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First appearance S1E03: Legends
Last appearance S1E13: Kill Them All
Profession Noble
Race Roman
Relationships Titus Calavius (Husband, deceased)
Numerius (Son, deceased)
Lucretia (Friend, deceased)
Ilithyia (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Rebels)
Actor/Actress Janine Burchett

Domitia is a wealthy noblewoman of Rome, and the wife of Magistrate Titus Calavius and mother of Numerius. She frequents the gladiatorial games with her husband and son.


Domitia is an attractive middle-aged woman with a slightly blank outward appearance. She rarely shows much emotion, and appears to be older and more mature than some of the other Roman women in the series. Domitia wears very high-quality clothing and jewelry, showing her status as the magistrate's wife.


Not much is revealed about Domitia's personality. She appears to be a good wife but does not join Ilithyia and her friends in enjoying the "pleasures" of Lucretia's villa, nor is she shown to partake in any of the gossip. She loves her husband and son deeply, and continues to see the "boy" in Numerius despite his ascension into adulthood. She accompanies her husband and son to gladitorial matches, though she has no interest in them herself. She often looks away in disgust when the games get particularly gruesome.

Blood and Sand[]

Domitia is first seen sitting in the pulvinus with her husband, the Magistrate Calavius. Batiatus is attempting to win some support over the Magistrate as his wife Lucretia tends to Ilithyia, who is a bit worn out from all the partying she did the night before.

She is again

Domitia at the games with her son Numerius.

seen in the pulvinus, this time with her son Numerius, who has an obsession about all things gladiator. Domitia smiles as her sons gushes about the games.

Her final appearance comes at the end of the first season; she is seen with her son on the balcony at Batiatus' villa watching as gladiators parade around in front of them. Unfortunately things turn deadly as Spartacus and the other gladiators rebel, killing many of the Romans on the balcony. Domitia, Numerius and Aurelia (widow of Varro) make a hasty retreat, avoiding the bodies as they begin to pile up around them, but unfortunately find the door locked. Domitia is soon killed by a gladiator, though Batiatus kills the gladiator responsible while her son was horrified.


  • Domitia may be named for the Gens Domitia, a Roman clan of the Plebeian order.
  • The Latin word for wife is Uxor. 'Spouse' would be translated as Coniunx.
  • The Latin word for mother is Mater.


  • "Crixus moves with deadly purpose"[1]



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