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First appearance S2E01: "Fugitivus"
S3E01: "Enemies of Rome"
Last appearance S3E06: Spoils of War (Alive)
S3E07: Mors Indecepta (Corpse)
Profession Gladiator (House of Batiatus)
Escaped Slave
Race German
Relationships Spartacus (Leader/Friend, deceased)
Agron (Friend)
Fulco (Friend, deceased)
Lydon (Friend)
Gannicus (Friend, deceased)
Tychos (Friend, deceased)
The Veteran (Friend)
Rabanus (Friend, deceased)
Pollux (Friend)
Saxa (Friend, deceased)
Lugo (Friend, deceased)
Chadara (Former Sexual Partner, deceased)
Acer (Rival/Comrade, deceased)
Nemetes (Rival/Comrade, deceased)
Gaius Julius Caesar (Enemy)
Status Deceased (Suicide)
Actor/Actress Heath Jones

Donar is a former gladiator from Batiatus' Ludus. He escapes with Spartacus following the revolt, and becomes one of the top warriors among the rebellion's ranks.


Donar is one of the stronger and more capable fighters amongst the Rebels, and is taller than most men, with a large and particularly muscular build. He has short dark-blonde hair, subtle facial hair, and blue eyes. He wears an attire akin to the rest of the escaped Gladiators, mainly cloth or leather subligaria, wrist braces, boots or candles with greaves, a leather belt, and a leather utility harness.. He originally wields a small two-handed axes, but later comes into possession of a single much larger ax.


Sarcastic in his speech and caustic in his comments, Donar is a sardonic German who often cracks jokes with and about others. His loyalty, humor and wit earn him many friends among the rebels, yet his strong opinions and provocative insults leave him in conflict with several others, particularly the Gauls.

Like his friend and fellow German Agron, Donar has a particular distaste for the Gauls, and likes to provoke them as often as he can. Well-liked by most rebels outside of the Gauls, his closest friends appear to be Agron, Spartacus, and Fulco. He and the latter often undertake scouting duties and spend free time together, with Lydon as well. Like many of the former gladiators, he has an affinity for drink and women, and enjoys fighting. Donar is confrontational and hot-headed, but is also loyal and determined to those he follows.

In War of the Damned, Donar showcases an even more honorable side to him, opposing the various atrocities committed by Rebel factions and devoting himself to the ideals of Spartacus. While he does believe in the Rebel cause, Donar does not believe his life is worth more than anyone else's, and is willing to sacrifice it for the greater good.

Donar has leadership and training skills, as he generally is given the duty of training the rebel slaves how to fight, as well as taking part in the more difficult missions that the Rebels go on. Throughout Vengeancehe serves as one of Spartacus' advisors and top fighters and during War of the Damned has a rank equivilent to that of a captain.

Combat Prowess

Instructed in the ways of a gladiator, Donar is a testament of true skill in battle. While adeptly skilled with the use of a sword, Donar's choice of weapon is the axe, which he uses with deadly purpose. Despite the axe's weight and size, Donar is able to effectively use the weapon to his advantage, being able to take out others with swifter weapons and quickly overpower his enemies with his immense strength. When using a sword, he uses his strength and often utilizes unarmed techniques such as punches or grabs.


Donar is one of the gladiators who escaped Batiatus' Ludus with Spartacus. He is friends with Agron and Spartacus, and of high rank among the Rebels. As with Agron, Donar has a strong distaste for the Gauls, and tends to provoke conflict with them, furthering the cultural rift between the Rebels.

Donar helps Spartacus and Agron in fighting against the Romans and mercenaries sent after them. He also often acts as something of a scout leader for the

Donar with Spartacus and Agron.

Rebels alongside Fulco and Lydon, generally moving ahead of the group when recon is needed.

When Crixus discovers a possible lead towards finding Naevia, Spartacus councils with Agron and Donar, who both agree to join and raid Arminius's brothel. Agron is reluctant, but Donar agrees to go, telling Spartacus "you had me at whores". The Rebels assault the Brothel and Crixus is able to discover the information he needs.

Spartacus soon goes missing after he learns that Roman soldiers are dispatched to take the Rebels down, led by Gaius Claudius Glaber. Donar goes with Crixus, Agron and Rabanus to save Spartacus and Aurelia. They then retreat to the cisterns for the final time and begin to move their way south to find Naevia.

Donar aids the Rebels in their taking of a villa and freeing all of the slaves. Afterwords, Donar is put in charge of helping train the new additions. When Nasir makes attempt on Spartacus' life, Donar believes that Nasir should be "put down", as he may try it again.

When conflict breaks out between the Rebels after Crixus and Agron fight over deception in the group, Donar moves on with Agron and his party to Vesuvius.

After Spartacus, Mira, Nasir, and Naevia escape from the mines, albeit with over half of their group either lost or killed, they regroup with Agron and Donar's group. Donar then fondly greets Spartacus and Mira on their reunion.

Donar with Spartacus and Agron.

Donar would scout ahead with Fulco and Lydon and discover a temple at Vesuvius belonging to Lucius. This temple would later become the rebels' sanctuary.

