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Sura: "You came back for me, knowing it could mean your life.
Spartacus: "There is no life without you. [Spartacus: Blood and Sand season 1 episode 1]

Batiatus: "You have a woman, Thracian?"
Spartacus: "I have a wife."
Batiatus: "And do you love her?" (Spartacus is silent) "'Course you do. I can see it in the eye, tensing of the jaw. What might be the name of this delicate flower?"
Spartacus: "Sura."
Batiatus: "Where is she?"
Spartacus: "He took her. When he came for me."
Batiatus: "Legatus Glaber—he has her."
Spartacus: "He sold her to a Syrian."
Batiatus: "Well then how do you know she still lives?"
Spartacus: "How do you know the heart beats beneath your chest?" [Spartacus: Blood and Sand season 1 episode 2]

Batiatus: "You are the worst; a beast born of the heart. What would you do to hold your wife again? To feel the warmth of her skin, to taste her lips... would you kill?"
Spartacus: "Whoever stood between us."
Batiatus: "How many men? A hundred? A thousand?"
Spartacus: "I would kill them all."[1]
Batiatus: "Then do it in the arena. Fight for me, and the honor of my forefathers. Prove yourself, climb to the pinnacle, gain your freedom, and that of the woman you've lost."
Spartacus: "I did not lose her. She was taken from me."[1]

Varro: "The odds do not favor you."
Spartacus: "They seldom do."

Agron: The shit keeps rising higher in this fucking hole.
Spartacus: Perhaps it best not to be present when it fills the mouth.

Batiatus: "You were nothing before me! I GAVE YOU THE MEANS TO ACCEPT YOUR FATE!"
Spartacus: "Now you are destroyed by it." [Spartacus: Blood and Sand season 1 episode 13]

Glaber: "You've won nothing...Rome, will send legions in my wake....and you will fall to deserved end!"
Spartacus: "Perhaps....yet it is not this day!" [Spartacus: Vengeance season 2 episode 10]

Lucretia (to Seppia): "You must have slept well."
Seppia: "Hardly at all."
Lucretia: "An unfortunate thing."
Seppia: "I would not deem it so."
Lucretia: "I fear you shall."
Seppia (to her slaves): "Out!"
Seppia (to Lucretia): "I will not have you threaten in such a manner."
Lucretia: "I do not move to threaten. Only to warn you about the man you turn affections toward."
Seppia: "Your words will not turn me from him."
Lucretia: "The time for them has passed. Come.....I have something more tangible to show you ..."

Seppia: "...and our beloved cousin Sextus avenged, or are you to join him? Leaving me woefully unattended."
Seppius: "What form of brother would I be to abandon such cherished blood?"'

Seppius: "Seppia-"
Glaber: "Leave this life knowing she's safe... beneath my roof. My hands to comfort her in the days to come."

Naevia: "Buy passage far from Capua, and the things that have been done to you."
Diona: "Where did you get this?"
Naevia: "Spirited from Gaia’s things. They will not be missed. You fade with each day. Do not make me bear witness to your passing." [Spartacus: Gods of the Arena season 0 episode 5]

Naevia: (Sparring with Crixus) "Yah!"
Crixus: "Good! Now keep eye on angle of my shoulders, it will give clue to my next—" (He strikes and Naevia blocks his sword. He subdues Naevia, holding her in his arms) "You learn quickly."
Naevia: "I have advantage... of being taught by a god." (They kiss) [Spartacus: Vengeance season 2 episode 8]

Spartacus: "I will see the House of Batiatus fall. And with it the villain's blood upon the earth."
Crixus: "As would I in your position, but I am far removed. My escape would not aid Naevia. How would I purchase her freedom? Or even find her while being hunted like a dog by the Romans." <br?/>Spartacus: "Join me. We will find her, together." [Spartacus: Blood and Sand season 1 episode 13]

Crixus: "I did not come to lend you aid you mad fuck! I came to stop you!"
Spartacus: You would place yourself between Glaber and what he deserves?
Crixus: As you would place yourself between Naevia and me! What do you think would be the result of killing a fucking praetor? The senate would burn upon itself, belching forth fire and vengeance! They would not send a few men as they do with Glaber; they would send thousands! A true army! Which we will never be.

Rhaskos: "They give us swords absent fucking edge."
Crixus: "Let us prove them fools for giving us swords at all."

Dominus: "How can I know she held meaning?"
Crixus: "Did she not breathe? Did her heart not beat, like any other woman's? But you did not see a woman, did you? You just saw something to be used, and discarded! YOU JUST SAW A FUCKING SLAVE!" [Spartacus: Vengeance season 2 episode 2]

Crixus: "I would not have us part so quickly!"
Ashur: "Glaber awaits. I must return, with reply."
Crixus: "Your head will serve equal purpose."
Ashur: "Spartacus?"
Spartacus: "I find no fault with his reasoning."
Ashur: "The mighty Crixus, forever in toning of the honor of the gladiator, where stand such now with the cutting down of a defenceless man?"
Crixus: "Give him a sword." (Spartacus throws a sword to Ashur) You once dreamt of honor upon the sands, make this your final arena!"
Ashur: "You stand a champion and I gravely wounded, there is yet no honor in such contest."
Crixus: "TEST SHIT WITH HONOR!!" [Spartacus: Veangeance season 2 episode 10]

Barca: "What do you expect from a Thracian? He smells like fresh shit."
Crixus:"Oh they all do, except for their women. They smell like piss... and shit."
Spartacus: "What are you, then?"
Crixus: "I'm a Gaul, little man, the greatest of my kind: Crixus, the undefeated!" [Spartacus: Blood and Sand season 1 episode 3]

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