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First appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions
S1E01: The Red Serpent
S2E01: Fugitivus
S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E08: Separate Paths
S3E09:The Dead and the Dying (Head)
Profession Gladiator (House of Batiatus)
Escaped Slave
Rebel General
De Facto Doctore(title)
Race Gaul
Relationships Doiros (Brother, deceased)
Naevia (Lover, deceased)
Barca (Best Friend, deceased)
Spartacus (Rival/Friend, deceased)
Oenomaus (Doctore/Friend, deceased)
Gannicus (Rival/Friend, deceased)
Rhaskos (Friend, deceased)
Acer (Friend, deceased)
Liscus (Friend, deceased)
Agron (Rival/Friend)
Nasir (Friend)
Totus (Friend, deceased)
Brictius (Friend, deceased)
Verenda (Comrade, deceased)
Gnaeus (Friend, deceased)
Auctus (Rival, deceased)
Titus Lentulus Batiatus (Dominus,deceased)
Quintus Lentulus Batiatus
Lucretia (Domina, deceased)
Ashur (Former Friend/Archenemy, deceased)
Tiberius Licinius Crassus (Enemy, deceased)
Marcus Licinius Crassus (Enemy)
Julius Caesar (Enemy)
Publius Varinius (Enemy, deceased)
Gaius Claudius Glaber (Enemy, deceased)
Status Killed in Battle by Tiberius
Actor/Actress Manu Bennett

Crixus is a central character in the Spartacus series. He is a former Champion of Capua, introduced into Batiatus' ludus as a slave desiring the life of a gladiator, who eventually fights his way up to become one of the top gladiators of the ludus. During the arrival of Spartacus in Blood and Sand, Crixus is seen as the chief rival to Spartacus and becomes the lover of Naevia. However, after she is banished from the ludus, he joins forces with Spartacus and leads his men in rebellion against the House of Batiatus, and later Rome itself. He goes on to become a trusted ally to Spartacus and one of the first rebel leaders. Crixus is known as the Undefeated Gaul.


Crixus is a hardy, muscled man with skin bearing the toils of past battles. When he first arrived at the Ludus, he had long, black hair and a thick beard. He is short in comparison to some. As a gladiator, Crixus has a much more muscular build thanks to his training. He also wears his hair close-cropped and clean-shaven under orders of Lucretia, so as not to look like a savage in her eyes.

After the beginning of the rebellion and his escape from the ludus, Crixus no longer trains to the same extent as he once did, and consequently loses some of his previous muscle mass. However, he remains a formidable warrior.

In War of the Damned, he keeps a steady beard and longer, well-kept, hairstyle, and has regained much of the original build he had when he was a gladiator. He wears a unique set of makeshift armor that allows him to stand out as a commander and continues to use a sword and a new shield as his weapons of choice.


When he first arrives at the ludus he appears to be insecure but his desire to be a Gladiator is clearly evident. Having been mocked by Barca and Auctus, he keeps his head down and gets on with his training. He has huge respect for Gannicus and vows to be like him and earn the mark. As he grows in skill, he also grows in arrogance. Despite his arrogant demeanor, his reasons for fighting remain to honor the memory of his family.

Crixus revels in the glory of the arena.

He relishes in the life of a gladiator, fighting for glory and honor in the arena and expects the same of other gladiators, treating those that don't with contempt. Crixus, however, possesses a softer side to him and it is only through his love for Naevia that he is able to find something more meaningful than glory. The two grow so close that they become inseparable and the love they hold for one another is so great that they believe they will be together in both the mortal world and the afterlife forever. When that love is challenged, he exhibits a berzerker's rage against those responsible slaughtering and maiming them to the last man AND woman.

As a leader within the rebellion, he embraces Spartacus as a brother but their ideals on leadership differ. Crixus is a much more hot-headed leader than Spartacus is and a power-struggle between the two comes into play from time to time.

Combat Prowess

The blood of battle flow through the veins of Crixus as he comes from a long line of warriors. Before becoming a gladiator, however, Crixus lacked any true skill and would be seen no more than a common brute. After his training, however, Crixus grew in skill and prowess very quickly and soon began to outclass many of the other gladiators to the point where he would become the Undefeated Gaul and once held the Champion of Capua.

This title is not earned lightly. Crixus has proven himself as one of the greatest warriors to have ever stepped foot in both the arena and the battlefield. He relies on brute force and more grounded attacks as opposed to others, such as Spartacus and Gannicus, who rely more on nimble movements that often elevated them above their enemies. Nevertheless, he does not lack in athleticism and is incredibly fearless.

Crixus prefers to use a shield/sword combo and often starts a fight by literally jumping into his enemy's, throwing them onto the ground, and breaking the Romans's defensive line.


Crixus grew up in Gaul in a family of fierce warriors. When he was young, he watched as the Arverni tribe invaded his village and killed his family before his eyes. He was then sold into slavery and eventually ended up in Tullius' hands, where he was forced to work on the new Arena he would later fight in.

Gods of the Arena

Crixus is a slave of Tullius, assigned to carrying stone for the construction of the new arena under Tullius' brutal overseer, Appius.

Crixus in the Gods of the Arena, with long hair and beard.

Crixus is first seen fighting with another slave. Witnessing the event, Batiatus interrupts Appius from administering a beating upon Crixus and offers to pay fifty denarii to buy Crixus, which is well over the worth of a recruit. Batiatus explains to Solonius that his intention in spending such an exorbitant sum on an unruly slave-like Crixus is to attempt to gain the good favor of Tullius. 

When Crixus arrives at the Ludus, he is put into a cell with Ashur, Dagan, and Indus. Dagan mocks Crixus in his Syrian language saying that he is the size of a woman. Ashur, on the other hand, is more friendly and welcoming to Crixus.  He explains to Crixus that when he first came to the Ludus he was in a group with seven other new recruits, yet now only he, Dagan, and Indus remain. Ashur then questions Crixus as to how he came to be at the Ludus.  Crixus explains that he saw Batiatus pass by and knew him by his words of gladiators and so in an effort to impress Batiatus and show his possible worth as a gladiator, he started the fight with the other slave. Ashur goes on to explain to Crixus how their training as recruits all leads up to a final test and only then if they pass the test, will they earn the mark of the Brotherhood. Like Ashur, Dagan, and Indus, Crixus is taunted and hazed by the other Gladiators most notably Auctus and Barca, including acts of urination in their food and insults to them about their size, such as Barca commenting how the new recruits seem to get smaller every year. 

