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First appearance S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Profession Tribune
Race Roman
Relationships Cossinius (Praetor, deceased)
Mummius (Soldier, deceased)
Metellus (Ally)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Jared Turner

Furius is the military tribune of Praetor Cossinius and is second-in-command of the forces sent to kill Spartacus and his slave uprising.


Furius has short black hair that he keeps slicked back and light stubble. He has a strong jaw line and a light scar on his left cheek.


Furius believes himself better than non-Romans. Despite being a soldier and officer, he shows cowardly traits, wanting to flee whenever a battle isn't in his favor.

War of the Damned[]

At the start of War of the Damned, Cossinius and Furius are in charge of taking down Spartacus. He is first seen when Spartacus breaks through the Roman line and begins to kill their forces. As soon as the battle gets those close to them, he and Cossinius sound the retreat and leave.

Furius and some Romans about to be attacked by Spartacus.

After the battle, he and Cossinius agree that they need help to kill Spartacus, but are unable to get help from the Senate because of other wars that are draining resources. They both decide to ask Marcus Crassus for help in return of giving him a command.

The message from Crassus telling them that he is sending ten thousand troops is intercepted. Spartacus decides that the best way to keep this from

Spartacus Killing Cossinius and Furius.

becoming a problem is to kill Cossinius and Furius before they get the reinforcement's. Spartacus, Crixus and Gannicus sneak into the villa that Cossinius and Furius are staying in. When they attack, Furius makes it clear that he wants to leave the villa before Spartacus can kill them, but is denied by Cossinius, who refuses to run away from Spartacus again.

They end up cornered in a room and are quickly disarmed by Spartacus. Cossinius attempts to strike surrender terms, but Spartacus refuses and beheads them both. Their heads are then placed where the Roman troops can see them, in order to instill fear.

Historical Context[]

Historically, he and Cossinius were sent to crush Spartacus under Publius Varinius. The expedition was split up Cossinius and Furius were beaten in a Villa and Varinius was captured. He served as a Legatus under Praetor Varinius


  • Jared Turner, the actor who plays Furius is 175cm (5'9") tall.
  • Jared Turner, the actor who plays Furius, is also a skilled bass guitar player
  • Furius would have belonged to the Gens Furia, an ancient Patrician lineage whose origins lay in the neighbouring Latin town of Tusculum near Rome. The first member of the Gens to become Consul was a certain Sextus Furius Medullinus in 488 BCE.


  • "See reason, we will return with more men and see Spartacus to his faith.

-to Cossinius[1]



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