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First appearance S1E09: Whore (mentioned)
Last appearance S1E09: Whore (mentioned)
Profession Prostitute
Race Roman
Relationships Marcus Decius Solonius (Patron, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Aulus)
Actor/Actress Unknown

Despoina is a prostitute in Capua whom Solonius frequents on a weekly basis.

Blood and Sand[]

Quintus Lentulus Batiatus and Ashur used Despoina in their plot to set up Solonius in their ruse to get him to trust Ashur. She was slain, along with Kastor, one of Solonius' men, whom Solonius had sent in his place.


Ashur (to Solonius):"You fuck the whore Despoina on this night every week, do you not?"
Solonius:"You voice what is already well known to me."
Ashur: "Send another cock in your place, or see it removed, along with your head."

Batiatus "It is done?"
Ashur (in reply) "The whore Despoina fucks no more."
Aulus "Nor the man inside her when I slit her throat."