While training in the Ludus, he trains with Ashur, who he forms a friendship with, only to be bested by him. Batiatus orders Crixus to begin training under Oenomaus who begins to properly teach him in the arts of gladiatorial combat: including never dropping his guard. Batiatus offers to give Crixus back to Tulius but this stops after his argument with Vettius.

Crixus improves in his training and manages to strike Oenomaus, with whom he trains and listens to rather than the Doctore. Oenomaus instructs, that when faced with a stronger opponent, draw him to you, he does this. Crixus later approaches Gannicus and touches him, prompting the latter to throw him

Crixus vs. Gannicus, Round One.

against the wall and warn him never to come behind his back. He merely asks for advice to become Champion and Gannicus says never to lose.

Batiatus wants to impress Varis so his Gladiators may perform in the Primus. Varis asks for a demonstration and picks Gannicus and Gaia picks Crixus. As they battle, Gannicus gains the upper hand though Crixus does improve and manages to down him. Gannicus regains strength and bests Crixus in the fight. Gaia, granted the choice to decide the match's end, commands that Crixus lives, due to her liking of the Gaul.

After Oenomaus becomes Doctore, he commands Barca to pair against Crixus, which Barca is reluctant only until Titus orders it. Barca, who uses a spear, which Crixus is not used to using a wooden sword against, manages to best him while mocking

Crixus in Gods of the Arena.

him in spite. Gannicus later gives Crixus advice to overcome the spear.

After dealings with Tullius, Titus and Batiatus' Gladiators are slated to fight against each other in the old arena, much to Batiatus' dismay. Tullius picks Auctus and Crixus to fight each other. Before the battle, Auctus taunts Crixus of his impending death by his hand. At the beginning of the battle, Auctus is shown to be the favored victor and gains the upper hand, but after almost dying from a deadly strike, Crixus gains form and manages to fight on par with Auctus. Eventually, Crixus defeats Auctus, who compliments his skill before Auctus dies because of a mighty thrust. This earns him the mark of the brotherhood. Barca is upset by the loss of his lover Auctus, but despite this, tells Crixus that he fought well while acknowledging him as a brother.

After Auctus 's death, Crixus gets more respect from The Brotherhood and enjoys no further insults from Barca, who is mourning the death of his lover. Crixus shows respect to Barca and explains his family history about how the Arverni Tribe invaded his village and killed his family and how he was forced to work as a slave for the Arverni then for the Romans. He says he longs to fight in the arena and be a gladiator in honor of his family. He also informs Barca that Auctus was the first life he took in battle and would never be forgotten. This forms the start of the friendship between Crixus and Barca.

Crixus continues training with Barca, getting more and more talented. After the competition where Titus ranks the Ludus's Gladiators, Crixus proves to be successful in the ranking. Later, Crixus is summoned to Lucretia, who questions him about his people's fertility, having heard the Gauls could produce a child by having sex

Crixus brought to Lucretia.

only once. He tells that his father had five children as did his grandfather before him. Lucretia then reveals her purpose: she instructs Crixus to have intercourse with her and "do not stop until you have spilled seed." She insists upon being entered from behind, however, as she will not look upon him. Without further discussion, Crixus proceeds to carry out his instructions.

The next day, Crixus is slated to fight against Gannicus by Titus in an effort to decide the issue of Gannicus being sold to Tullius. They are shown to be equally matched, with neither getting the upper hand, but Gannicus suddenly decides to throw the fight, because of his unrequited love for Melitta. Crixus realizes that Gannicus deliberately lost and questions him as to why, but Gannicus just says he is Champion now and that is all that matters. This makes Crixus Champion of the Ludus, though many characters (Melitta, Quintus, Oenomaus, and even Crixus himself) note that Gannicus let Crixus win and that he could have easily lost.

Crixus' new look.

After a long day of battle, Crixus is set to fight in the Primus along with Gannicus, Ashur, Dagan, Narto, Duratius, and Gnaeus. Lucretia summons Crixus and reveals intent: she intends him to impregnate her, and sire an heir for Batiatus, and that if he mentions anything to anyone, he will be gelded and castrated. She also orders Crixus's long hair and beard will have to go, to make him less disgusting. This results in Crixus wearing a buzz haircut and clean-shaven face.

In the Primus, the House of Batiatus fights the House of Solonius in a team melee followed by a last-man-standing fight. All gladiators are encircled by a ring of burning oil, over which any gladiator pushed through or thrown will be disqualified from the match; the teams are to fight until one side is eliminated, then the survivors will face each other until only one remains. Batiatus's gladiators are outnumbered but demonstrate greater skill in the Arena. However, Crixus seeks only to battle Gannicus and doesn't care if they are on the same side. The fight commences, but while Solonius's men are dying, Ashur turns on Dagan, killing him. Gnaeus is knocked out of the fighting circle and disqualified, while Duratius and Narto are both killed by Caburus. This leaves Ashur, Crixus, and Gannicus in the fight against the remainder of Solonius's men. Ashur and Crixus fight off the remaining gladiators side-by-side, leaving them and Gannicus to fight against

Crixus flying his way into the Primus.

Caburus. This gives them a three-to-one advantage after which they can then fight one another to decide who is champion. Ashur says that together they can kill Gannicus, and then the two can fight for the title of champion. Desiring to fight Gannicus on his own, however, Crixus slashes Ashur's leg to the bone just as Ashur raises his spear to presumably kill Gannicus. Crixus then hurls a crippled Ashur straight into and through the ring of fire, burning his shoulder and eliminating him from the primus. Crixus and Gannicus are left to fight Caburus, a giant in comparison to the two of them. Yet during the battle, Crixus is knocked out of the ring by Gannicus, who did so in order to save his life. Unfortunately, this costs Crixus his chance of becoming Champion. Gannicus becomes the victor and is awarded his freedom.

At the farewell ceremony for Gannicus, Crixus is disappointed that they never got to have their match, but Gannicus tells Crixus to win his freedom and find him. He gives the necklace of champions to Crixus and tells him to wear it with honor. Ashur, who is now crippled in his right leg and scarred all along his shoulder, glares at Crixus. The two carry a permanent grudge from this moment.

Period Before Blood and Sand

During the 5-year time gap between Gods of the Arena and Blood and Sand, Crixus has earned the title of Champion of Capua.  

