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Gaius Verres
First appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Last appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Profession Magistrate
Race Roman
Relationships Timarchides (Comrade)
Marcus Pelorus (Hospes, deceased)
Status Unknown

Gaius Verres is a Roman Magistrate who has recently been appointed as the Governor of Sicily.

Character Outline[]

Gaius Verres is from Neapolis, but is appointed as Governor of Sicilia, with financial help from Marcus Pelorus, his hospes. He is described as being thin and handsome, with carefully tousled hair.

Swords and Ashes[]

Gaius Verres inadvertently set the Getae witch, Medea, free. This sets off a chain of events ending in the death of his friend Marcus Pelorus. Gaius sought to establish Timarchides as the heir to Pelorus' estate, despite Quintus Lentulus Batiatus' rightful claim. He killed (or attempted to kill) all who stood in his way.


  • Gaius Verres was the Roman Proconsul (governor) of the province of Sicilia (Sicily) at the time of the Third Servile War. Verres was allegedly complicit with both the slave rebellion of Spartacus and the crews of Cilician pirates operating in the western Mediterranean.

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