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Enemies of Rome
Season 3
Number Episode 01
Date Aired January 25, 2013
Writer Steven S. DeKnight
Director Mark Beesley
Guests John Wraight (Cossinius)

Jared Turner (Furius)

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Next Wolves at the Gate

"Enemies of Rome" is the first episode of Spartacus: War of the Damned. It is the thirtieth episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Spartacus assembles a formidable army. The desperate powers of Rome are forced to turn to Marcus Crassus to aid in the campaign against the rebellion.


The season starts on a battlefield soaked in blood, bodies and limbs everywhere. Across the mountainside, Romans and Rebels are fighting in a massive battle. The Roman commanders, Cossinius and his Tribune, Furius, are complaining about how well the enemy forces are doing. Suddenly, Spartacus comes riding up on horseback, and begins to lay assault the Roman formation. As he is fighting, his horse is speared and he falls. Just as Cossinius yells at his men to kill him, a group of rebels comes up from behind and joins the battle. The Roman leaders call a retreat as Spartacus and his troops press closer to them.

Field of Battle.

There is much rejoicing by Crixus, Gannicus, and Naevia, who all say they have won now that the Romans have fallen back. But Spartacus says that saying they haven't won anything yet, not with Cossinius and Furius still alive.

The Roman leaders return to their headquarters, they are in bathhouse where they are bemoaning to being bested by "errant slaves" while being washed down by body slaves. They think their number have been under reported by the Senate.

They explain to Senator Metellus how fast Spartacus has built his army since Glaber's death several months back, he states the rebels liberated thousands of slaves at the mines and most, if not all, the slaves they had freed have joined them. The senator says the Senate's resources are drained due to the other wars taking place in other areas of Rome and they don't have coin to recruit more men. Furius says there is one who could pay for the effort from his own coin, Marcus Licinius Crassus. The senator says he had hoped not to include the man but Cossinius tells if he had an alternative they wouldn't have to. Metellus then states that he will go talk to Crassus.

Back at Spartacus' HQ, he is getting reports from Agron and Crixus about the battle. He wonders where Gannicus is, and they say he's out celebrating with wine and women. While Spartacus keeps wet-blanketing their success, Agron and Crixus argue that they're doing well and recruiting more every day. Spartacus says he's ready to strike again. He's definitely excited to take it to them.

Crassus training with former Gladiator, Hilarus.

Back in Rome, Crassus trains with a former gladiator, Hilarus. A young man, his son Tiberius, watches him with a sneer. He watches his father and disapproves thinking he should be paying attention to more "pressing matters." The slave he's sparring with accidentally slices Crassus as guards surround them. However, Crassus forgives him and they talk about improving his moves. The senator enters to beseech him for financial assistance in fighting the conflict. He asks how much and The senator asks for 10,000 men. Crassus says that will be expensive and mocks Cossinius and Furius for begging to him as they struggle with Spartacus. The senator says he'll have his own title directly under Cossinius and Furius. Crassus wonders why the leaders haven't come to him and the senator says they are holed up regrouping and the situation is dire. Crassus agrees to the terms. Tiberius sneers at this as well. Crassus says all that matters is that Spartacus falls and the glory of Rome restored.

In the slaves' encampment, Gannicus along with his new friends Sanus and Totus trade war stor

Saxa, coming to make love to Gannicus.

ies over wine. Gannicus' lover, Saxa, and two other woman enter and ask for wine leading Gannicus to order his friends out of their own tent to have sex with all three of the women.

Agron and Nasir do likewise in their tent. After Agron gives him encouragement for fighting well in the battle and commends how far he's come.

A drunken Gannicus arrives to give his "report" from the battle to Spartacus who comments on it was days ago. Spartacus says that can't go on without his report "We fought, we won," reports Gannicus. Spartacus says that Gannicus has proven himself a valuable asset against the Romans, but says he wants him to take his rightful place by Crixus and himself as a leader. Gannicus refuses, as he says that he gives his life to the cause in honor of Oenomaus but says he is no leader and does not wish to be one, though Spartacus says there are many who already look to him as such and more would follow him in battle and die for the cause. Despite this, Gannicus does not want to be a leader and chooses to remain one of the brotherhood unlike Spartacus, who is becoming seen like a God. Gannicus also points out that just defeating a couple of Roman generals doesn't mean everything is over, more will come. Spartacus is confident that they will defeat them as well. Gannicus says most of those that did them wrong are long gone. Spartacus says that isn't the issue. Gannicus admits that he was once in love and he had vengeance like Spartacus did and it left him empty just as it did Spartacus. He confesses the Oenomaus tale-- which we see bits of in flashback. Spartacus says he has no one left he holds to heart to speak such loving words. Gannicus offers the adoration of the men. Spartacus says he couldn't save his wife and he will fight until a day when no innocent life is so easily disregarded. Gannicus hopes he finds peace when this day arrives. Gannicus wants to share wine and women and stop with the heavy talk. Spartacus demurs. Gannicus says he will drink and bone in Spartacus' name and fight all the way to the steps of the Roman senate steps if that's where Spartacus' madness leads.