Crixus kills the Gargan Twins.

He has become hugely popular in the arena, following his victory over the Gargan Twins who were "sons of a prostitute raped by a jackal ". They had terrorized Capua, until their capture where they were cast in the arena to die, but instead they survived by killing and eating gladiators for the House of Solonius. No one dared to face them except for Crixus. After a great struggle, he killed them both and afterward became a Legend of the arena.

During this time Crixus also continues to serve Lucretia as a sexual servant; however, Lucretia has become infatuated with the Gaul, seeing him as more of a lover. Crixus, however, has begun to develop feelings for Lucretia's body servant, Naevia.

Blood and Sand

At the time of Spartacus' arrival in the ludus, Crixus is the top gladiator and the Champion of Capua. He is the

Crixus in his Primus Armour.

unquestioned leader of the ludus (under Doctore) and close friends with Barca, another of the top gladiators. He dislikes Spartacus from the moment they meet due to the Thracian's proud nature and his disregard for the life of a gladiator. When Spartacus is put to the test at the end of his trainee stage, he is set to fight Crixus. Crixus slips on the scrap of cloth that Spartacus carries in memory of his wife, Spartacus ends up winning the fight, being the first to best Crixus. Dislike develops into the visible rivalry between the two, one always seeking to best the other. Eventually, due to an intervention by Spartacus so he could avoid fighting Varro, the two are set against each other in the arena. Spartacus goes on a strong attack, and only once he is weakened does Crixus retaliate and show his true worth as a gladiator. He triumphs over Spartacus, but Spartacus surrenders before Crixus can kill him. In the ludus, Lucretia has come to favor Crixus among the gladiators and often calls on him to satisfy her desires, keeping her affair secret from Batiatus.

Crixus and Naevia.

Through this regular contact, Crixus meets Naevia, Lucretia's personal slave. He is stricken by her beauty at first and gives her a necklace in an attempt to express his new-found feelings for her. But Naevia returns the necklace to Crixus who stalks off before she can explain that Lucretia would notice if she wore it. Lucretia sees Crixus with the necklace and he is forced to pretend he purchased it for Lucretia. This angers Naevia as he misunderstood her gesture, but over time they become closer, despite Naevia's constant pain of Crixus sleeping with Lucretia. Naevia steals the key to the ludus so that the two can spend time together at night. They are forced to keep their relationship strictly secret because they are slaves.

Crixus' next battle in the arena is by Spartacus' side against Theokoles, the undefeated giant. Doctore trains the two of them personally, and at first, they are hesitant to work together due to past transgressions. Eventually, they decide to fight for a common cause between them; their women. The fight appears to be in their favor when they begin, fighting as one, and Theokoles falls. However, he rises again and their unity is broken. Crixus is badly wounded by Theokoles, and Spartacus uses his fallen shield to propel himself into the air and deliver a decisive blow to Theokoles.

Crixus severely wounded by Theokoles.

Spartacus then wins the fight, gaining the 'itle of Champion of Capua, whilst Crixus loses his gladiatorial standing. Crixus's recovery from his wounds is long and tedious and longs to be back in action. He cannot stand to be the one cared for. During this time, many are in doubt of his strength, if he will fully recover to his former standing or not. Only Naevia encourages him. At one point Batiatus considers selling Crixus to another Lanista, but Crixus cannot bear the thought of being separated from Naevia or the ludus. He attempts to prove his worth by furiously bedding Lucretia (at Naevia's wish). When Spartacus is attacked and nearly strangled by Segovax in the baths, Crixus fights the trainee off him and saves his life, remarking that he only saved a brother, one who bears the mark, despite his dislike for Spartacus. Having rescued Batiatus' prize investment, Spartacus, Crixus secures an enduring place in the ludus.

Having regained his status as an active gladiator, Crixus yet yearns to be recognized in the arena again. He trains hard, but Spartacus still holds the title and is now seen as a leader amongst the other gladiators. Crixus manages to regain honor in the arena in his fight against the famous gladiator Pericles, and the crowds cheer for him once more.

Ashur, still hateful against Crixus for his underhanded attack against him in their previous bout, soon uncovers the Gaul and Naevia making love in secret. In an act of revenge, he asks Batiatus for rights to

Crixus and Ashur, enemies in the ludus.

Naevia to fulfill his desires. When Crixus discovers what has happened (in a public viewing of the gladiators for Legatus Gaius Glaber), he flies into a blind rage and attacks Ashur, fiercely beating the man before finally being pulled off him. Batiatus punishes him by having Doctore whip him in the training arena with the other gladiators present. On top of this, Lucretia is outraged at the relationship between the two and she ejects Naevia from the villa, to be sent to an unknown location. At Doctore's request, the two are allowed a final moment with each other and Crixus promises Naevia that he will win his freedom and not rest until he finds her.

For the celebration of Batiatus receiving Glaber's patronage, Batiatus decides that Crixus will fight Spartacus and it will be a fight to the death. During Crixus's time in a cell (further punishment), Doctore visits him and tells him that he will soon be appointed lanista and will help him find Naevia when this is so. However, Batiatus wants Crixus to lose the fight and poisons his food to weaken him. Meanwhile, Spartacus finds time to talk to Crixus and tries to persuade him to fight with him against Batiatus, when the time comes. Crixus does not agree but a bargain is struck: if Spartacus wins he will find Naevia and free her and if Crixus wins, although the rebellion won't happen, he will kill Batiatus one day.

The rebellion is born.

On the day of the fight, Spartacus again entreats Crixus to join his cause as their final match begins by telling him he's been poisoned. Only when Crixus feels the effects of the poison does he realize Spartacus is telling him the truth. This final betrayal pushes him over the edge and he decides to join Spartacus in the revolt, he signals Spartacus who gets the meaning as the other gladiators understand as well. Spartacus then jumps on Crixus' shield as the latter launches him the balcony where the Romans are present.

Crixus inspires the gladiators to rebel.

When Spartacus is intercepted from killing Batiatus by Oenomaus, as Crixus quickly cuts the whip which allows Spartacus to get on the balcony and kill the guards. Crixus then orders the gladiators to "KILL THEM ALL!!" and they charge at the Roman soldiers in the courtyard.

Crixus during the rebellion against The House of Batiatus.