Donar is one of rebels present during the assault on the Capua Arena, and aids in successfully bringing it down, as well as saving Crixus and Oenomaus. He would later be telling the story of their glorious victory to the other rebels, inciting passion and emotion from the gathered crowd.

Afterwards, Dona

Donar scoffing at Chadara.

r catches the eye of Chadara, who is now without Rhaskos due to his fall in the arena. Although he previously bedded with her, Donar does not wish to pursue a relationship with her, and scoffs at the idea of it. These stinging words would then, in part, later convince Chadara to betray the rebels and steal their map and coin. When Mira accidentally kills Chadara and explains that she only sought a place

Donar feeling sorry for Chadara.

in this world, Donar seems to feel guilty for his mistreatment of her. After Gannicus joins the rebel group, Donar's role as the third right-hand man would transfer to the former champion, although Donar would still maintain prominence with the rebels. Donar would continue to train the other Rebels, and regularly go out hunting in order to provide food and supplies for the group at

Donar in Vengeance.

their new sanctuary.

Donar would accompany Spartacus, Agron, and Lucius to Neapolis and rescue a group of German Slaves from the ship they are imprisoned in. As he is German, it is most likely that he quickly bonded with the rest of his kin, though his loyalty is devoted to Spartacus; when tensions rise between the Germans and the Rebels and a fight breaks out, he fights alongside the rebels against the Germans, despite them being his kinsmen. He goes up against Nemetes and from that moment onward they would nurse a grudge between the pair.

Later, when Donar is out in the woods to relieve himself, he is attacked by Spartacus, Crixus, and Gannicus dressed as Roman soldiers, although this was a test to see how prepared the rebels are in fighting the Romans. Donar then participates in a series of training sessions and battle, along with partying, designed to raise the spirits of the Rebels. He is paired with Nemetes to face against Lugo and Nasir. Donar and Nemetes prove victorious in their contest and appear to bond somewhat.

When the actual

Donar in Battle.

Roman's invade the temple, led by Varinius, Donar is among one of the Rebels chief defenders. Alongside Crixus, Agron and Fulco, Donar jumps into the direct path of the Roman invaders and begins to fight valiantly. When Fulco is cut down, Donar cries out his fallen friend's name, visibly upset. When Glaber's forces begin to invade as a separate wave, the Rebels flee the temple underground. Donar aids in the escape of many Rebels, and is one of the few fighters to survive the combat.

After settling in the mountains, and after saving the German splinter squad that tried an invasion of Glaber's forces (albeit with Mira's death), Donar and the Rebels are low on food and supplies, and need a way to fight back. After Spartacus comes up with a plan to assault the Romans down belong, Donar aids in the making of the ropes to allow Spartacus, Crixus, Agron, and Gannicus down to flank Glaber and his men. Led by Oenomaus, the rest of the Rebels move down to mountain and begin slaughtering the Romans. With his axe, Donar takes the lives of many Romans, and witnesses the defeat of Glaber by Spartacus. The Rebels remain triumphant, and celebrate their cause, now inflamed by their victory.

War of the Damned

Donar continues to serve the Rebels army faithfully. He participated in the many battles against Rome such as Scrofa and Cossinius' forces, killing many Romans with a much larger axe.

Similar to before, Donar remains in charge of training the rebels, but now also takes part in the recruitment alongside Agron and Nasir. While Nasir tests the recruits in combat, Donar and Agron analyze their potential and determination.

Donar during the Siege of Sinuessa.

Donar informs Spartacus to the shady dealings happening around the rebel's camp, which ultimately leads Spartacus to see that things in the camp aren't good and that life is difficult for those fleeing to his cause.

When the rebels besiege the Roman city, Donar joins the battle and easily slays many Romans with his axe.

Donar later begins taking inventory of the available food. He expresses concern to Spartacus that they only have enough for a few weeks. After pirates are spotted near the city, he goes with Spartacus to meet with them. After deals have been made, he takes to drink with his fellows.

When Agron gets into a fight with the pirate, Castus, Donar attempts to stop the fight, but eventually ends up letting them fight it out, leading to Agron's easy victory.

When Spartacus is to make a deal with the pirates outside of the city, Donar is selected among others to join him. He moves with Spartacus as Nemetes complains about having to give up the coin he's earned though Donar scoffs him by remarking that the coin is all stolen.

Outside of the city, the rebels and pirates meet and as tensions begin to rise they are ambushed by Romans, the two foes fight their common enemy and prove themselves victorious in the fight and join together.

Donar and Saxa express dislike at keeping Roman prisoners but at the same time both do not approve of the mistreatment. When Crixus rallies the rebels to slaughter the surviving prisoners, Donar does not take part in the slaughter. As a result he along with: Gannicus, Nasir, Saxa, Sibyl, Agron (albeit reluctantly) and Spartacus are part of a minority who do not desire needless slaughter. When Spartacus puts an end to the slaughter Donar helps  escort the remaining Romans to Spartacus' villa. 

With Agron and Nasir, Donar stays at Spartacus' villa in order to protect the surviving Romans though he and Agron both express their contempt for them but assert their loyalty to Spartacus.