At this point, Crassus is tallying up what he needs to pay to hire and arm new soldiers with Tiberius. He gives him the information and Tiberius is off to make the offers of land and money. His son, Publius, and wife, Tertulla, enter. Publius is impressed that his dad is going to fight with the Romans. He wants to go too. Not yet, says Crassus. His wife points out that Tiberius deserves a title that befits his name. Crassus says he's too young and hasn't earned it and altho

Tertulla telling her husband she will bring food and wine.

ugh a good soldier he falls in strategy and discerning mind. She tells him she'll bring him food and wine but he demurs saying his slave Kore will take care of him. Tiberius discusses the coming battle with his friend, Sabinus. Tiberius complains that his dad doesn't seem to hunger for laurels and admiration but he says he burns white hot with desire for it. Sabinus jokes he won't stand too close for fear of melted wings. Tiberius grabs his arm and says he doesn't want him out on the battle. Sabinus protests and says he'll be there. Tiberius' mom comes out and catches this intimate gesture. They break apart and Sabinus says he's off with the orders for the men. She reminisces about them being kids. She tells him to not give his father further reason to doubt him. Tiberius says he'll show him good when their enemies' blood spills in great rivers. At the slaves camp, new recruits spar with Nasir to have their skill assessed by Donar, Spartacus, and Agron. Agron points out a couple of new refugees who are acting suspiciously. They go to a butcher to get some horse meat. Spartacus questions the man on whose permission did he get the horse meat from. The butcher, speaking freely, doesn't realize it's Spartacus himself, saying that "the great man on the hill" is not providing for his people, which makes him question joining the fight. Crixus arrives with news of Romans riding from the north, calling Spartacus' name, which shocks the butcher. Spartacus says though he may not always offer food and shelter, as long as he's

Diotimos shocked that he was speaking to Spartacus himself.

in charge, men will be free to speak from their heart, even against him.

Naevia meeting Roman soldiers.

They set an ambush for the Romans. Naevia digs in the road as they ride up. They harass her, but she quickly kills the leader, while

Spartacus and the leaders intercept a message about Marcus Crassus.

 Spartacus and the others attack from the woods. After the attack, they intercept a message saying that 10,000 men are in the employment of Marcus Crassus. Crixus, Gannicus, Agron and Spartacus strategize.

They are able to pin-point where Cossinius and Furius are hiding in their villa and plan to lead a small special ops crew- Crixus, Gannicus, Spartacus- that can sneak in undetected. Agron is to stay behind to lure out the Cossinius main force.

In their tent, Naevia complains about the dangerous plan to Crixus. He flatters her about how strong she's become. She wants to fight by his side. He tells her to stay near Agron. She tells him to kill many Romans and return to her arms with their blood hardened upon him. She agrees to stay behind and the two have sex before his departure.

Tiberius with Kore.


Crassus continues to train with Hilarus, while Tiberius whines they should be doing something about Spartacus. Crassus tries to point out how Spartacus is better than some of his own men. Tiberius sneers at this, saying that the wealthy and powerful tower above slaves in all things. Dissatisfied, Crassus gives him the sword and tells him to fight the "common slave." Tiberius struggles against Hilarus, who easily bests him, knocking him to the ground. Crassus calls this a sorely needed lesson, one that Spartacus has already learned regardless of his "station" in life.

Spartacus, Crixus and Gannicus sneak into the villa, silencing Roman soldiers along the way. Cossinius gets word that the rebels are amassing in the north and orders men to start moving that way. At that movement, descend upon Cossinius.