While fighting, he manages to explain their master's wrongdoing to Oenomaus, revealing he had Sura murdered and poisoned him to make him lose the fight. The Doctore, shocked and disgusted that he gave everything to such dishonorable people, joins the cause.

Crixus wounding Lucretia and killing the child.

He leads the gladiators through the kitchen and into the villa where they proceed to ravage the house with the rest of the Romans but finds Lucretia on her own. He questions her about the whereabouts of Naevia. Lucretia avoids the question and informs him that she is carrying his child, but Crixus claims he would rather see his child dead than raised by her, and stabs her in the stomach. He leaves her and the baby for dead and would watch as the gladiators surround Batiatus and were shocked to see Lucretia alive (though wounded) approach him. Crixus bears witness to the confrontation between Spartacus and Batiatus and watches as Spartacus kills Batiatus.

Crixus leaves the ludus with Spartacus and the others after being inspired to make Rome pay for their suffering.


Crixus and his men.

After the massacre at Batiatus's villa, Crixus commands a group of Gauls in Spartacus' rebellion and is overall second-in-command of the Rebel Army, outranked only by Spartacus. He seeks to find Naevia and have her returned to his arms.

He has become friends with Spartacus though he is at odds with Spartacus, insisting that they move to find Naevia immediately, while Spartacus insists they take a more slow, careful approach. This friction between the two divides the Rebels, pushing them to the urge of splitting up. When Crixus learns word that Naevia may have been sold to a nearby brothel, he immediately pursues attack upon it with the help of Spartacus and the Rebels. Here he comes in contact with and interrogates a slaver who says Naevia has been sold from Dominus to dominus.

However, Crixus' goal is halted when Mira informs him that Spartacus has rushed out to face Glaber alone. Crixus, along with Agron, Donar, Acer, and Rhaskos arrive in time to save Spartacus from overwhelming numbers. While in the midst of the fighting, Crixus catches sight of Lucretia and is shocked to see her still alive, having recalled painful memories with her. He soon loses sight of her in the fight after she hides from him. Nevertheless, he convinces Spartacus to retreat back to their encampment or lose his chance at revenge, before Spartacus proceeds to follow his advice. Crixus reprimands Spartacus for his actions telling him the risk of killing Glaber, which would bring armies after them that would easily destroy the rebellion. After Aurelia dies, Spartacus is inspired to find Naevia and promises to keep the army together though he promises to free as many slaves along the way to boost their numbers to be able to destroy Glaber's army.

Crixus and Acer.

Later, after attacking the ludus where Naevia might be, Crixus interrogates the dominus and learns that Naevia was there but was sold off. He angrily kills the dominus for viewing her as worthless. That night, a celebration is held but a recently freed slave named Nasir makes an attempt on Spartacus' life in the night. After Nasir's capture, Crixus is angered by his attempt and proposes to kill him, before being convinced by Spartacus to give him a second chance. Soon after, the Rebels' location is in jeopardy when a group of soldiers comes into the villa where they are staying. After being discovered, Crixus and the other Rebels fight off the soldiers in victory.

Spartacus and Crixus, the rebel leaders.

He continues to make many desperate attempts to get information about Naevia. Crixus' focus on Naevia causes friction within the group, particularly with Agron, who does not want to waste time searching for someone who (as he feels) is almost certainly dead. As it just so happens, Agron and Nasir find a man with information about Naevia after they attack a slave cart. The man tells them that she is alive and in the salt mines, after which Agron kills him. Agron lies and tells Crixus that she is dead, however, to prevent them from going on such a risky and suicidal mission.

Naevia's death inspires Crixus to move from the past and aid Spartacus in his endeavors. He helps Nasir with moving supplies and tells him that he did not trust him at first because he was Syrian, as the last Syrian he was acquainted with (Ashur) caused him and Naevia great pain. He apologizes for his actions, saying that Naevia would not hold Nasir accountable for Ashur's actions either. Crixus extends his hand out in goodwill and as a friend, but Nasir does not accept it as Crixus is confused.

Filled with guilt, Nasir reveals the truth and Crixus attacks Agron and reveals what he learned to Spartacus. Agron explains his lie, saying that Crixus would have all of them perish just so that they could save Naevia. Spartacus sides with Crixus and orders the rebels to prepare for the mines. Agron chooses to part from the group and head for Vesuvius; with that the Rebels split up, some going with Spartacus and Crixus to the salt mines and others with Agron to the coast.

At the Mines, Crixus and the others find Naevia deep within the mines, the horrid conditions and the mistreatment she has been subjected to has obviously had a deep effect on her, but the reunion between them is short-lived when Glaber's men and Ashur attack. Crixus is angered to see Ashur again but holds back the Romans, so Spartacus could lead Naevia to safety. Crixus, Acer, and Rhaskos fight off the soldiers before Ashur strikes Crixus on the head repeatedly. As he looks up, he sees Naevia making a desperate attempt to be reunited with him, though she is held back by Spartacus before managing to escape. Crixus smiles before he is knocked out and captured. As the captured Rebels are marched back to Glaber while being captive Crixus is reunited with a captured Oenomaus who tries to dissuade him from his joy but Crixus is triumphant in the face of death since he knows that Naevia has been liberated from the Romans and is safe with Spartacus. he embraces death and looks forward to his reunion with her in the afterlife. During a celebration for the Romans, Crixus is brought back to the villa where he is sentenced to death in the arena by Publius Varinius though Acer is killed as entertainment for the Romans by Lucretia. When Lucretia taunts him for his imminent death, Crixus merely ignores her and taunts her with the news of Naevia's survival and safety with Spartacus.

Crixus and his fellow fugitives are taken to the arena for execution in gladiatorial combat, against a team of fighters led by none other than their former brother and idol, Gannicus. Crixus fights well, killing two of his opponents, but is soon bested by them and is upon the ground. Lucretia watches with delight in anticipation that Crixus will finally die. Without warning, the rebels launch a savage assault upon the entire Arena, tearing down the stands and setting everything and everyone ablaze in burning oil. Spartacus, Agron, and Mira are able to rescue Crixus, bringing back Gannicus and Oenomaus as well, though Rhaskos is killed, to Crixus' dismay.

Crixus, Naevia and the other Rebels.

