Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S2E06: Chosen Path
Last appearance S2E10: Wrath of the Gods
Profession Assassin
Race Greek
Relationships Glaber (Employer, deceased)
Ashur (Leader, deceased)
Abrax (Ally, deceased)
The Egyptian (Ally, deceased)
Danus (Ally, deceased)
Nileus (Ally, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress James Michalopoulos

Fimbria is one of Ashur's Group of mercenaries and a minor antagonist throughout Vengeance.


Fimbria is a bald man of bulky build, with several tattoos on his right arm.

Combat Prowess[]

Fimbria fights with a single but deadly sickle, and favors using elbow strikes to subdue his opponents before finishing them with his weapon. He is shown to be a very skilled fighter, elbowing Agron in his face, although the German still manages to push him back, at the wagon exchange and presenting challenge to even Gannicus (albeit with aid of Danus).

Fimbria's weapon.


Fimbria is first shown with Ashur and the rest of his group in liberating The Egyptian from the Capuan Prison. The mercenary is later shown at the slaughter of Seppius's house, seen killing a man with his sickle and then disarming a guard of his sword and besting him in hand to hand combat with ease.

He is next seen crucifying Ilithyia's body slaves, nailing the feet of the girl to the cross. Later in the Capuan brothel, Fimbria and the rest of the mercenaries prepare to question people of Gannicus's location, and is then shown in Ashur's flashback of the torture when he gruesomely snaps a man's arm.

As Glaber plans to ambush Spartacus, Fimbria waits with the group inside a wagon, meant for an exchange of weaponry, before they reveal themselves and attack the rebels. He is shown presenting a match for Agron by parrying his attacks, in a skilled combination of sickle and hand to hand combat as he elbowes him in the face. Agron eventually still manages to defeat him and push him away (as you can see in the background), but he doesn't kill Fimbria. The mercenary then pairs with Danus and starts fighting Gannicus. Fimbria kicks the former champion back away, but has to take cover from Mira's arrow fire and retreats behind the wagon with his allies.

Fimbria is seen briefly in the taking of the temple, quickly attacking Crixus and Spartacus before they manage to escape and preventing the Roman's follow with fire. The next day, when Glaber and Ashur come to a standoff over a misunderstanding, Fimbria and the group springs up to aid Ashur in confroting the praetor and his Roman soldiers. However, when Glaber offers the group 1000 denarii each, as well as The Egyptian, accepting the terms, he quickly changes his side with the rest of the group. He is shown briefly in the fight in the forest and is seen retreating after Glaber orders everyone to fall back. With the rest of Ashur's group killed off (although Nileus' fate isn't shown), Fimbria remains the sole survivor as he falls back within the temple. When Spartacus is cutting his way through Roman soldiers, getting closer to Glaber, Fimbria jumps down the temple steps and confronts Spartacus. He swiftly dodges two swings by Spartacus before catching his arm and elbowing him in the side but Spartacus quickly recovers and spins around, cutting Fimbria's throat and killing him.


  • Fimbria is played by stuntman James Michalopoulos.
  • Fimbria and Glaber are the only people to land blows on Spartacus during the final battle; coincidentally, both were strikes from behind.
  • Fimbria survived the longest of the four mercenaries.
  • A mercenary in Latin was Mercennarius, meaning "hireling".
  • The Latin term for an assassin would be Sicarius, which literally means "dagger man". The ancient Greek term would be Dolophonos or "strategic killer".
  • The name Fimbria is a Latin word for "fringe".