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Crixus' Son
First appearance N/A
Last appearance N/A
Profession N/A
Race Gaul/Roman
Relationships Lucretia (Mother, deceased)
Crixus (Father, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Crixus)
Actor/Actress N/A

An unnamed boy is the unborn son of Crixus andLucretia. He was conceived during Crixus and Lucretia's affair that had started five years prior.

Blood and Sand[]

Crixus's Son was conceived during Crixus and Lucretia's secret affair, though Batiatus already knew and tolerated it, as it "made [her] happy" and may be their only chance to have children. After Lucretia was found pregnant, Batiatus stopped the affair. During Spartacus's siege on the villa, Crixus appeared before Lucretia demanding to know where Naevia was. In an attempt to save her own life, Lucretia began speaking of how the child was Crixus's. Crixus, hating Lucretia, stabbed her in the womb saying that he did not want his child being raised by someone like her.


  • He, like Spartacus's Son, was killed before being able to grow.
  • He was also born of a sexual affair, like Spartacus's Son.
  • It is unknown if the child truly would've been a son, although Lucretia was convinced that her unborn child was a boy.