The reunion between Crixus and Naevia, though sweet, is stained by the memories Naevia has of the torture and rape she has been subjected to. Naevia remains but a shadow of the woman she was before, something glaringly evident to both Crixus and Naevia herself. She flinches at his touch, haunted by thoughts of abuse and rape at hands of the Romans. Crixus is deeply affected by her pain. He tells her that he will take her away to distant shores where they can start a new life together. Naevia knows that leaving would solve nothing, and tells Crixus that she wants to stay and learn how to fight. Crixus promises her that he will train her to defend herself and that they will stay and fight the Romans and gain vengeance for what has been done to them.

Crixus also reconnects with his old friend Gannicus who tries to tell him to abandon the rebels but the latter chooses to stay with Spartacus. When Gannicus and Spartacus duel after a misunderstanding, Crixus watches as they go before Mira breaks it up. Once Gannicus chooses to leave and asks Crixus if he intends to stay and the latter decides to remain with the rebellion.

Oenomaus, Naevia and Crixus.

In the ensuing weeks, they both gain a renewed sense of purpose. Naevia proves herself to be a capable swordsman and Crixus takes obvious pleasure in teaching her how to fight. Nasir comments that Crixus is rarely from her side; gradually the romance between himself and Naevia begins to blossom once more.

When Spartacus announces that he intends to trade with Glaber the captured Ilithyia in exchange for a wagon of equipment, Crixus readily joins him. At the site of the exchange, it turns out to be a trap and Crixus engages The Egyptian in combat. The Egyptian proves to be more than a match for him, pinning him down to the ground with The Egyptian slowly proceeding to deal the fatal blow. Crixus is saved when Lucius Caelius shoots an arrow into The Egyptian's heel, giving Crixus the opportunity to punch off his attacker. Their fight is halted when the Rebels withdraw back to the temple.

Spartacus later has an event held which would bring the rebels who don't get along together. The plan is a success as Crixus and Agron fight Gannicus and Oenomaus, which mends their strained standing. After the celebration, Crixus and Naevia bring back their physical romance to their relationship and make love.

Shortly before the siege on the temple, Agron, Donar, Fulco, and Mira and a handful of other Rebels led by Crixus ambush a unit of Roman soldiers in the woods outside their encampment. They proceed to fight until Fulco is killed and proceed to retreat back to the temple. Once at the temple, the Romans are again caught in another ambush lead by Crixus, Donar, and Agron. The Rebels defend the temple, while Oenomaus leads further reinforcements to fend off Varinius' troops successfully routing their enemy. Spartacus brings in the captured commander behind the attack, Varinius who orders his men to surrender, giving the rebels their first major victory over the Roman army. 

Crixus fighting off the Romans.

Angered at the sight of Varinius, Crixus grabs him and intends to take revenge for Acer and Rhaskos. He is interrupted when a fireball crashes before them. Varinius attacks Crixus, and the two struggle over the sword until Crixus notices another fireball flying. Smiling at the opportunity of vengeance, he pushes the Praetor into its path, killing him. Following the surprise attack, a unit of Roman soldiers, led by Glaber, lay siege to the temple. Crixus takes on Nileus and appears to be evenly matched with him but is forced to retreat with the others.

Spartacus& Rebels escape through the tunnel.

With Spartacus and Agron, they use fire to hold off the Romans before joining up with their allies. The Rebels are forced to retreat up Mount Vesuvius, with the Romans covering every other possible escape path.

In the following days, Lugo, Saxa, Nemetes, TotusHarudes, and a handful of other German warriors attempt a rash attack on the Romans at the foot of the mountain. They are quickly overwhelmed but saved in time by Crixus and the other Rebels. After Mira dies in the fighting, the morale of the Rebels is lowered even more.

Later on, Ashur arrives to discuss terms of surrender with Spartacus. Crixus chooses instead that Ashur's head would serve as an answer and demands they finally have their fight. Naevia, however, instead takes on Ashur in order to have her own vengeance. Crixus watches as his lover is being easily bested by his most hated enemy, but honors her wish to fight and kill Ashur herself. Ashur holds the upper hand in the fight and Crixus watches in agony as his lover is bested. Ashur, however, grows arrogant and Naevia takes the opportunity to fatally wound him and then decapitates him. She comes up to Crixus who embraces her with both pride and love with Crixus adding that he will teach her to cleave a man's head in a single stroke.

Crixus and Spartacus celebrate their victory over Glaber.

Finally, after days on top of the mountain, Spartacus proposes a plan to use vines to slide down the side of the mountain and to launch a surprise attack on the Romans. However, the vines are only strong enough to hold four men. Spartacus chooses Gannicus, Agron, and Crixus to attack the Romans while Oenomaus leads the Rebels to flank the Romans. They succeed in scaling the mountain and flank the Roman's first by launching their own catapults at their camp, and then again by distracting them from the main rebel force coming down the mountain. The Rebels have a clear advantage. Crixus takes his share of Roman lives in the forest before rejoining in the siege on the temple. After Spartacus kills Glaber he tells Crixus it is time to become an army. Crixus roars in agreement indicating their partnership and devotion to each other as they enter a true war on Rome.

War of the Damned

Crixus with a beard and his hair grown longer

Crixus continues to fight in the rebellion, as one of Spartacus' generals and even has his own group of rebels that he fought while Spartacus fought Cossinius main forces. He has trained his lover, Naevia how to fight and she has become a formidable fighter in the rebellion. Following the defeat and retreat of Cossinius, Crixus learns that a Roman unit is near the Rebel encampment. He, along with the other Rebels, set up an ambush for the unit, which is revealed to be a messenger.

The Rebel Generals.

Upon successfully routing the unit, the Rebels learn that Marcus Crassus has prepared a force of 10,000 to face them. They also learn that Cossinius and his tribune Furius have retreated into a villa nearby. As Spartacus prepares a plan to invade the villa, Naevia voices her concern about the plan failing. Crixus assures her that it will not fail, and reminds her how strong she has become. When night falls, Spartacus, Crixus, and Gannicus sneak into the villa, slaying the rest of Cossinius' forces, and later Cossinius and Furius themselves.

Crixus and Naevia, a fighting team

With winter approaching, Crixus and the others engage in the conquest of Sinuessa, most of them killing the soldiers and massacring the population. Contrary to Spartacus, Crixus doesn't want to spare Roman civilians but is forbidden to kill them by Spartacus. However, he forces two of the Romans to fight each other for bread. When one, Ulpianus, claims victory, Crixus gives him the bread but the man's hand is sliced by Naevia who believed Ulpianus was going for the nearby sword to strike down Crixus.

