group native to Central Europe.

In history[]

The Romans stereotyped Germanic people as being tall, pale, blond, blue-eyed, and broad-shouldered. However, genetic research of archaeological remains of Germanic people from that time period show this is false: ancient Germans had a wide variety of phenotypes, as is shown in the show. While there was a relatively higher incidence of people with lighter-colored hair and eyes and stronger builds, they did not represent the whole population. Some looked like Donar, Saxa, Nemetes, and Gaia's body slave, with blond or light hair and light eyes; some had dark hair and eyes like Duro, Harudes, Totus, and Sedullus; and some had different combinations of traits, like Agron and Lugo.

In The Show[]

In the show, the Germans are portrayed as being physically imposing, proud, fierce, violent, and aggressive warriors, but also do not trust people in general, including their own kind, despite this, most Germans have a sense of honor, and loyalty, only trust those who have proven themselves trustworthy to them, they are also calm, and level-headed.

The language they speak in the show is a heavily accented version of modern-day German, but quite often even native speakers have trouble understanding the words spoken. The subtitles often do not literally translate the actual words and phrases being spoken. Historically, they would have spoken Proto-Germanic. However, this language is mostly lost because no written record exists beyond religious runes, and modern reconstructions are limited.

Notable Germans[]