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First appearance S2E03: The Greater Good
Last appearance S2E03: The Greater Good
Profession Slaver
Race Roman
Relationships Ferox Slaver (Employee, deceased) The Procurator (Customer, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Agron)
Actor/Actress Karlos Wrennal

Ferox is a traveling slaver who supplies slaves to - among other places - the mines

Character Outline[]

A Slaver, Ferox is a dirty man with dark brown hair and beard. Adorned in a set of armor, it could be assumed he has fighting experience as well.


Ferox was bringing a cart full of slaves to the mines when they were ambushed by Spartacus's men.

Agron and Nasir interrogate Ferox regarding Naevia's whereabouts. He offers the information they seek in return for sparing his life, revealing Naevia was taken to the mines. Agron then kills him to cover up the truth from Crixus, who he believes will lead a suicidal assault on the Mines.


  • Ferox is Latin for "fierce".
  • In Latin, a dealer in slaves was called a Mercatorium Mancipium.


  • "The girl...Naevia...her fate...known to me...spare horse and my life"

-to Agron and Nasir.[1]



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