After this moment, Crixus and Naevia speak and she reveals how when one particularly nice Roman had taken her in following her banishment from the House of Batiatus, she felt safe until the man revealed a dark side and tortured her. He embraces her and swears revenge on the Romans.

Crixus appears as second in command, and despises and mistrusts the Cilician Pirates and voices his concern to both Spartacus and the pirates themselves. He later takes part in the negotiations upon the beach between the Rebels and Heracleo, the pirate's leader, when things go sour they are attacked by Roman soldiers. Despite the pirates and rebels working together, he remains wary of them.

Crixus starts to spend all of his time near Naevia, whose hatred for the Romans is increasing to the point of making her distrust all of them. She begins to think that Attius, a blacksmith friend of Gannicus, is helping his fellow Romans escape. This results in her killing him, which further separates Crixus and Spartacus' bond.

Crixus and Naevia begin using Nemetes, who has equal hatred for the Romans, to try and find out if any Romans 

Crixus and Naevia meeting Caesar.

have entered the city without their knowledge. One, Lysiscus, proves himself curious to them. Eventually, Nemetes and Lysiscus come forward with the body of a Roman, claiming to have attacked them which makes the rebels furious. Gannicus arrives in the plaza and confronts Naevia, having recently discovered that it was Laeta and not Attius that was helping the prisoners flee. Naevia shrugs it off because Attius was still Roman, angering Gannicus further who yells how Attius was his friend and curses Naevia. Crixus then charges at Gannicus and the two enter a heated unarmed fight. Gannicus dominates Crixus in the fight despite the aid of Nemetes and other rebels but is knocked unconscious by Naevia.

Crixus is weary at first as he asserts Spartacus' command, but the Rebels, inflamed by Lysiscus' words and Naevia stating that no Roman in the city should live, spur him into inciting a massacre on the prisoners in the streets. This continues until he corners Laeta, who, with other Romans, was being led to safety by Saxa. He prepares to kill Laeta until being stopped by Spartacus. who berates him and calls him not worthy of command. Crixus quickly retorts that it is Spartacus that has forgotten the cause. The divide between the two has become more than evident.

Crixus, Naevia and Nemetes.

Following the events, Crixus trains with the other rebels, while Spartacus and Agron look on and can see the old hatred Crixus showed for Spartacus back when they were still at the ludus.

Spartacus soon after leaves the city to Cecilia with Gannicus, Sanus, Rabanus, and Saxa without Crixus' knowledge, leaving Agron in command. When Crixus hears about this from Lysiscus, he becomes furious and goes to the villa with Naevia to confront Agron, but Agron asserts that Crixus will not harm the remaining Roman prisoners and remains loyal to Spartacus. Crixus then reminds Agron of Duro and how it was the Romans that killed him and Agron has lost the fire he once had. Agron is hesitant, but remarks that from that time they both have become different men.

Eventually, the rebels discover Roman scouts near the city. Crixus starts to rally the rebels to open the gate and attack them. Agron tries to stop them unsuccessfully until Spartacus returns and demoralizes him again. Spartacus then frees the prisoners. Laeta is targeted by Crixus as she leaves, who points his finger to her face saying "You have the luck; Spartacus stands a fool." Spartacus just replies "Stand Aside".

Crixus fighting Romans.

Spartacus, Gannicus, and Agron later explain to him why they left the city and explain the planned attack of Crassus, Crixus reluctantly accepts the plan.

Eventually, Heracleo and his pirates betray the rebels and an attack on the docks ensues. Crixus, Naevia, Lugo, Nasir, and Brictius appear and they see the Romans and pirates defeated. It is there that Spartacus and Crixus recognize one another as brothers once more.

"Blood Brothers".

The Romans begin their major assault into the city. Crixus and Naevia wish to stay and fight while Spartacus plans that they should move on into the mountains. The rebels all agree to move, excluding Gannicus and Donar who stay behind to cover them.

As they are leaving, Agron appears with Castus who the rebels accuse of betrayal, and Crixus himself takes note of the pirate but Nasir vouches for him. With that, the rebels take left into the cold mountains.

While camped up in the mountains, the tension between Spartacus and Crixus begins to worsen. As the Romans prepare themselves to advance upon the rebels, who are trapped due to Crassus' wall. Crixus desires to make a direct stance, yet Spartacus believes that they should continue to find a way off the mountains.

Crixus and Spartacus in conflict.

Following a failed attempt to assassinate Crassus, who had anticipated they would do so, Naevia is injured in their escape. This sends Crixus into a rage after one of the Romans calls him a coward, which he proceeds to slay several Roman soldiers before rejoining the rebels. Crixus tends to Naevia's wound and while she is grateful to Spartacus, he is bitter. This leads to yet another argument which then escalates to the two leaders into a full out brawl with one another. With both holding their ground, their fight is broken up by Agron and Gannicus, who tells them of the coming storm.

Many rebels fall in the night, but in their plight, Spartacus thinks that they may have a way off the mountains. They discover that Crassus' wall does not have the army they thought behind it. The rebels successfully assault the wall and find their way out of the cold mountains.

After breaking free of the Melia Ridge, the rebels track through the hillside, fending off constant attacks by their Roman pursuers. Crixus leads the assault alongside Spartacus where they repel the Roman forces. 

Brothers in this life and the next.

Soon, Crixus tells Spartacus of his intentions to break from the main army and march on Rome itself.  After taking another villa, the rebels celebrate their victory. The next day, he asked Gannicus to join but the latter declined as he found love in Sybil and Crixus congratulates him on finding such a prize. After sharing one final heartfelt goodbye with his brother Spartacus, Crixus, with Naevia and Agron, head towards Rome, leaving a trail of Roman blood in their wake.

One night during the campaign while Crixus lays with Naevia, he witnesses a burning charcoal roll out of the fire and has a moment of inspiration. Knowing full well that the strength of the Roman infantry resides in their organization and tight formations, he has his men create giant balls of twine wrapped in oily rags that they will ignite and roll toward the Roman columns in hopes of breaking their formation. Once he and his army reach the gates of Rome, they face the legions of Arrius, whom Crixus refers to mockingly as "the fool Arrius". Crixus then gives a rousing

Crixus laughs at "the fool Arrius".

speech to his loyal soldiers and ends it by shouting his trademark line he used in the arena, "shall I begin?", only this time he changes it to "shall we begin?".

