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Cilician Pirate 1
First appearance S3E05: Blood Brothers
Last appearance S3E06: Spoils of War
Profession Pirate
Race Cilician
Relationships Heracleo (Captain, deceased)
Castus (Former Comrade, deceased)
Tryphon (Comrade, deceased)
Adherbal (Comrade, deceased)
Cilician Pirate 2 (Comrade, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gannicus)
Actor/Actress Siaosi Fonua

The Cilician Pirate is a corsair working in service of Heracleo, as a member of his pirate crew.

Character Outline[]

The Cilician Pirate is a silent and obedient pirate under Heracleo's command. He has a shaved head, short black beard, and a above-average muscular build, wearing a similar attire to that of the other pirates. 

War of the Damned[]

While Heracleo and his crew first dock in Sinnuesa, the Cilician Pirate is not seen among them, apparantly staying guard on the main ship. 

When pirates return to Sinuessa after Heracleo has managed arrangmenets with Marcus Licinius Crassus, the Cilician Pirate appears helping keep the ship at the docks. When Heracleo betrays Spartacus and the Rebels, he fights briefly before to escape as jumping into the sea offscreen. It is presumed that him who saved Heracleo when he falls into the sea after Spartacus seemingly killed him.

After Heracleo's betrayal of Spartacus goes awry, The Cilician Pirate appears, with the remaining crew, to accompany their captain as he completes the remainder of a deal with Marcus Crassus. As a result of a bargain, which included Laeta being sold into slavery under Heracleo, the captain and his crew leave towards Attius' former smithing shop, the Cilician Pirate among them.

Cilician pirate fighting Gannicus.

Over there, the Cilician Pirate watches on as Heracleo marks Laeta with an engravment of his initial, but afterwards Gannicus and Sibyl arrive to witness the official enslavement. 

Gannicus questions the pirates, and the two sides enter into a skirmish shortly after. The Cilician Pirate tries to strike Gannicus, but he is quickly disposed of, as Gannicus counters the pirate's attack with his own, killing him as a result.