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Marble relief showing one Gladiator triumph over another.

Champions are the highest tier of gladiator and considered the best skilled warriors to enter the arena. In most cases the only way to become gladiator is to defeat the previous. Most houses have their own champion-level gladiator, but in terms of region or city there is often one who stands upon all others and is the one that the crowd roars to see.

House Champions[]

Champions of the House of Batiatus[]

Champions of the House of Vettius[]

Champions of the House of Solonius[]

Regional Champions[]

Champions of Capua[]

Champions of Pompei[]

Champions of Rome[]


  • Gannicus became the first Champion of Capua, however, he was granted freedom immediately and thus could not exploit or be noted as such.
  • Theokoles more than likely held the rank of champion before he retired, but for what house and what region is unknown.
  • It can be assumed that Oenomaus was a regional champion since he became a gladiator at a young age and continued fighting for at least 20 - 30 years.
  • The Latin terms for champion include Vindicem and Campionem.