The battle begins with Crixus seeing his inspiration-filled to fruition as his men ignite the fireballs and roll them toward Arrius' men, successfully disrupting the tight Roman formations.  A fierce battle ensues as Crixus' army charges into the panicked Roman ranks. Crixus slays many Romans, including Arrius himself, by plunging a sword into his face. Their victory is short-lived, however, as Crassus and his army appear on the hill.

Caesar fighting with Crixus at the battle for Rome.

Filled with rage and grandiosity, Crixus launches an attack on the clearly superior Roman army. After a time of fighting, Crixus realizes too late that they are outnumbered and outmatched and commands that his remaining forces fall back to higher ground. Witnessing the deaths of the majority of his army, Crixus appears to accept that the battle will be a loss but tells Naevia that a partial victory can be had if he manages to kill Crassus.  He grabs a spear intending to throw it at Crassus, but is interrupted in his attempt by Caesar. The two men then begin to battle each other with Caesar

Crixus is mortally wounded by Tiberius.

quickly wounding Crixus with a cut to the abdomen.  

Crixus is beheaded, seen in Naevia's eye reflection.

Before he can exploit this advantage, Caesar is tackled by Naevia, which allows Crixus a few moments to regain his composure.  When the two men restart their fight, Crixus easily bests Caesar this time and throws him to the ground.  However, before a fatal blow can be struck upon Caesar, Tiberius impales Crixus with a spear thrust through his back as Naevia looks on in horror.  Being wounded through the back is, ironically, the way Crixus said he did not wish to die. Falling to his knees, Crixus is too weak to offer further resistance and the Romans soon surround him and Naevia. Tiberius asks his father what shall be done with the mortally wounded Crixus, suggesting that he would see the Gaul crucified. However, Crassus commands Tiberius to behead the former Champion of Capua in order to send a message to Spartacus so that Spartacus may know the depths of his failure. Crixus' final moments are spent gazing upon the love of his life. Crixus' decapitation is seen reflected in Naevia's eye, the last moment the lovers shared.

Naevia, having been allowed to live, returns to the rebel camp with Crixus' head that is meant to serve as a warning to the remaining rebels who still follow Spartacus' rebellion.

Crixus Funeral Pyre.

Seeking to honor his fallen friend, Spartacus decides to hold games of blood wherein many of the more veteran rebels fight, gladiator style, against captured Roman soldiers.

Following these games, a dramatic funeral service is held for Crixus. His head is placed on top of his trademark Red Octopus shield along with the necklace Gannicus gave to him and then set afire atop a pyre. As the fires consume the pyre, many mourners shout out the names of their other fallen comrades before finally all taking up the chant, "Crixus! Crixus!". Hearing the name of his 'blood brother', an emotional Spartacus shouts above the chanting "Split heaven with the sound of his name! Let it carry to Crassus and Pompey as distant thunder promising storm of blood!"

List of Appearances

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus: Vengeance

Spartacus: War of the Damned

Killed Victims

Historical Context

Historically, Crixus was a member of the Allobroges tribe in Gallia. He was captured from his tribe by the Arverni as a child before being sold to the Romans. The Allobroges tribal homeland extended from the Rhone River in southern France and Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

The events leading up to the Gaul's manner of death was similar to the series, in that Spartacus and Crixus diverged their armies into different forces with different goals in mind, as Crixus headed out to Rome and the forces of Spartacus headed north toward the Alps. There are also theories that Spartacus and Crixus planned a military strategy in this in that separate armies would not require as much food as one large army and so foraging would be made much easier.

In the year 72 BC, Rome deployed its two co-consuls for that year, Lucius Gellius to Gnaeus Lentulus with four legions, to bring down the Rebels. Gellius and Lentulus split their Legions to attack both Rebel leaders separately, with moving to attack Crixus while Lentulus engaged Spartacus. Crixus' forces, around 30,000 strong, were encamped in the eastern "spur" of the Italian peninsula near Mount Garganus (modern Gargano) in Apulia. The ancient sources say that Gellius' forces took those of Crixus by surprise, killing two-thirds of his forces, including Crixus himself, around 20,000 in total.

  • Interestingly, the most famous combatant of that decisive battle was not Crixus, but rather the twenty-three-year-old Cato the Younger, who was a junior officer in one of Gellius' two legions.

Around 10,000 rebels escaped from the battlefield. While Gellius was engaging Crixus in Apulia, Spartacus engaged Lentulus and his forces in Picenum, defeating them. Around to time the 10,000 surviving rebels returned to Spartacus' main army, Gellius' forces returned to combine with those of Lentulus, and the two Consuls engaged Spartacus again but were again both soundly beaten by the rebel leader.

In retaliation for the death of Crixus and his fallen allies, Spartacus decided to give the fallen Gaul a spectacular funeral. The rebels had captured around 600 Roman prisoners, most likely those captured during the latter battle, and forced them to fight in Gladiatorial combat, hosting their own Gladiator games for the amusement of. To the Romans, this was a truly awful insult and a sign of the world turned upside down; the slaves were now the spectators and the Romans were now the 'slaves' fighting to the death. The famous orator Cicero said nothing could have been "more polluted, deformed, perverted or disturbed" than these games.


Crixus appears as one of the characters in Spartacus: Swords and Ashes and Spartacus: Morituri.

Video Games

  • In the Spartacus: Blood and Sand iPhone game, Crixus is one of the playable characters. His weapons are a gladius and a scutum shield, and he wears a full helmet.
  • In Spartacus Legends, Crixus is one of the champions. Defeating him allows the opportunity to add him to the player's own group of gladiators.