Tiberius' slave tends to his wounds as he continues to whine about Crassus who is sparring with Hilarus vigorously. She tells him to think as his father would and he will gain insight. Crassus tells the slave to stop holding back and really try to kill him. Hilarus becomes afraid when hearing this, stating that to follow this command would mean certain death, either he would be killed during the fight, or would be killed as punishment for killing his Dominus. Crassus informs him that, if he should beat and kill him, that he will be freed and given ten thousand denarii. Hilarus agrees to the terms and attacks in full force. Crassus kills him but not before seriously being injured himself by grabbing the sword with both hands. He thanks Hilarus for training him well and says that he will build a statue in the former gladiator honor using the money he promised if he was killed instead.

Spartacus, Crixus and Gannicus begin to fight off the Roman soldiers that surround them. After killing all of them, they corner Cossinius and Furius. The two Romans plead to surrender, but Spartacus decapitates them and has their heads placed on pikes on the villa walls as a warning.

Cossinius & Furius death.

Word of the "calamity" gets to Crassus and the worry that their men will fall apart without leadership. Metellus points out the oddity on why the messengers rode so close to the rebel camp. Metellus also says that it's time to look forward and the job of leading the conflict as Imperator is now Crassus'. Tiberius is impressed that his father predicted the murders of Cossinius and Furius, who wanted Crassus' money but denied him a leadership position. "The House of Crassus bows to no one." Tiberius wonders how he knew Spartacus would attack the lea

Spartacus telling the other generals only a city can hold them now.

ders. Crassus says it's what he would've done.

With heads on spikes breaking the Roman spirit Crixus, Agron, and Gannicus want to strike now while Roman morale is low. Spartacus wants to find a defensible area and to lay low for the winter, also hoping to prepare against Crassus' new army. When his allies point out there is not a land that can hold their numbers, Spartacus agrees by saying only a city can hold their numbers now and they will gleefully tear one away from the Romans.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Cossinius
  2. Furius
  3. Spartacus
  4. Gannicus
  5. Agron
  6. Saxa
  7. Nasir
  8. Donar
  9. Lugo
  10. Nemetes
  11. Rabanus
  12. Pollux
  13. Crixus
  14. Naevia
  15. Metellus
  16. Crassus
  17. Hilarus
  18. Tiberius
  19. Scrofa (Flashback)
  20. Kore
  21. Publius
  22. Tertulla
  23. Sanus
  24. Totus
  25. Sabinus
  26. Diotimos
  27. Oenomaus (Flashback)
  28. Melitta (Flashback)

Historical Context

The beginning of War of The Damned is set six months after Wrath Of The Gods. Historically, Glaber's defeat at Vesuvius occured around mid-73 BC, with Crassus' involvement beginning around late 72 BC.

Cossinius and Furius are tasked with defeating Spartacus before Crassus. Historically the two Praetors had served under Publius Varinius in late 73 BC. The Roman commanders sent to defeat Spartacus before Crassus were the Consuls Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus and Publius Gellius Publicola, who were sent to defeat the rebellion in mid-72 BC.

Scrofa, historically Gnaeus Tremellius Scrofa, is said to have faced Spartacus before Cossinius and Furius. However, Scrofa had actually served as a Tribune under Crassus in 71 BC.

In the episode, Cossinius and Furius are ambushed at their villa, and killed by Spartacus. Historically, the rebels had ambushed Cossinius at his' villa, however Cossinius managed to escape.


  • Ellen Hollman, Ditch Davey, and Pana Hema Taylor have been upgraded to the main cast this episode after having initially been supporting cast throughout Vengeance.
  • This episode takes place 6 months following the conclusion of Wrath of the Gods.
    • In The Greater Good, Spartacus voiced his plans to free the slaves Mines and it is seen that he acted on it after Glaber's defeat.
    • The rebels have defeated several roman generals such as Scrofa.
    • It is revealed news of Ilithyia and Lucretia's deaths have reached the rebels.
  • Although Crassus is introduced, no reference to his cousin is revealed.
  • In this episode, Metellus mentions Lucullus fighting Mithridate and his Greeks, Antonius fighting Pirates and Pompey fighting Sertorius as the Senate's resources drained due to the other wars taking place in other areas of Rome.


(Saxa walks in eager to celebrate a new victory)
Gannicus: Out. Out!
Totus: It is my fucking tent!
Sanus: We shall find another, hopefully one as well stock! 

Roman Soldier: Find fucking tongue, who is with you?!
Naevia: Death!

Crixus: We do not know how many await inside.
Gannicus: Let us pray they are not too few.
Crixus: I am encircled by mad fucks! And begin to count myself as one!


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