After Heracleo betrays the rebels, Romans begin to swarm into the city. Donar, Saxa and Agron are the only three at the gate when Julius Caesar appears with a clutch of soldiers. The three of them manage to best the Roman group and Donar ensures the gate could not be opened by cutting the portculus' rope. Donar and Agron then combine their skills against Caesar and manage to best him, but before they can inflict death the gate is broken down and Caesar warns them to run.

Donar retreats along with Agron and Saxa and regroups with Spartacus, Crixus and Naevia. They begin to discuss what is to be done but Gannicus offers to create a diversion to help Spartacus reach the north gate safely. 

Donar grievously wounded.

Donar lingers and stays by his side saying his death would be of lesser concern than Gannicus'. The two kill many Romans and proceed to set buildings on fire and eventually discover Sibyl in hiding, much to their chagrin. They then attempt to leave but run into a clutch of Romans. They fight well but Donar is grievously wounded and falls, believed dead by Gannicus.

He is revealed to be alive and is found by group of Romans. He curses them before being knocked out and captured by the Romans, who keep him alive by sewing up his wound.

Donar, captured by the Romans.

Donar is later prepared for the executions for the surviving rebels during the Romans' celebration. Donar watches angrily as the Romans massacre their other captives, and is kept at the end for Caesar to kill. He screams out that he'd prefer to die fighting, cursing the Romans for their cowardice, as an overhearing Tiberius asks him about this before, in an attempt to kill Caesar, unchains Donar. As Caesar is about to kill him, Donar breaks loose and strikes Caesar with his shackles. Crassus commands him killed on the spot but Caesar objects and instead decides to fight him to the death.

Donar's suicide.

Cornered and angry, Donar is given a sword and fights with Caesar. He presents a fierce challenge, as his superior strength and skill giving him a distinct advantage, but he is eventually overcome when Caesar strikes at his wound and utlizes Donar's own strength against him. In parting words, Caesar tells him he fought well, but a wounded Donar tells him to "Swallow cock, you Roman shit", which angers Caesar and he moves to deliver the killing blow. However, Donar takes his own life with a sword through the neck, dying at the honor and dignity of his own hand rather than the Romans.

Donar's dead body

Later in the snowy mountains, the Rebels sneak into Crassus' tent in an attempt to assassinate him, only to find Donar's naked body crucified within, much to Spartacus' sadness, Crixus' anger, and Agron's horror. "Mors Indecepta" (Death is Indeceivable) is carved on his chest, serving as a warning to Spartacus before Crassus' trap is sprung.

At the tribute games to honor Crixus, his name is shouted by Lugo to honor him.


  • Heath Jones, the actor who plays Donar is 188cm tall (6'2")
  • His name, Donar, suggests he is Germanic in origin. Donar is the name of the Germanic deity of thunder and lightning, similar to if not the same as the Nordic God Thor. Both names share a common etymological root and means "thunder".
    • Donar may come from the lands of the Chatti tribe. Donar's namesake (Donar/Thunrez/Thunor/Thor) was possibly a patron god to the Chatti tribe, whose territory was located in the northern and central parts of the modern Hesse region in Germany. Donar's Oak, a sacred tree and a center of worship to the Germanic Chatti, was located on the site of the modern German city of Fritzlar.
    • In the episode Balance, Lugo mocks Oenomaus in his native Germanic, which Donar seems to understand, and laugh at.
  • Donar's choice of an axe as a weapon (while most of his fellow rebel gladiators wield swords) suggests that his former gladiator fighting style was Secutor (althought he has shown skill on sword, even rivaling Caesar). It also further connects him to the Germanic thunder god Donar/Thor/Thunor who is famous for his hammer "crusher".
  • Although it is said that Donar escaped from the Ludus with Spartacus and the others, his character makes no appearance in the first season, technically debuting in the second. This is the case with many of the gladiators presented in season two.
  • An interview with Steven S. DeKnight reveals that Donar was created specifically to have been killed off in Spartacus: Vengeance, but this was later scrapped.
  • Donar's body is crucified and presented to the rebels as a warning. Historically, it was the other way around. Spartacus had a Roman captive crucified in plain sight of the Roman army. It served as a message that the rebels would show the Romans no mercy nor expect any.
  • Donar was the fifteenth main character to be killed.
    • Donar is the third, and last, character to commit suicide, the others being Lucretia and Pietros.


"I believe the man is dead."
Donar to Agron

"Should've put the boy down. A dog bites once, it will bare fucking teeth again."
Donar to Agron regarding Nasir

"You had me at whores."
Donar to Spartacus

"If any of you hold faith in any gods, this will be the time to fucking entreat them"
Donar to Rebels

"Two against an army. I do not care for your odds."
Donar to Spartacus

"We lay together once and you expect us to never be parted? You mistake me for a fucking Gaul.
Donar to Chadara

"If that man proves assasin, then I'm Jupiter's fucking cock."
Donar to Saxa

"My passing would be of even lesser concern than yours."

-Donar to Gannicus

"Fuck your little bird, you Roman cunt."
Donar to Roman soldiers

"Swallow cock, you Roman shit!"
Donar to Caesar; his last words


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