  • Manu Bennett, the actor who plays Crixus is 180cm (5'11") tall and weighs 190lbs.
  • Crixus received his first training session from Ulpius, and later Oenomaus.
  • Crixus wears Gannicus's old necklace. He was gifted it by his old idol when Gannicus was freed from Batiatus's ludus.
  • Crixus's only constant in his long career as a gladiator is his red octopus shield, which he wields in every single battle he fights in. The first battle he uses it in is his duel with Auctus.
  • Crixus receives the mark of the Brotherhood after killing Auctus in the Small Arena.
  • Crixus has no interaction whatsoever with Naevia in Gods of the Arena.
  • Unlike Spartacus and Gannicus, Crixus only had one lover.
  • In Gaulish, the name "Crixus" means "one with curly hair." However, Crixus's hair is short and trimmed down in Blood and Sand and Vengeance, long and wavy in Gods of the Arena, and well-kept long hair in War of the Damned.
    • Historically, Crixus was described as having blond, curly hair.
  • Many of Crixus's enemies were Greek: Auctus, Pericles, Theokoles.
  • Crixus has held a personal rivalry with Spartacus in Blood and Sand, with Gannicus in Gods of the Arena, and with Agron in Vengeance. Ironically, the four characters have all become the leaders of the rebellion by the end of Vengeance. However, in War of the Damned, Crixus' rivalry with all three appeared from time to time.
  • Manu Bennet playing as Crixus is the only actor to appear in all three seasons and the prequel. Crixus' love interest Naevia is also present throughout, though played by two different actresses. Bennet has the most appearances in the series.
  • As a champion of the House of Batiatus, the Latin term would have been Campionem.
  • Crixus' epithet, "the Undefeated Gaul", is a play on the widely-copied sculpture The Dying Gaul.
  • Crixus and Spartacus are the only gladiators of the house of Batiatus who laid with "noble" Roman women and made them pregnant.
    • Both Crixus and Spartacus have a child that dies. Crixus kills his own in Blood and Sand, and Lucretia kills Spartacus' son when she commits suicide in Vengeance.
  • In a scene with Barca in Beneath the MaskCrixus speaks of a brother named Doiros, who fell alongside his father and brothers defending their tribal homeland against the Arverni. Crixus, then a child, was enslaved by the Arverni before he was sold on to the Romans.
    • Crixus' people, the Allobroge nation, were a client-state of the Republic of Rome during the early First Century BCE. Although that status was shared by the neighboring Arverni tribe. The intertribal conflict which resulted in Crixus' enslavement and the death of his family may have been a low-intensity border skirmish.
  • Crixus was the sixteenth main character to be killed.
    • Crixus, like Spartacus, has been struck by a spear in the back when they try to kill a Roman leader.
    • Crixus meeting his end by a spear is a reference to how his family met their ends by the spears of the Arverni tribe.
    • Crixus' execution and the decapitated head is used by Crassus to send a message to Spartacus, in much the same way Crixus used Ashur's head to send a message to Glaber.
    • Crixus is killed in Separate Paths by Tiberius, though historically he dies in a battle against Gellius Publicola and Quintus Arrius in 72 BC before Spartacus faced Marcus Licinius Crassus


"I was bound to Appius the slaver, carrying stone toward purpose of the new arena. I saw Batiatus and knew him by his words of gladiators. So I gained his attention."
Crixus to Ashur, explaining how he came to be purchased by Batiatus.[1]

"I will not die a faceless slave forgotten by history,"
Crixus to Ashur[2]

"You do not help your friend?"
"This is a fight between brothers. I do not yet bear the mark."
Crixus when Ashur and Dagon brawl with Barca and Auctus[3]

"Not a day passes where I do not dream of honoring the dead in blood and victory. Auctus is the first life I've ever taken in battle. He will not be forgotten."
Crixus offering consolation to Barca[4]

"A second chance to prove myself against you. The gods have heard my prayers."
Crixus facing Gannicus in the house tournament[5]

"What are you, then?"
"I'm a Gaul, little man. The greatest of my kind. Crixus, the undefeated!"
"A Gaul. That explains why you smell like a woman."
"O-ho. You tend to your wounds. Eat. Rest. When you gain your strength, we'll revisit that remark."
Crixus squaring off with Spartacus upon the latter's arrival[6]

"It is no easy task to sever a man's head. You must find the right angle."[7]
Crixus to Naevia

"And that's all it is Spartacus, a dream. And one day you'll awaken to the truth: you will never leave this place. And your wife, if she is not dead already, has been fucked to madness by a hundred Roman cocks!!"[8]
Crixus to Spartacus

"I fight to honor these walls. You fight to leave them."
Crixus to Spartacus

"And your gods? Do they answer your prayers?"
"They're silent."
"Then let us crack open the heavens, and gain their attention. Remove any doubt that my day has passed!"[9]
Crixus "proving himself" to Lucretia

"I did not save Spartacus. I saved a brother, who shares the mark."[9]
Crixus to Spartacus

"The Magistrate's son graces our sands, and this is what greets him!? Would that I had an opponent worthy of his interest."
Crixus to gladiators

"Stand down pup, before your shriveling cock wets the sand."[10]
Crixus to Duro

"You know that in another life, you and I may have been as brothers? But not in this one."[11]
Crixus to Spartacus

Crixus to Rebels

"You were right, there is still something between you and I: Where is Naevia? WHERE!?"[11]
Crixus to Lucretia

"These are all fucking Agron's people... who will they follow?"[12]
Crixus to Spartacus

"You are blessed because Spartacus stands a fool!"
Crixus to Laeta

"...And what would he say? What words would make difference? The ones I have told myself: ones of hope and the promise of better days; Throat can no longer make such empty noise. It is choked with loss―an agony familiar to many of us. Spartacus lost his wife, yet his fire still burns. Agron, a brother, yet his fire still burns. We have all lost. We have all seen those held as friend, as family, as lover, fall to the Romans, yet our fire still burns. And together, we shall ignite an inferno. I move to Vesuvius, with Spartacus."[13]
Crixus to Rebels

"For every chain around neck, and every lash upon back!  Take Roman blood as payment... and let us see this city truly ours!"
Crixus to Rebels

"Is that all Rome has to offer this day?! I have not yet had my fill of blood!"
Crixus to the Romans he had just killed

"We have shown they're vulnerable, we have shown them that a trembling hand can become a fist! We have challenged the idea that a slave must always know his place, accepting rod and lash because he was taught to accept it?! We built the mighty republic with our hands and our blood and our lives! And we can see it fall at equal cost. You opened my eyes to this, Spartacus, do not ask me now to close them..."[14]
Crixus to Spartacus

"One last legion, led by the fool Arrius, is all that stands between us and the victory that shall become legend!  A lifetime ago, when I yet stood beneath the roof of the house of Batiatus, my Doctore, Oenomaus, demanded answer from those recruits who sought glory upon the sands of the arena.  What lies beneath your feet?  ...And this day it shall be Rome who sheds them!  Shall we begin?  Shall we begin?  Shall we begin!?"[14]                            ―Crixus to Rebel Army

"If Crassus falls, we may yet seize fucking day!"[14]
Crixus to Naevia; his last words



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