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First appearance S2E08: Balance
Last appearance S2E08: Balance
Profession Unknown
Race Roman
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by The Egyptian)
Actor/Actress John Davies

The Drunkard is an obnoxious drunk customer of Ovillus' bar.

Character Outline []


Just before Glaber and his men enter Ovillus' bar looking for Gannicus, Ovillus is seen throwing the drunkard to the floor, telling him "Coin before cunt, you worthless shit." Ashur picks him up off the floor and asks him to linger a while. When Glaber begins to interrogate Ovillus about Gannicus, the drunkard interrupts the conversation, stating "I would hope for another fucking drink and a whore upon my cock." No sooner had the words left his mouth when The Egyptian grabs his head and twists it completely around, breaking his neck.

Drunkard's death by The Egyptian.


"And I would hope for another fucking drink, and a whore upon my cock."



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