Spartacus Wiki
First appearance Comic #3: The Beast of Carthage
Last appearance Comic #3: The Beast of Carthage
Profession Warrior
Race Phoenician
Relationships Barca (Best friend/Lover, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Roman Legions)
Actor/Actress Eka Darville

Cyprian was Barca's childhood friend who would go on to fight beside him in many battles against the Romans. He later became Barca's lover, but he was killed in the battle that led to Barca's enslavement.

Character Outline[]

Cyprian was shown to enjoy playing with birds. He and Barca were shown to be carefree children. When Barca was disowned by his father, Cyprian remained by his side and supported him in getting stronger for battle.

Once they grew up, Cyprian and Barca became lovers with the latter showing Cyprian his loving side even after he became a hardened warrior. Cyprian loved Barca, and told him to always remember him after he was stabbed by a Roman and laid dying of his wound.



As a child, Cyprian and Barca were best friends. The two had enjoyed playing with birds, but Barca's father, the chieftain Mago, put an end to that, telling his wife that allowing the boys to play was making them soft.

One day, Roman soldiers invaded the village, with Barca and Cyprian being forced to hide for safety while Barca's mother, Elissa, held off one of the soldiers at the cost of her own life. Barca cradled the body of his mother for days until Mago returned and cast Barca out for his cowardice.

Barca spent many years of training to become a fierce warrior like his father so that more wouldn't have to die, and had Cyprian by his side the entire time. In their older years, Cyprian and Barca saw the deaths of many Roman legions and the two friends grew to become lovers.

However, one day after killing a group of Gauls and using their bodies to cross a river, they were ambushed by some Romans. Cyprian fought valiantly but in the end he was stabbed in the chest by a Roman soldier, with his final words to Barca were "remember me."

His death cased Barca to become enraged and kill many Romans before he was finally subdued and captured by them.



Cyprian's last words to Barca  - Remember me.