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First appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Last appearance S2E06: Chosen Path
Profession Body Slave (former)
Escaped Slave
Race Greek
Relationships Nasir's Dominus (Former Dominus/,deceased)
Nasir (Fellow Body Slave/Friend)
Mira (Friend, deceased)
Rhaskos (Former Lover, deceased)
Donar (Sexual Partner, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Mira)
Actor/Actress Bonnie Sveen

Chadara is one of the many slaves that Spartacus and his men have freed. She is unsure of her place among the freed men and women, and attempts to secure a higher position (and protection) by using her body.


Shapely and voluptuous, with long blonde hair and a fair face, Chadara is considered beautiful and alluring by anyone's standards. She relies on her beauty to attain both position and protection.


A body slave like Nasir, she was probably also regarded with respect despite her lack of freedom. Once she is liberated, however, she appears to slip into her new life easily, and initially embraces it better than Nasir . However, her actions intimate her anxiety towards her place among the rebels. Ambitious, she attempts to obtain the respect of her old position by bedding other gladiators of note within the rebellion, including Rhaskos and Donar. The latter declined to continue her "bargain", which upset Chadara as she believed that it was the only way to secure protection and stability for herself. This was mainly due to her failure to understand that she needed to gain her place in the ranks of the Rebels by working for it not by prostituting herself.


Chadara is introduced being roughly used by the owner of a wealthy household, to whom Naevia was once lent as a sex slave. Unfortunately for him, this leads Spartacus, Crixus and the others to his household, where they promptly kill the Romans inside and free the bewildered slaves, Chadara and the young Tiberius (later known as Nasir) included.

Chadara has a brief encounter later with Mira, asking her about the various men in the group. Mira berates Rhaskos for his vulgar manners around Chadara and later "saves" her from being taken advantage of him. However, Chadara tells her that she chose to lay with Rhaskos of her free will as not all of them have Spartacus nearby to protect them. Mira attempts to explain that the she doesn’t lay with Spartacus for protection as she has freedom but Chadara doesn’t get the message.

Chadara attempting to become Gannicus' comfort girl.

Chadara with Rhaskos for the last time.

Chadara is later seen with Rhaskos again, having one last good time before the group splits up. They are both in much happier spirits, although she tells Nasir, a fellow slave of the same house, that she only uses him for protection.

After Agron leaves the group to enter Vesuvius, Chadara is among many of Spartacus' group to follow in Agron's wake.

Mira kills Chadara.

She is seen later with the remaining freed slaves when Spartacus and his men return. Chadara learns of Rhaskos' death in the arena and appears slightly upset, although she quickly seeks out other men to increase her status and gain security, including Gannicus, who has no interest in her "comforts". Chadara's attempts fail elsewhere as well, as the other men even the ones she lays with only see her as a prostitute to sleep with, and want nothing to do with her afterwards. Mira tells her that if she wants status, she will have to work for it with her hands, not by spreading her legs. Still not getting the message, Chadara decides to leave the group.

Chadara attempts to leave the camp with a map and the remaining money for the Romans, causing Spartacus and the others to believe Gannicus stole it. While they fight, she swiftly makes her escape, only to be shot down by Mira's arrow. Although Mira says she only intended to wound, Chadara dies of her injuries shortly after as Nasir holds her hand.


  • Female household slaves were called Ancillae or "hand-maidens".
  • Body slaves (possibly of either sex) would have been known as Amanuensis or "within hands reach". Chadara may have shared that status with Tiberius/Nasir.
  • A female sex slave would be called a Concubina.
  • Chadara may take her name from the population of Dori, who took part in the great movement that colonized from the eighth century BC and developed around the Mediterranean basin. Doric colonies were founded in Asia Minor, Cyprus, North Africa and Italy (Magna Greece and Sicily) including Taranto, Agrigento and Siracusa was the most populous and wealthy Greek cities of Italy before the Roman conquest. The name derives from the Dorians 'Doro', their legendary founder. The name of Doro, in turn, is likely to come from doron, meaning "gift". The name Chadara may consist in the union of the Greek words: charis "grace" or "love" (derived from Charite, the Greek god of beauty and harmony), and doron "gift".


Chadara: "Freedom is not without cost. I pay with the only coin I have. As do you."

Chadara: (to Mira) "And what of Spartacus, how does he stand?"
Mira: "He stands above the rest—in all regards"
Chadara: "Apologies. I did not know he was yours."
Mira: "I do not claim in such terms, nor would he be so enslaved."
Chadara: "He offers you protection in return for affections."
Mira: "We have no such arrangement."
Chadara: "Is it love then?" (Mira looks away, perplexed) "Of course, the hope of love to come... a danger in its own right."

Chadara: (to Nasir) "Agron, yes. He is of a form, is he not?"
Nasir: "I suppose."
Chadara: "Oh, you suppose? Do not think I have not noticed your eyes upon him. Nor the way of late you have been huddled together in intimate conversation."
Nasir: "You mistake subject of discussion."
Chadara: "Yet not the blush upon your cheek when he is near. You would do yourself well to pursue desire. I would myself if I believed he favored me."
Nasir: "I thought you were taken with Rhaskos."
Chadara: "Rhaskos is a base animal. Yet one with sharp claws, offering protection and position."

Chadara: (to Gannicus, regarding Rhaskos) "He elevated position. I gave comfort."
Gannicus: "It appears that bargain has come to an end."



" A Place In This World "